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Review #1, by lacrymose No Magic Anymore

10th September 2007:
Love it!!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you loved it. Thanks for reading and leaving a review. :)

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Review #2, by firefawn No Magic Anymore

27th July 2007:
Wow...just wow.this is so going into my favorites. I can't believe that I have missed out on your writing before now! First, you descriptions are powerful, emotional, and amazingly well done. It as if the reader is sitting in the character's place, feeling the wind whipping their hair around their face, actually tasting the salty tears on their tongue. Secondly, I think that the reason your descriptions are so powerful is partly due to your excellent use of vocabulary, and also due to the fact that you invoke all 5 senses, telling people what the environment feels like on the character's skin, what they are seeing, what it smells like, how it tastes, and what it sounds like. Not many writers do that, but you are definitely one of them. Lastly, you deserve particular props because of the fact (which I learned from the forums) that English is not your first language. You write like it is, so I can only imagine what you write like in French. If you have any fanfiction stories in French please let us know. I would definitely love to read them. Je vous souhaite un jour excellent, et écriture heureuse. 10/10

Author's Response: Oooh, sorry, I should scroll down my author's page more often!

Wow, coming from an author who is known for her amazing descriptions, this is just a great compliment. Thank you. I just can't explain why, but I "felt" this story. I wrote it from beginning to end, and didn't edit it a lot. Somehow, it made sense, because the emotions were so raw. I noticed I had invoked all five senses afterward. But it felt right for such a story.

Thanks for the compliment on my use of vocabulary. I know some people say I use "big words", lol, and I know I do, at times. Because my source was, during years, literature. And though it gave me a good vocabulary, it wasn't enough. I'm trying to achieve a balance between that and the vocabulary I'm learning when I talk to people who speak English.

Unfortunately, I have no fanfictions in French. I started writing in English because I had this plot bunny for a HP fanfic - and it just felt right to write it in English, since I was reading the books in English. I'm writing an original novel - in French and in English.

Thank you so much for the review... and the good wishes. :)


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Review #3, by KeevinLover_9216 No Magic Anymore

29th June 2007:
story made me cry!!! :( Great story

Author's Response: Oh, I am so sorry! I know this story is awfully sad. It made me cry while I was writing it. But at the same time, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing this one-shot. :)

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Review #4, by Proud Hufflepuff No Magic Anymore

21st June 2007:
Oh my gosh! This was just...just beautiful! It told a fantastic story. :)


Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment. This story is almost the way I wrote it from the first to the last word, in a couple of hours. I didn't much edit it. I guess that it had to be this way to keep it as raw as the feelings and emotions.
Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Dedikated No Magic Anymore

21st June 2007:
1)Organization and Spacing: Over all, it didn't have any gaps or large spacing problems. (2/2)

2)Paragraphs and Pacing: This story was very well paced, and worked well. At times, the paragraphs seemed to flow well and the sentences seemed to work together, except in a couple places they seemed a little short.(1/2)

3)Length: The perfect length. It was short enough to not be drawn out but not to short to be just a bunch of words.

4)Grammer and Spelling: I personally couldn't find any spelling mistakes or grammer mistakes for that matter. Kudos! (2/2)

5)Characterization and Writing Style: I really like your writing style. I reveiwed for your other one-shot about Ginny and Harry and this one seems to have a little bit of a different style to it but it was still your own. This story seems to pop more to me than the others and I really liked it. The characters, especially Johnathan were very believable, but Cassie seemed a little flat but not totally. Maybe just try and figure out here character more or put more of her personality into the story. (1/2)

That give you a grand total of 8/10! Very nice.

I'm really sorry, but I've run out of time and I don't have enough time to write the General Comments. I hope this review was helpful without them!

Author's Response: Wow, that's quite the review!

1) I'm a nit-picker. That shows, I guess. Plus it's part of my job to make a text readable. So...

2) Thank you. As for the shorter sentences and paragraphs... I use all length, most of the time to break the rhythm, disrupt the flow. But I know it can be annoying at times, if I overdo it.

3 and 4) Thanks! I'm glad you liked the length of this one-shot and you didn't find any spelling or grammar mistake. I'm trying to be extra careful, all the more so that English is not my mother tongue. :)

5) I must admit my style is better suited to angst and action/adventure, to darker storylines, like this one. As for Cass being a little flat... it's her point of view, and all that matters to her is Johnathan. Cass is mainly characterized through her emotions.

Thanks for the 8/10 and for the CC. CC is always helpful. It gives an author the opportunity to explain her/his choices and to see her/his fic in a different light.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by prongsie_potter_rulez No Magic Anymore

4th May 2007:
Pronsgie on Review Time!!


