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Review #1, by potatoes hav eyes Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

18th July 2007:
Your story was really good but made me sad. but i still loved it just saying..

Author's Response: I try to force emotions like sadness out through the story, so I'm glad you felt the emotions I was trying to put through - thanks so much though!

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Review #2, by The5Potters Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

15th February 2007:
awww very cute, ginny! 10/10


Author's Response: Thanks Becca!

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Review #3, by fallenstarr Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

18th January 2007:
I was looking for something to read and I saw you had posted this in somebody else's review thread and since I know the song I decided to come read it. It was really descriptive and emotional. I really liked how you mentioned that he went and kissed Ginny good-bye. It was very sweet.

Some parts did seem a bit unclear, like what exactly happened to Harry, cuz the only thing I got out of this was that he'd died, presumably in the last battle. I know that I personally would like to see what the actualy letter said, so that would be cool if you wanted to add it.

I don't usually much like reading Ron/Hermione cuz Ron's never seemed much of a romantic to me (just my opinion though, I know R/Hr is canon) but I thought that in this one it wasn't too over the top romantic but it showed that he does have an emotional side. Very well written.

Author's Response: Awww...fallenstar thank you so much!

I meant for some things to be vague, I didn't want the whole story droning on and on about the losses, who died, and what was going on now. It was meant to be a little flash into his life after war. I'll get crackin' on the letter since everyone wishes to see it!

No offense taken on the R/Hr ship, it's not my piece of cake either, I prefer G/H and J/L anyday...thank you so much! I'm very pleased you like it!

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Review #4, by Healer_25 Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

13th January 2007:
:( this makes me want to cry, really, I loved your story, there were no grammar, or spelling mistakes that I noticed.

Quite eloquent, my only wonder is, I want to know what was on the letter, maybe a one-shot from Hermione's POV?

Author's Response: Aww, Healer, don't cry! Thank you so much, and as for the one-shot from Hermione's POV, there might a epilogue that shows what the letter said, as long as I can make it in between my busy moments, and over 500 words. Thanks you so much!

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Review #5, by moonys girl1 Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

13th January 2007:
wow. that was really sad, it was really good, i really liked it. it showed a different side of ron that you never see

Author's Response: Thank you so much, moonys_girl1! -nods- It is that side of Ron you never see, the more...self-conscious, scared Ron; while normally writers bring out a more fierce Ron when it comes to battle and holding up against the loss...

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Review #6, by prongsie_potter_rulez Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

13th January 2007:

that was amazing! whoa - and I can't cry because my idiot of a brother is in the same room and he wouldn't shut up if I did...

but trust me, if he weren't here, I would!!

Could we have... something like an Epilogue? Like what exactly Ron wrote-?

It was so amazing... I can't critisise anything... everything was perfect...

well done!!!

10/10 and Favs!


Author's Response: Aw, prongsie. Thank you so much!!!!


Eek, an epilogue, I'm not sure. I'll see what I can ramble up when I'm not so busy.

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Review #7, by Weasley twins rock Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

12th January 2007:
Oh, so, so sad! That was spectacularly written, how am I supposed to leave constructive criticism!? I absolutely adored the way that you wrote it and how they acted. I don't know what to say i just loved it!

Author's Response: -blush- Thank you so much Weasley twins rock! As for the CC, I'm sure there's something I have got to improve on, but I'm not going to say anything. I'm very pleased you like it and thank you so much!


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Review #8, by AloneintheDark Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

7th January 2007:
i love everything about this one~ but he tells himself he is going for a little while, but does that mean he is lying to himself? Poor Ginny, now two of the three people she is closest to are, apparently, gone. Ron and Hermione, god I love that pair. Like I said, loved everything about it!~ 10/10~Luna~

Author's Response: -shrugs- He might be lying to himself...we may never know. =]

Yes, poor Ginny. The girl's lost everything! -sniffles- Glad we don't have the exact same name or I might be cursed. =]



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Review #9, by Loveable Punk Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

7th January 2007:
Interesting story. It was well written, no glaring gramatical errors, and it flowed well.

Some more background to the story might help. I know this is tough with a song-fic, but I think there has to be something specific for Ron to have happen that would make him act this way, more than just Harry and Ginny, dying. But then again, that's just me.

Nice choice of song, by the way.


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

I love CC, and this has definitely helped me. When I get the time to, I'll be sure to revise it and make it better. Thank you so much!

PS. Thanks. I'm in love with this song. =]

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Review #10, by almost_witch Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

3rd January 2007:
Oh... wow that's a great story. I acually wrote a Novella about Hermione leaving Ron for very simlar reasons. I really liked this and I loved the way you wrote it.

Well done for explaining the letter with out even writting it, great.

Author's Response: -blush- Almost_witch, I think you've made my day. =] It's wonderful to come back from a horrible day at school to this. =] Thanks so much!


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Review #11, by LuvDraco Or Maybe I'm Just Blind...

2nd January 2007:
Oh my God, so sad... But I liked it, really. I like sad stories when I`m not in the mood, and usually I write sad stories. I love this one, because it`s so calm and yet so distracted (it`s not the right word). Besides this song is wonderful, I love it myself. Keep up the good job. *goes away to take a tissue*

Author's Response: Aw, LuvDraco! Thank you so much! I listen to this song like mad *worships Three Doors Down* before I go to sleep, and I keep getting plot ideas for it, so suddenly, in the sparing mood to write, I wrote it, got up ASAP. *hands a tissue* I'm glad you liked it!


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