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Review #1, by Beeezie Green and Silver Bells

14th July 2013:
Oh, god. Usually, stories about the Malfoys are either deeply dark and depressing or parodies, but you walked the line here very nicely. There were many humorous bits - Dobby's bells, for example, and Lucius's thoughts about how there was only so much an ex-Death Eater could take - but you didn't turn him into a caricature: the impulse to Crucio Dobby in particular was really unsettling, though also completely in keeping with his character.

I also liked the obvious affection and attraction Lucius clearly felt toward Narcissa - a lot of fics make him out to be this uniformly cold guy, but that always seemed a bit unrealistic to me. Just because he's like that to Harry and co. doesn't mean he's like that to everyone. Showing them doing run-of-the-mill couple things - in this case, Lucius getting Draco so Narcissa could sleep - was really refreshing.

Great job! :)

Author's Response: It's scary because you're right - it is hard to find a Malfoy comedy, yet for all the dark associations the family has, they have great comic potential (maybe like the Addams Family?). And any family actually trying to live with Dobby would be in constant threat of utter chaos. XD But like you've mentioned, there are darker hints in this story to remind one of Lucius's "job" as a Death Eater.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this little story - it was a lot more fun to write than I ever expected, and it was also great to have the opportunity to write about this family, characters I wouldn't have normally thought of writing before.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! ^_^

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Review #2, by EverDiggory Green and Silver Bells

2nd March 2012:
I loved it.

I love the malfoy men,so it's no surprise,but this was incredible.

I was just waiting for that awful downfall where Lucius becomes a major softie...and it didn't come! Hoory! Good for you!

I found it so amusing as so adorable! Really!

I loved how the only one Lucius answers to is Draco XD, made me laugh so hard, and while there wasn't much on Narcissa, I loved how Lucius didn't look at her as just a toy. Excellent.




Author's Response: There is something alluring about the Malfoy men, isn't there? :P I have this terrible way of loving writing them in humourous situations - for some reason, both Draco and Lucius are perfect for comedy, perhaps because of that pureblood snobbishness. But I can definitely see the allure of them in the other senses. ;)

I don't know if it's canon to make Lucius answer so much to his infant son, but it's a great image. :D I've seen it with people I know who have small children, and it's so funny that I couldn't resist using it for this story. It's fantastic that you liked that, as well as Narcissa's little contribution - you're right that he sees her as flesh and blood, not as an object, which is very important, especially in a pureblood marriage.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story! It's wonderful that you enjoyed it! ^_^

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Review #3, by Debra20 Green and Silver Bells

4th July 2011:
I ADORE how you have a knack of keeping your characters in character. It really is excellent!

I found this piece rather touching. Even with his family pride, prejudices and other faults, there had to be a softer side to Lucius. And that was his family. You captured his essence wonderfully. The mix between love for his wife and son, and desire for continuing the lineage of pureblood...a desire that almost cost him so much!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Wow, I never expect any reviews for these old stories, so I apologize for taking so long to get to responding to them.

It's great that you enjoyed this story! It was interesting to write Lucius in this way, but I liked giving him a human side - way too many fanfics at the time I wrote this were making him into a terrible father and husband, and I didn't think that neither son nor wife would stick with him so loyally if he was terrible. And with Dobby in the house, there isn't much that couldn't go wrong, especially at Christmas. ;)

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Review #4, by academica Green and Silver Bells

4th May 2011:
Wonderful story! I always love reading about Dobby, and I agree with other reviewers in that I appreciate it when authors try to humanize Lucius Malfoy a little bit. Great job!!

Author's Response: Thank you! It was fun to put Dobby in the same story as Lucius, as they're such opposites, and putting them together leads to such great humour. :D Lucius is interesting to write in a humourous way - I don't know if I could have done this story after DH, or even HBP, though, as he became a far more serious character in the later books.

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Review #5, by _hermione_jean_malfoy_ Green and Silver Bells

28th July 2009:
that was so cool! poor dobby.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, it was really sad what happened in DH, but it makes writing him now more worth while. ;)

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Review #6, by granpa harry Green and Silver Bells

30th June 2009:
Nice little story.
I have fond memories of talking to my son as if he could understand.
It says 'completed' I would have enjoyed reading more about the Malfoys.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Yes, it is just a one-shot, sadly. I don\\\'t think I\\\'d be able to write much more of it. :/ But I\\\'m glad that you enjoyed it enough to wand more. :)

Babies and pets are great to talk to - one always wonders how much they do understand (it\\\'s probably more than most people think).