Ah. I (personally) hate the ~*~ breaklines... I always use < h r > xP

And perhaps but the memories in italics, make them seperate and stand out more? Just a thought xP

I lurved the descriptions and 'empty vessel' - the story was perfect.
But... the ending. If Cass was truely in love with John; she wouldn't have married that quickly.



Author's Response: I don't really like the ~*~ breaklines, but I can say I hate the < hr > because they don't work for me - even if I've tried everything so there wouldn't be a big space between the breakline and the paragraph bellow.

I thought about putting the memories in italics, but there are so much of them. Most of the story would be italicized... But if other people think, like you, that it would be clearer... then I'll change it.

Cass was truly in love with John. She married Matt quickly because she needed a home for her child, and he was willing to give her that. She was homeless and alone. If he had not found her in the mist, she would probably have died.

Thanks for the compliment on the story. And thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by Romina Stephanie No Magic Anymore

25th April 2007:
A simply wonderful one-shot! Her sorrow was described amazingly well, and it was heartfelt. You're very descriptive and showed not only her pain excellently, but their surroundings and other emotions as well. Very well-written.

I really liked the way you showed their friendship and how those feelings eventually turned into love, and the way you showed it to be the most natural thing in the world for both of them. It was a true love story and not clichéd in the slightest, which made me like it even more.

Also, good job with the characterization and as you might have noticed, I loved the plot-line.

The end was really sad though... Hopefully, she never forgot Johnathan, but that's highly unlikely :p Right...?
- Stephanie

Author's Response: Yes, I'm very decriptive. And at first, I really thought I had overdone it in this fic. But the people who left a review all said it sounded right, so I guess I did it right.

This story was kind of written in my head before I started to type the first word on the keyboard. And it just flowed. As for the clichés, I generally use them on purpose. And this love story needed none. Love there had to be the most natural and beautiful thing in the world.

Cass never forgot Johnathan. She was never truly happy.

Thanks for the long and detailed review.


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Review #8, by CJ_Black No Magic Anymore

3rd April 2007:
This was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for recommending this awsome story! I loved it, and I'm putting it into favorites right now. Your descriptions were wonderful and very detailed, exactly the right amount. It was incredibly well-written, very original and interesting. I liked your portrayal of Cass, she was a very good OC. I loved the fact that you put her into Slytherin, and also loved the "Gryfferins" thing - very nice and again, original. It was my favorite part. The description of their first kiss and first experience was extremely well done, and so was the dueling part - I loved that one as well. It was sad and emotional, very deep, I really liked it. I'm a bit confused about the timing of this story. I know you gave the years, but I can't really figure out who Cassie is. Since she's a girl and she'd be forced to take the husband's name (which in this case was Evans), is she related to Sirius or to Lily? I'm asking this because of the last paragraph - it seems to be referring to Sirius. Other than that, this story was extremely nice, definitely one of my favorite one-shots, and it had a wonderful picture (the one summed up from all the descriptions) and a wonderful ending. 10/10 Much love, CJ [Black Kitty]

Author's Response: Thank you for all the compliments. Of course, I couldn't put Cass anywhere but in Slytherin. Sirius was the first Black not to be sorted into that House, after all. And I don't think that all the Slytherins are evil, or even bad. Why would they keep a House that would produce such wizards at Hogwarts. No, there are just a few bad - or evil - Slytherins.

Cassie was born a Black. Thus she was somehow related to Sirius. She loved a Potter and had his child, so her child was a Potter - and thus somehow related to James. So even if she married Matt Evans, her child was never an Evans. But Cass was Lily's great...grandmother.
(I know, I almost lost myself there. lol)
So this fic would make Lily related to Sirius and James, to some extent.

You noticed that I like details. So yes, I tend to give descriptions when necessary. And it was, in this fic. In the parts about grieving Cass, two things were important: the setting and her emotions and feelings - no real plot there. In the other parts, I focused more on the plots.

I had to rate the fic M because of the kiss and of their first time. I'm glad they were well-written. I think those kind of scenes must be written tastefully.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this fic.
*hugs* -Anne

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Review #9, by Ydnas Odell No Magic Anymore

19th March 2007:
Just great. This is just spectacular.

Deep, meaningfull, pretty and with great flow.

I find it hard to believe what you told me about English not being your first language because despite the occasional verb error, which are very minor it would be impossible to tell. A native English speaking beta would catch all of these anyway. I'm sure you write even better in your native language but your English is just beautiful.

The only thing I might expand on might be a few detailed scenes of their life with the muggle. Tell of a specefic adventure they had, it might have resulted in a tad more impact there at the end, although the impact was strong. I also might have invented a spell instead of using Sectusempra because too many reader associate that Snape, who supposably invented it in in the 1970's. You could use a Latin-English online translator (there are several) for that.

