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Review #1, by CallusedSilk This Time Next Year

4th December 2010:
So absolutely beautiful. I love how you showed the hardships but still showed how much they desperately were trying to hold it together. I also love the ending more than I can explain. It's so perfect and such spectacular dramatic irony that I just want to hug you and feed you cookies. This is amazing. Stupendous. All the other compliments I can think of at the moment relate to food, so just accept that I loved it.

Author's Response: Mashed potatoes? I love mashed potatoes.

I'm really a bit morbid, aren't I? This story was kind of inspired by the fact that so many people write Lily and James up to the end of school, or when they had Harry and are hiding from Voldemort, but no one really acknowledges that they were just kids with a new baby and probably little help from their parents. It's a very common scenario- just most people, thankfully, don't end up dead.

Thank you so much, you're so sweet :D

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Review #2, by Storyteller This Time Next Year

24th August 2010:
Awww...too bad! *Sob*

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! :]

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Review #3, by Jenna822 This Time Next Year

17th July 2010:
Oh, I didn't expect to tear up at that. It was short and usually it takes more than that to hit me, but, I'm a mother and that was all just so real. This was well done, despite the size. I see you wrote it a while back, I'll bet you're new stuff is really great, actually. :D

Author's Response: Oh I'm sorry I made you sad but I'm glad you enjoyed it :] I did write it a very long time ago, I sure hope I have improved over time, but its really nice to hear that about something I haven't looked at in a while. Wow, I'm glad I sort of sounded like I knew what I was doing, since I am not a mother. Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by harrylilyjames This Time Next Year

29th December 2007:
*sobs*- the ending really got to me.
poor Lily, she was only a kid! =(.
i really liked it and the emotions you put into it were wonderful!

Author's Response: I always feel so bad for Lily and James- everything ended for them right when they should have been having the best of times of their lives. I'm so glad you liked it, thanks!

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Review #5, by Oh_Skrewt This Time Next Year

27th October 2007:
Wow! Amazing story I honestly loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #6, by browneyedgirl005 This Time Next Year

10th August 2007:
Oh. My. God. *walks off to cry*

Author's Response: I knooow it made me sad just writing it, but the plot bunny was scampering, so it had to be done.

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Review #7, by Cedrics_gurl This Time Next Year

14th July 2007:
Ohman! Was that emotional or what? This time next year never came! :( *sob* Loved it!

I left a review on one of your other stories about a sorting hat song, if you are still interested in writing me one, can you e-mail me on i'll give you the details then! thanx

Author's Response: Yeah I will but it will take a few days :]. I'm glad you liked it, thank you!

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Review #8, by PadfootBlack16 This Time Next Year

26th June 2007:
OMG, that ending had me on the verge of tears, seriously.

It was very well written, I loved it. The description was well done, especially the part at the begining were Harry burns himself, loved that part. The dialogue was well done.

There are only two things i didnt quite like, and one of them is only a personal opinion:
1)the big spaces between paragraphs: they kidna distract me
2) (and this is my opinion only)first person: i think it would have been even better from third person, i dont know why..probably just bc thats what im used to reading.

great job!



Author's Response: Thank you! I tried really hard to make the description acurate so I'm glad you liked that. I will see if I can fix the spacing, for some reason the word editor in the submit stories function does that to my stories, but usually I can mess with them until it goes right again. I might have done it third person but I wanted to include Lily's point of view, it just seemed more natural to me, but I'm sorry if you would've liked it better. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by liandhate This Time Next Year

20th April 2007:
aww. so sad, im crying. my god that was such a good story. its amazing. you should be very proud of yourself. it is going on my favorites.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really wanted to write a story in which the Potters werne't this perfect Happy-go-lucky family, because they were living in a war, and frankly they were practically children themselves. I am glad you like it, thank you so mjuch!

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Review #10, by I love fred and George This Time Next Year

26th January 2007:
aah loved the story...the last line is sad tho :'(

Author's Response: Thanks! I just felt like it would be an interesting moment to look at. I'm sorry if i9t made you sad though!

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Review #11, by the_greatest_power7 This Time Next Year

7th January 2007:
It was good, but sooo sad. I almost cried!

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but thank you :D. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by Bridge This Time Next Year

5th January 2007:

this time next year. :'(

Author's Response: That's pretty much what I felt :[.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by OpheliaDameDansLeBleu This Time Next Year

4th January 2007:
Wow, how sad. There's a word for this.some sort of device where the reader knows something the character in teh story does not. Ah, dramatic device i believe it is. Well there's irony for yeah. But i loved the ending, the whole story was so poignant. It wasn't happy but still...not totatly sad. It was just so many mixed things. ANd i again i come to that word, poignant. It is the perfect word for this story. Very nicely done, good job.

Author's Response: You're really very, very kind : ]. Thank you! I intended for it to be a little dramatically ironic... but not entirely sad, either.. I guess I don't know how to put my intentions any better than you, but I'm glad to know that I got at least some semblance of what I wanted. Thank you so much for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by brighteyesx3 This Time Next Year

4th January 2007:
Aww, this is so sad. So realistic. I really enjoyed it, especially how you portrayed Lily. Kudos[=

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked Lily, this is my first Maurader fic and I hoped she'd turn out alright. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by Unicorn Girl This Time Next Year

4th January 2007:
aww!!! that was sad, but so well written. Amazing! You described Lily's feelings perfectly.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad to hear that because I was nervous about this one. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by thediarywithin This Time Next Year

4th January 2007:
Wow, I could feel Lily's pain in this story. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Oh good, I'm glad. Thank you for reading and reviewing, and I'm glad you liked it!

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