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Reading Reviews for Reflection
19 Reviews Found

Review #1, by kikiprincess Reflection

25th February 2011:
Very cute and heart-warming :)

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Review #2, by Laughing_My_Tail_Of Reflection

6th September 2009:
aw so CUTE !!! ^^ you are really good :)

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Review #3, by tanisha Reflection

3rd January 2008:
it was so nice.and "lily mode" was enjoyable.the entire story was romantic

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Review #4, by ilovestrawberries Reflection

5th September 2007:
sweet and beautifully written :)

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Review #5, by Potter Lover Reflection

27th May 2007:
Ah! How romantic! Great job, it's so sweet!!! I love reading your fics! 10/10

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Review #6, by shadowsofmoon Reflection

7th March 2007:
Sweet and cute!!

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Review #7, by Sirius Lee Brilliant Reflection

29th January 2007:
Ahhh. Yay! It so nice to read a fluffy/romantic LilyxJames fic without out there being tons of fighting and stuff. I'd love to write more and use other words than 'stuff', but I gotta take a shower!! 20/10!

Author's Response: Awww! Thank you so much!!! Woo-hoo! Really? A 20/10! That's ahh-mazing. Thanks so much!
Love from Drue

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Review #8, by thegoldensnitch Reflection

25th January 2007:
i love all your one shots!!
they are so good
x x x x

Author's Response: Wooo-hoo! Thanks, golden!!!!! I know, they are all so fluffy except for three. Hehe.
Love from Drue

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Review #9, by desigirl Reflection

15th January 2007:
OH MY GOD! I LOVE! this was sooo extremely good! i really loved this and you know you dont really get a lot of james pov fics that are written well but this was just excellent. youre onmy fave authors list and my fave stories too. great job! =D

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Review #10, by the know it all Reflection

8th January 2007:
Do you like the Disney songs and princesses and stuff? Theres this one AND Kiss the girl so I thought maybe u liked them and im just here to say, I LOVE THE LITTLE MERMAID! OMG! shes my idol. lol. that movie came close to tieing in w/ HP in the summer but was ONE % away. w/e. just get back to me on that cuz that would mean we BOTH like HP and we BOTH like disney princesses! lol. bye!

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Review #11, by al3x Reflection

7th January 2007:
Argh! I loved it i wish it was longerrr!!

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Review #12, by harrypottersangel Reflection

7th January 2007:
Wow that must totally stink to have Lily kiss him and then slap him, but it was wonderful! At first I was like woah, this is moving way to fast how on earth can this be so long if they are already kissing at the beginning, but then she slapped him and it made more sense. Excellent story again!
Keep writing
Love ~K

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Review #13, by Naty Diggory Reflection

4th January 2007:
I like it very much. For me it sounds like the real Lily and James from JKR…

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much!! I'm glad that you think the James and Lily portrayed in this story seem lik the real ones! Thanks again!
Love from Drue

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Review #14, by oakley Reflection

2nd January 2007:
okay, your story was really good. But the only thing that ruined it was your summary. I wouldn't have read your story if I weren't so bored because your summary made the story seem MUCH different than it really is. i would consider revising it if I were you.

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Review #15, by potterprincess Reflection

1st January 2007:
awww this is sweet! i like it... but im a little confused by lily... all in all its great though!

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Review #16, by lions_heart Reflection

31st December 2006:

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Review #17, by lions_heart Reflection

31st December 2006:
Nice! Thats sweet! (in the "awww. thats so sweet" kind... and i guess the... "wow dude, that's sweet!" --don't worry i don't normally say dude--) so anyways, good job!
I think i am your FIRST reveiwer!!! This is the scond time (in like YEARS of being on HPFF) of me getting to review a story first! Yay!
Anyways, i better hurry up, or i won't be first... hehe
Lots of Love,

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Review #18, by faithful_reader Reflection

31st December 2006:
This was a really good story. Great job. Thanks for the read.

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Review #19, by AloneintheDark Reflection

31st December 2006:
that was good. it ws very good :) i just think Lily' abrupt "i haed you this morning and now i dont" thing is a bit off, somehow i feel like shes the type of person to want to be firends with james first, then again, love is a crazy thing lol

xoxoxxLUNAxoxox ~AloneintheDark

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