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Review #1, by ILoveYouChristopher What Happens When Evans Yells?

8th December 2011:
Great ... I cannot wait to read more and to see what this has to entail..

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by Jas What Happens When Evans Yells?

14th February 2010:
Oooh nyy goodness hahah wow this is actually so funny I like it already :D

Author's Response: Aw, thank you :)

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Review #3, by Megan and Charly love HP Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

18th December 2008:
AWW! your story is so good! It's now on my favorites! *Claps and a cookie* -Charly

Author's Response: aww thanx that means a lot!!!

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Review #4, by Dilys Derwent Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

5th October 2008:
so random but i loved it. have you written a sequel yet? if not i want one!
Dilys :)

Author's Response: haha no, ive been busy, but i def want to write one, and i will at some point! thanx so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Marauderess Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

23rd January 2008:
Funny and cute story. By the way love the word 'tard'. ;P

Author's Response: lol, thank u. lol. i love sayin that word, but i wasnt sure if anyone would take offense to it. :) thanx for the review

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Review #6, by marieluz Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

9th October 2007:
i loved this story!

Author's Response: lol, im glad!!!!! thanx for being faithful and reviewing!

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Review #7, by marieluz "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

9th October 2007:
aww! u like to go with short and sweet, yea?

Author's Response: yea, mostly. i try to go for long though, but it never really works. lol. thanx for the review!

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Review #8, by marieluz Im Bored Jamesie!

8th October 2007:
i so bet she is going to say yes!!! oh and if she had to choose who to kill, i say kill the cockroach thats crawling on lilys head

Author's Response: lol. thanx!

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Review #9, by marieluz What Happens When Evans Yells?

8th October 2007:
ow wow.. she sure does love to critisize Lil (though she still loves her)

Author's Response: yea...lol

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Review #10, by dogwhisperer26 Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

8th October 2007:
Sequel please!


Author's Response: im currently making chp1 of the sequel~ :} thanx for the review!

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Review #11, by c8y Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

3rd September 2007:

Author's Response: lol, ok, i'll start it as soon as possible. but between school, vollyball and actually keeping up with friends, it might be awhile. but i promise it'll be up soon!

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Review #12, by pink_owl Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

22nd August 2007:
It was awesome! But also totaly random.

Author's Response: lol, glad u liked it, yea...it was random, but i guess that was the point of the story

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Review #13, by Padfoot6106 Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

19th August 2007:
I really hate it when people,like you inject their moronic personality into one of the characters and write a story from that point of view. I really can't stand it when idiots, like you waste paragraphs describing the clothing the character is wearing. No one cares if the idiotic character in your story is wearing pink lip gloss or a black mini skirt. It really doesn't matter. Please, dear God, do not torture us with a sequel. This one was bad enough, it doesn't even deserve a rating. The most I can say for you is that you can spell and use words in their proper context unlike some of the other retards on this site.

Author's Response: ok, well its one thing to voce your opinion, and i thank u for that, but its another to be rube like that. if u didnt like my style of writing, then dont read my stories, but i do like to explain things, the whole point of the story was to be random and funny, and ive had plenty of people who have enojoyed it and i honestly don't care what you think if you'er going to be rude.

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Review #14, by chesi65 Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

17th August 2007:
story was hilariousit was so funny that i nearly had tears of mirth in my eyes. if you'r gonna do a sequel make it as funny as this wa ok love the story.

Author's Response: ok, thanx. im glad you liked it.

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Review #15, by chesi65 What Happens When Evans Yells?

17th August 2007:
your a bloody sadist and i like it * my sister talking ignore her please*
anyway back to me chesi. that was really funny. gotta read the next chap don't i to see what happens ext

Author's Response: lol. ok, thanx. i hope you like the next few chapters!

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Review #16, by The Nameless One Love, Cookies, and Random Empty Classrooms that Smell like Old Men Feet.

13th August 2007:
love it! and i'd definitely like to see a sequel, with some info about what happens during the time lily & james are dating. that would rock

Author's Response: yay. ok, thanx. one vote for a sequel... :)

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Review #17, by GenieAmour "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

26th June 2007:
Yayyy! Altlast! I loved it!

Author's Response: haha, im so glad u loved it!! i'll update it soon :O)

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Review #18, by GenieAmour Im Bored Jamesie!

26th June 2007:
hahah Id like to check out LILY'S ANSWER!

Author's Response: lol

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Review #19, by GenieAmour What Happens When Evans Yells?

26th June 2007:
Awww! It was so GOOD! I wanna read the whole thing now!

Author's Response: yay!! good, hope u like the rest!!

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Review #20, by IS bookworm "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

31st May 2007:
Pretty good. Please update soon. That's so funny that they were just turning the handle the wrong diresction. :7)

Author's Response: lol, glad u liked it, i will update as soon as possible. i have been so swamped and have had no time to up date recently and not to mention my writers block for about half my stories. im also writing a bunch of new ones so yeah, i'll up date soon, just not reall soon. sry! :) yeah, i loved the last chappy! :O)

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Review #21, by Saree "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

16th April 2007:
yay! great wonderful banner by me even though it doesnt show up after all my hard work!

*crawls under rock and cries*

Author's Response: lol, im still working on that, never fear Saree! it'll show up soon

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Review #22, by abby hershen "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

4th April 2007:
i really realy like this story and i hope you keep going with it!

Author's Response: lol, glad u liked it, the next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #23, by Dobby_da_house_elf "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

22nd March 2007:
Love their personailties, especially Lee's. Great chapter, haha the handle needed to be turned the other way, LOVE IT! 10/10

Author's Response: lol, yep, a simple but complicated Lee, lol, glad u likes it!

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Review #24, by SiriuslylvnGrednFeorge17 "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

18th March 2007:
Hahahahaha. She knew they weren't locked in there the whole time. That's some hilarious stuff. PLZ update soon. 10/10. Oh and by the way. If I was there with Sirius, I would have done the same.

Author's Response: lol, me 2 thanx again!!

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Review #25, by SiriuslylvnGrednFeorge17 Im Bored Jamesie!

18th March 2007:
LEE AND SIRIUS KISSING IN A BROOM CLOSTE K-I-S-S-I-N-G! LoL. I make myself laugh too. See, exactly alike...Sorry. i'm a little hyper at the momento. 10/10 I'll be sure to review next chapter too.

Author's Response: yay!! thanx

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