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Review #1, by Kandy He

12th March 2011:
An absolutely breathtaking and beautiful piece. Just short enough to keep it sad and melancholy, but you manage to squeeze so much emotion and friendship into so few paragraphs. The analogy of the daisies was perfectly structured, and the way you put everything from Harry's point of view made the entire thing mesh into an exquisite piece that is truly moving. 10/10 for one of the most amazing works I have seen on this site.

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Review #2, by Lovely_Slytheriness He

25th October 2007:
This is just so utterly perfect and beautiful. I don´t often cry when reading fanfiction, but this... This was breathtaking. I was sobbing by the second paragraph. It was so real, the way you described Ron´s character from Harry´s point of view.

This was certainly proof that short stories can be just as beautiful as the long ones. Thank you for making me feel such emotion; you have done a wonderful job. 10/10.


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Review #3, by lady_gawyn He

5th February 2007:
I am an MSTer and a self-confessed cynic, so it is very rare for me to like fanfic at all, let alone be touched by it.

I sniffled my way through this fic, and burst out sobbing at the end. There is only one way to describe writing this superb: AMAZING.

There’s only one thing I was confused about: why is it classified as slash? Reading through, I only get a sense of a strong friendship, strengthened by trauma. If you think that is slash, I suggest you try reading the LotR trilogy (and yes, I do know that has enough hobbitslash to sink the Titanic.)

Anyhoo, this fic was a pleasure to read. Have you considered a career in writing?


Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm glad I got to touch (let's not go into dirty thoughts) someone with this fic. To you answer, I haven't considered a career in writing because I can't stand the pressure of that. I enjoy writing as a hobby. To your comments regarding why this is classified slash (yes, hobbitslash is hot) is because even though there isn't much slash reference and reads like a friendship fic instead. But the mere fact I had Harry and Ron kiss will in some site classified as slash. It's better to be safe then to endure a whole bunch of complains. Thanks again for reading.

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Review #4, by Charmina He

30th January 2007:
*sobs* That was really good! Your really captured the moment in this one and it was very easy to picture it all. I always love this kind of fic where Ron gets a little credit for being the good friend that he acctually is, and i liked the line you had it in about how Ron still had hope in Harry even if he had lost hope in himself. That felt like a real Ron way to be, even if it is very sad. Very good job and I almost gave it a 10/10 but there were a few minor grammatical errors that brought the rating down. Nothing big but sometimes you have two diffrérent tempus in the same sentence, which makes it a little harder to read... But it is still a very good story and I really loved it! It's going on my favorite list!

Author's Response: Thank you for the beautiful comments. Yes, I do have problems with grammar when I tend to write to fast and when I don't have a beta at hand. I'm glad you got my point across. I love writing Ron, and portarying his character as what a friend should be. Thanks again.

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Review #5, by Canadian Warrior Babe He

8th January 2007:
That was beautiful. I loved reading it. I love how you used the refernce to the daisies to describe the Weasley family. It was a clever idea and it was touching to read how Ron asked Harry to leave him daisies.

This whole fic was beautiful and well written and I'm putting it in my favorites. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you like the daisies. Thanks for the lovely review

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Review #6, by Apprentice He

30th December 2006:

It's quite the amazing one-shot. I esspecially like the way you were brave enough to make it same-sex pairing. Many authors wouldn't dare. It's a sensitive subject, esspecially in some parts of the world.

Overall, I rate this 8/10, and I've added it to my favorites.

Good job, you're a fine writer, the world needs more people who think as deep as you do. There are only so many of us...

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review, and for the add. Lol, I don't think the world needs another one of me, but maybe just deep thinkers. Thanks for the comment.

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