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Review #7, by criscatlover Green and Silver Bells

21st June 2009:
So original! Loved the title and the whole story! It is a completely different way to look at Malfoys, but so realistic, at the same time! Congrats ;)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! :D Seeing the Malfoys, not only at Christmas, but in a comical situation, was irresistible, especially if Dobby could be involved. It's great that it still sounded realistic - Lucius and humour aren't a natural combination. ;)

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Review #8, by AndrinaBlack Green and Silver Bells

21st December 2008:
I remembered that you had a Christmassy story that I hadn't read so I thought I'd take a look now. I loved it! :) It felt like such a real glimpse into the Malfoy household. Lucius was just as I think of him, with a mixture of good and cruel thoughts and a lot of family pride and a love for his family shining through (like when he goes to quieten Draco and lets Narcissa sleep). I liked it that Dobby seemed to have some good times too while he was singing carols. But I think he must have had those too. If he'd been miserable all the time, it wouldn't have been that likely for him to be such an independent elf. And the ending was funny with Draco being the one he he had to answer to.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks, Andrina! ^_^ It's a wonderful surprise to get a review for this little story (like a Christmas gift :P).

This was a number of years before CoS, so I made the assumption that Dobby wouldn't have been quite as downtrodden yet. And it being the time soon after Voldemort's downfall, even Lucius would not be so stressed - being homefree from suspicion. ;) The holiday touches add to the humour, especially when it's Lucius at the centre of them, lol.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review it. =D

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Review #9, by iloveblack Green and Silver Bells

19th October 2008:
Awww, Draco was such a cute baby. I also liked the portayal (sp?) of Lucius a lot. You made him look so... so human which was nice. I also love stories with Dobby in them and the whole christmas thing was also good because christmas and Malfoys are like opposites and you 'pulled' them together.


Author's Response: Thank you! =D Poor Lucius, he is human underneath all that Death Eater stuff and the serpent cane - it's fun to have portrayed the Malfoys in such a realistic way, and to show the father-son relationship between Lucius and Draco, even when the latter is only a baby.

I'm really glad that you liked this. It was cute/funny to write, something very different for me, so I really appreciate that you liked it. ^_^

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Review #10, by Absolutelyspiffing Green and Silver Bells

8th February 2008:
Wow. This was amazing! I loved your portrayal of Lucius, and the last few lines cracked me up. Very powerful stuff.

Author's Response: Thank you! He was interesting to write - both a challenge and hilarious. Glad you liked it! :D

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Review #11, by Pretty Purple Pelican Green and Silver Bells

25th December 2007:
Very cute. It's nice to see the "good" side of Lucius Malfoy and his devotion to his little son. I really enjoyed it, especially the ending. Oh, Dobby. What a goofball. I miss that little bugger. Anyway, nice job! :)

Author's Response: Aww, I'm so glad that you liked this! It's a silly little piece, but very fun to write. Dobby is hilarious - I can't imagine how he got to be stuck with the Malfoys, or how they got stuck with him. :P Thank you!

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Review #12, by Violetta Green and Silver Bells

3rd November 2007:
Loved it!!! Such an interesting combination of two polar opposite things...Christmas (a happy recollection for most people), and the Malfoys. definitely adding this to my favourites!!

Author's Response: Haha, that's the fun of it -- making an entirely absurd moment for the Malfoys, especially Lucius. :P Thank you very much for reviewing! I'm really glad that you enjoyed this.

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Review #13, by Belinda Green and Silver Bells

2nd October 2007:
Haha, quite a change from what I've been reading. Very humorous. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! ^_^

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Review #14, by potterprincess07 Green and Silver Bells

12th August 2007:
I LOVED this story! I have been searching for a story with Draco as a baby. I also liked seeing the family side of Lucious.

I loved it. What more can I say?

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! ^_^ It was definitely a different type of story for me to write, so it's nice to know that you liked it. =D

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Review #15, by Diandra Green and Silver Bells

31st July 2007:
This is really cute! I love the scenery, you made me feel like I was actually at Malfoy Manor. I love Narcissa and the comment "Lucky Witch". Very funny. Poor Dobby, Lucius is so mean to him! Anyhow, great job!


