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Review #1, by Dramione Memories Long Forgotten

12th February 2013:
Love this story can't wait to read more

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Review #2, by PrincessLionHeart Memories Long Forgotten

7th December 2011:
Please try to find the time to finish this story, I have been waiting an awful long time for another update...

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Review #3, by Headmistress Memories Long Forgotten

24th May 2008:
Wow, this is an amazing fic; I give you your props. The suspense, illustrations with words and the way the fic flows is so graceful. Your story has made perusing this site time well spent. You're officially one of my favourite writers on here. Keep up the really good work and best of wishes with college!

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Review #4, by Lucky Shocking Surprises

17th April 2008:
oh Star is such a cool name...I'll think I'll nickname my daughter tht if I have one...
I cant wait to read wats cumn up next...I love the series...
tis gr8...

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Review #5, by slytherin princess 1992 Memories Long Forgotten

31st March 2008:
wow :D luuurve this story can't wait to read more brill xoxoxox

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Review #6, by lottie The Nightmare Of Dreams

26th January 2008:
i love your story but Hermione cries too much...way too much she is sooo ooc and it is a tad predictable..but your doing a good job

Author's Response: Sorry if I make her cry so much.
Just put it down to stress. She's involved in a prophecy... she can't handle the fact that she's pregnant & Draco hates her and that Scott is always away.
She is a tad OCish but I can't help that.
But I'm glad you think its still good so thanx! =]

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Review #7, by kai_kuduo Memories Long Forgotten

8th January 2008:
oh boy, am i anxious. Who would hermione end up with perhaps you the author can let us know?

Author's Response: hmmmmm...
i will indeed let every1 know who reads this story in due course time lolz!
i am just hoping for the right free moment to carry on writing becoz i've had sooooooo much work to do at college and at work as well lolz!
sorry to every1 who has been waiting for me to update on this story, indeed it has been a long time i do admit! =(
thanx for ur review!

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Review #8, by 1MysteriousSoul Memories Long Forgotten

20th October 2007:
Well I can't wait to read what happens next . going to be very interesting , I hope you update soon!!

Author's Response: I can't wait to update the next part and see what you and others think of it tbh! lol.
I hope you will find it interesting and I hopefully will update soon, I just hate having no real time to write coz of college and work! But anyways...
I'd just like to thank you for giving me some great reviews for me to read & respond back to. They've been a real god send to me becoz I never thought I'd get another single one... I haven't been getting any lately, and then you come along and wow!
So thank you v.much and I hope you enjoy the rest! Keep reading and reviewing and I'll appreciate it! ^_^ xXx

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Review #9, by 1MysteriousSoul Be My Getaway

20th October 2007:
Hmmm ... I wish they would just spit it out!

Author's Response: Aye! lol! I wish they would too... but I ain't gunna do that really! lol! That's too much of a waste of secrecy... and if I just let out the plot and secrets of my story, well... it wouldn't be a story then will it? lol! =)

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Review #10, by 1MysteriousSoul Confused About Me

20th October 2007:
Snape is easy to spot , he carries himself in a way no other does . they aren't that stupid!! His voice is distinctive too!

Author's Response: Hmmmm... I guess you're right. He's an easy character to work with tho... and sometimes (or so I've told) that I make seem so unlike himself, like OCish! lol
But that's what I like about Snape... you can mould him to suit your story! =)

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Review #11, by 1MysteriousSoul The Nightmare Of Dreams

20th October 2007:
Hmmm this prophecy is driving me Nutzo!! specially at 4am and I have to work in less then 6 hours .ohh but I can't stop now!
Moving on...

Author's Response: Hehehe! Don't let reading get in the way of work, I don't want my story to be the blame for you being tired at work lol!
But its nice to read that even at 4am... ppl are still reading, and my story at that! hehe! Thanking you! =D

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Review #12, by 1MysteriousSoul Only Half Of What Is Told

20th October 2007:
Hmm I think I know whats going to happen but Im not going to open my mouth and look like a fool.. so I shall see I just hope Im right hehehe .

Author's Response: Awwww man! I would've so loved to have read what you think may happen! It could either happen or it couldn't... you never kno. But I think something quite good will come about in this story... and then I'll be able to write the next ones! =D

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Review #13, by 1MysteriousSoul Tell Me How

20th October 2007:
This is driving me Mad!! I sure hope they find out some of the truths soon. I can't Even imagine the anger they are going to feel when they find out about Scott .I can't wait for your other stories either!!

Author's Response: Ooooo read my other story The Muggle Way please! I think its so much better than Kiss and Tell as it is v.original I think lol... not one to brag tho me! =P
They will find stuff out soon me thinks, but the truth about Scott... well, I dunno when that is gunna come out properly!

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Review #14, by 1MysteriousSoul A Cluster Of Feathers

20th October 2007:
Scott was scared as to what the letter had said. no doubt thats why he changed into his hawk form and attacked Pig . I Highly dispise Scott!! .Moving on next chappy

Author's Response: I bet you'll start to like him further on later. He really is a gud character I swear! He didn't really know what the letter said... but he knew about Ron being taken becoz of his father, so ya kno... he was probs worried bout Harry and Draco finding out, so he wanted to delay the message gettin to them!

