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Reading Reviews for The 10 Rules of Dating
111 Reviews Found

Review #1, by A Chapter 1

30th December 2014:
This is a cute little story. Thanks for sharing it.

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Review #2, by camiegail Chapter 1

20th November 2011:
I love how Sirius was simply setting James and Lily up without her knowing it. Great one-shot!

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Review #3, by Ranilyn Chapter 1

22nd December 2009:
Normally, I am not a fan of one shots.but WOW. That was good and it was funny.

I read your some other stuff too, you're seriously a good writer. :)

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Review #4, by stepnhunguyen Chapter 1

8th December 2009:
I likes this story. Sirius was funny and Lily was Lily and James was James. I should read James/Lily and Sirius/Lily pairings more often. :)


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Review #5, by Jenny Chapter 1

20th September 2009:
It's cute .. but everyone is supposed to know that James already likes Lily and has been always asking her out .. but I still like it ..

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Review #6, by Shelby Weasley Chapter 1

16th August 2009:
:) that was so sweet its almost sickly.

I loved it!

Shelby Weasley

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Review #7, by fredlovesme18 Chapter 1

20th May 2009:
Awww! That is so sweet! You have a fantastic style of writing...I'm so jealous! Haha, 10/10 as always!

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Review #8, by niki Chapter 1

14th April 2009:
that was so cute!!
i loved it!! it would've been better if it wasn't a one shot though

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Review #9, by DeliriousforSirius Chapter 1

6th April 2009:
That was wicked cute! I reallly liked it :-)

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Review #10, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 1

20th February 2009:
Awww! I love Lily and James! Sirius was adorable too! I loved it! Great job!

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Review #11, by Lily Chapter 1

8th February 2009:
I loved it! It was funny and sweet...

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Review #12, by tashmash Chapter 1

16th January 2009:
i cnat stop smiling!!! it gr8 i hope u have some ideas to finish this or have u finished it?? whatever it is... I LOVE IT!

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Review #13, by Fille_Magnifique Chapter 1

22nd October 2008:
Nice style of writing, too.

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Review #14, by =) Chapter 1

4th June 2008:
That's so romantic!

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Review #15, by xxxmisspotterxxx Chapter 1

28th January 2008:
Love it!!

I think i'm your 100th reviewer!!

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Review #16, by loveli_lily101 Chapter 1

21st January 2008:
That was great !!

Keep up the good work!!

James and Lily stories like this always get me excited!!

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Review #17, by Rose Wilts Chapter 1

2nd January 2008:
That was adorable, but I'm sure you know that already. I loved it, it's so cute! I love Sirius...ahhh...and Lily and James...and you're writing! 10/10

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Review #18, by djlal;f Chapter 1

1st January 2008:
That was awesome. I always wondered who took initiative in the L/J relationship, but that was a realistic thing, and exactly what Sirius would do. As I said before, completely and utterly awesome.

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Review #19, by Slywolf9 Chapter 1

31st December 2007:
Hahaha. That's cute, although the bit about Sirius going to the girls' dormitory, well, you know, is a bit impossible, haha. It was so cute though, I loved it. Completely cute! Good job.

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Review #20, by shaunazombie Chapter 1

15th December 2007:
Awww, this was the sweetest story.

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Review #21, by MistressEva Chapter 1

25th November 2007:
i liked this, very nice and cute!

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Review #22, by alylovezu2 Chapter 1

22nd November 2007:
aww i love that was the best ending ever i really liked that story it was short and sweet. It was awesome!

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Review #23, by HPsmartone32 Chapter 1

11th November 2007:
AW this is great! now i see why this one-shot has 91, now 92, reviews! ITS AWESOME! great job. i love it!

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Review #24, by siriusroxmywhitesox Chapter 1

9th November 2007:
Aww! Good story! A little shorter than I like, normally, but it was still really good. 10/10!

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Review #25, by greenspot13 Chapter 1

27th October 2007:
That was sweet. I loved it! By the way, how in the world did you get so many reviews? I have a lot of reads on my stories, but no one reviews!

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