Author's Response: Haha, swearing in the magical world is funny. =P I'm really glad that you enjoyed this silly little one-shot, Diandra. It was fun to write this, and it's great to know that people have fun reading it too. ^_^

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Review #16, by UtopiaAnonymous Green and Silver Bells

19th July 2007:

Lucius is a doting Father, even if at times he sees it as a chore!

(Him changing nappies would be very amusing! hint hint??)

Author's Response: Changing nappies?!? Oh dear. =P This will probably be my only Lucius story, and my only Malfoy one as well. It was a gift for a friend who loves him, and not at all my thing, haha. Thanks very much for reviewing! ^_^

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Review #17, by Evil_Toothpaste Green and Silver Bells

18th March 2007:
I read this awhile ago and forgot to leave back a review. Silly me~
Well, I thought it was really cool and you really caught the character of Lucius Malfoy. I congrat. you on that. Not many people can. I even liked how you described Narcissa from Lucius' point of view, that was cool.
Please read my story also Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks very much. It means a lot to hear you say that you liked how Lucius turned out since this was my first time writing from his perspective, and it was hard to keep it aloof, yet make the story funny at the same time. ^_^

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Review #18, by Weasley twins rock Green and Silver Bells

16th February 2007:
Oh cool! I really loved that fic it summed Lucius up perfectly in every way, especially the very last sentence about him following the orders of his son. I could really picture the cold and calculating eyes of Lucius sweeping through a very high-brow style nursery with Dobby weeping looking utterly ridiculous in his bells it was so well told, I haven't had such a vivid picture in my mind for what seems like an age now.
I don't really have much else to say, it was amazingly well written, painted a vivid picture in my mind, was totally original and funny!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reviewing! I'm really glad to hear that you got a vivid picture of the scene - I try in my descriptions to make stories easy to picture, telling exactly what I see in my head to the reader. =D

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Review #19, by delta Green and Silver Bells

10th February 2007:
LOL . . . This line was amazing:

"The only person Lucius now answered to was...


... an infant by the name of Draco Malfoy."

I loved your characterization of Dobby and Lucius. Dobby was so adorable here, what with his jingling bells and sweatmeats and such. And Lucius was very Lucius-like. I really enjoyed reading this. :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you like that line - it still makes me laugh to read it. =D Thanks very much for the review, delta. You have to be one of my most devoted reviewers and I'm so thankful for it. *hugs*

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Review #20, by PreTeenWriter Green and Silver Bells

5th February 2007:
What a sweet story! I love Malfoy family stories, and this story exceeds all expectations I have for character developement. I think you wrote in the summary it was dedicated to Llwellyn McEllis, but I'm not sure... your style in this is reminiscent to hers. Lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! ^_^ That's quite a compliment about me being similar to Llew - she's always been one of my fanfiction "heroes" here at HPFF. I'm really glad that you liked the story. It was interesting to write about the Malfoys. =)

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Review #21, by Magic_Marker Green and Silver Bells

18th January 2007:
Awww, this was so cute in a bit of a twisted way. I love how, despite his malevolence in the books, Lucius censors himself around his impressionable son and feels fatherly love for him. Very good!

Author's Response: Thanks! I didn't want to make Lucius incredibly nasty as some fanfic writers will show him, but it wouldn't have been write to make him nice either, so I settled somewhere in between. =P

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Review #22, by LostMaeblleshire Green and Silver Bells

6th January 2007:
Ooh, this was so very cute! Especially the end. It was humor with a looming dash of darkness to it, but not too much of the latter. I love reading stories about the earlier days of the Malfoy family, though that's probably because I love Lucius/Narcissa so much. ^_^ You portrayed Lucius as a better father than most writers do, and that's great to see. Very lovely story! ♥

Author's Response: Oh yes, I've certainly been through enough evildad!Lucius stories. *dies* Being evil to the world doesn't mean being evil to one's family. ;-) Thanks very much for your review, Amber. I'm so glad that you liked this story. =D

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Review #23, by Serenity0047 Green and Silver Bells

4th January 2007:
so good!!! i can really see Lucius speaking to little Draco like that. and the (possible) foreshadowing. about what LV would have done and the realization that Lucius had about it. amazing. i'm so excited for the seventh book!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! It's great that you liked this story. =D

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