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Review #15, by 1MysteriousSoul Beginning To Lose Myself

20th October 2007:
Oh man!! I knew this was coming though , hehehe

Author's Response: Hehe! Did you now! lol... mind you, I thought it was a bit too easy to figure out like lol!
But don't you worry, Ron plays a significant role in this story later on... so keep ur eyes peeled coz my fingers are nimble to type out what his part is going to be... and that might be v.soon! =D

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Review #16, by 1MysteriousSoul Secrets Behind Snowflakes

20th October 2007:
Im scared to read anymore!!! Please let this be Draco's baby!
I really love your stories but I can't help but want to scream and throw up myself!!

Author's Response: It isn't Draco's baby!! I've said it a million times, ur not the only one I've had to reasure lol! It isn't Draco's... totally and 100% Scott's! Full-stop!
Sometime when I read back over my work I actually want to hit myself for writing such awkward plot lines and stuff like this.... but all this drama and confusion just makes a good story to me! =)

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Review #17, by 1MysteriousSoul The Naked Truth

20th October 2007:
Ok this just doesn't make sense!! She was utterly ticked off at Draco cuz he was jealous of Scott. He never did anything to hurt her . Scott on the other hand has killed Tonks , Druged her , and is more jealous then Draco but she is Snogging HIM? Ummm thats just utterly WRONG

Author's Response: To me, the real reason why I thought Hermione would be better off with Scott has nothing to do with characters feelings. Tis more to do with the prophecy tbh. He is jealous of Scott, even when Hermione was just his friend... Hermione thought that he didn't trust her, so that way, arguments broke out between them. Scott, regrets killing Tonks and drugging Hermione... it was all his father's doing... as you'll read about in later chapters I presume! To me, it does make sense if you look deeper...

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Review #18, by 1MysteriousSoul Panic! In Fear...

20th October 2007:
Ugh! I don't like scott!! Please don't let that go any further!!!

Author's Response: I won't... I promise. Well... not in this story anyways. I get the feeling my OC character isn't going down too well in ur book in this story. Hmmm.. I'm sorry!

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Review #19, by 1MysteriousSoul The Weasel And The Ferret

20th October 2007:
Ugh I hate what youve done to draco " sigh"

Author's Response: Hehe! Ever heard of the Imperius Curse?
Thought you might have... ;) lolzzz! Keep on Happy Reading! hehe!

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Review #20, by 1MysteriousSoul The Naming Ceremony - Part I

20th October 2007:
I love that song and the Goo Goo Dolls . As for Scott he can just disappear from the story and Baby star is such a doll I love it but blonde hair and silver eyes we sure its not Draco's? haha

Author's Response: Yes, I'm positively sure she's not Draco's. She has the exact features of Luna, her mother lol! And no, Scott won't disappear from the story I'm afraid hun... sorry to burst ur bubble there lol! =P

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Review #21, by 1MysteriousSoul Shocking Surprises

20th October 2007:
Cute how Draco & Hermione are in the wolf forms...
But something is OFF about him

I hope she has a girl !!

Author's Response: Aye I know!
They appeared like that in my head, coz of the link they have with Lupin!
Ooooo... something off about him? He is a cunning ikle fox is our Draco!
hehe! =P

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Review #22, by 1MysteriousSoul Propositions And Arguments

19th October 2007:
Good so far! I just wish Snap , Bella and Cissa would croak already! I'm assuming Bella is scotts mother? YUCK poor kid

Author's Response: Oooo on to the second story all ready. Hope you liked the first one like?! Erm... I dunno how on earth you got to the point where you think Bella is Scott's mother... shambles!
I feel sorry for Scott at some points, he's had a hard life and I like him coz he's my OC! ^_^

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Review #23, by Hawkeye2nt9 Confused About Me

14th October 2007:
i hope u can get your followers back...its a good story thoe keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanx for that nicety! I've had a really bad day today and that's just made me smile!
I hope they do come back and review... I suspect they're busy. I just don't want to drop my dedicatees tbh... they're fab!

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Review #24, by Fiery Jupiter The Nightmare Of Dreams

2nd September 2007:
Ok...I have just started rereading the first story again and I should be finished soon! Hopefully in time for your next update! You really need to post one soon! I am gonna keep checking back every week to see if you have though!!! I miss this story! It is awesome and you really need to update soon! Much Love

Author's Response: My last chapter update that I'm gunna finish my the end of this weekend hopefully is nearly done, so you'll defo see an update soon. I haven't been on here for awhile becoz of writing and working and college work... but they're really no excuses really so n/m eh? Yeah so I guess the only thing I can say really is keep on reading and just wait and that I'm totally and completely sorry to yooh and my other dedicatees! =( But I love yooh all the same!

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Review #25, by xx_flame_inside_xx The Nightmare Of Dreams

2nd August 2007:
Hi, its been a while since you updated. and I wanted to encourage you to keep writing. Its a hood story, with a good plot, I just hope you dont let the writers block get the best of you. :)

Author's Response: I know it has been awhile since I last updated, and I'm really sorry for having to keep yooh and other readers waiting... kill me if ya want to, I don't mind, I probs deserve it lolz!
Thank yooh for ur support though, I really appreciate it, but my writer's block has gone believe it or not. I'm just finishing up number 18, I have written 19 on paper and will get that typed up as is number 20. So I will update with all of them in time... so keep a look out for 3 new upcoming chapters!
I'm glad yooh still think it's a good story with a good plot, and I'm glad yooh keep encouraging me to keep on writing. I have met so many ppl on this site who give me amazing support & I dunno what I'd do without them! =')

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