I really enjoyed this fic. It is unique not only because it answered the challenge but also if I'm not mistaken you took a couple of obscure names off the black family tree. An absolute 10!

Author's Response: Thank you for all the compliments. *blushes*

I do write better in French. But I hope one day it will be as easy for me to write in English as it is in French. I like writing in English - the words come faster to me now than they do in French (I know, I'm a weird girl, lol).

Yes, I could definitely have expanded on some scenes. Some people even said that I could turn this one-shot into a short story. Not sure about that. But make it longer, more detailed, yeah, I could do that, maybe, one day.

There is a Cassiopea Black, I think, on the Black family tree, and she lived in the 1800s. But I must admit I didn't have a look at it before I wrote this fic. I chose Cassiopea for another reason. As for the spell, I should probably change that, I know. I suck at inventing spells, but I bookmarked one of those English-Latin online translator not so long ago. I'll give it a try. lol.

Thanks a lot for your great review.

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Review #10, by Liadan Lightflower No Magic Anymore

17th March 2007:
Wow! I am her daughter became a Potter, so the Potter's and Evan's were always connected. This was so depressing, but I loved every second of it. I am so sorry that I took a long time to review, but I am happy that I decided to come back. This was great fic. I wish you could continue, but he died. Oh go...*sobs*.so sad. Great job! 10/10

Liadan Lightflower ♥

Author's Response: You probably meant that her daughter, became an Evans. Yes, they were, a couple of centuries before - or at least that's how my story goes. I'm glad you loved this fic and left a review. That's a sad story - I'm sorry for that. I know I made a few people cried at work (I have had to live in the cupboard under the stair since then. lol).
Thanks for R&R! :D


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Review #11, by looly No Magic Anymore

25th February 2007:
are u kidding! it was AMAIZING! i loved it

Author's Response: Well, thank you. :D
I'm glad you loved it. Thanks for the review. ;)

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Review #12, by meridith No Magic Anymore

3rd February 2007:
I loved this story! I saw the challenge on SAYS and it looked really fun to write. Your story fit perfectly around the first paragraph. It was very well written, good job :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Writing this story was a wonderful experience. The challenge was just perfect. I'm glad you loved the end I imagined.
Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)


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Review #13, by screaming_madman No Magic Anymore

21st January 2007:
The writing was very descriptive. You felt as though you were there with them, which is difficult to achieve. The ideas in this story were very unique. I have never read anything like it in terms of the origin of Lilly's magical abilities. The phyxical aspects of the story were very tastefully done. Gave us enough to understand the mood of the scene and the intentions but not so much that we are left having to go to a confessional LOL. I like the way you have tied in the historical backgrounds of the characters. These types of stories really would be nice to see more often. I'm glad I read this and that's the highest compliment I can give.

Author's Response: Um, yes, knowing that very few people under 17 respect the warnings, I always try to keep my Mature fics as "clean" as possible. I'm glad you thought it was tastefully done.
You might have guessed, but I like to fill in the blanks with my stories. JKR is there to write the rest - and she does that wonderfully. I'm glad you liked that story.
Than you for the compliment, and for the great review.


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Review #14, by PaMuggles No Magic Anymore

19th January 2007:
I trully enjoyed this story. I love OC's and yours were the kind I wish all writers could create! Well rounded interesting, full of depth and believable. I thought it was the perfect length and I loved the color and tone of the whole piece. The back and forth memory style fic is hard to accomplish but you did a great job!

I didn't find any errors or grammer mishaps. I loved the fact that your writing was descriptive enough without being too much. The entire forced betrothal was great, and very carefully done, especially since I know this can be a tricky subject for the site, and is usually not allowed and so forth. The only thing that I noticed was the dates (Yes, I know I'm a knit-picker).

You had the death date of Johnathon Potter as 1808, and then two generations later the return of magic to the Evens bloodline came with a vengance. I'm only assuming that you meant Lily Evan, right? If so, then the date is really off, as a generation is only long enough for one to have lived and given birth to the "new" generation. About 25-35 years. Lily was born in 1958-59, so at the farthest outset, a child born two generations before her would have a birthdate around 1900 at the oldest, and could be considerably later, depending on when you think people had children.

That thing with the dates is the only thing that stood out for me, and then again, I could have misread your fic entirely. You also realize that this makes Lily Evans's great grandfather to be James's too? dinstantly related, but still related.

I'll stop being picky now. It was a great fic and you should be very proud! I really liked it. A+ great job Anne!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story. I always try to do my best, especially when I create OCs, because the readers don't know them - and thus I'm the only person able to introduce them. And I love writing OCs! (Um, I think it's obvious. lol)

Yes, I know that forced marriages are not allowed in fics posted at HPFF - and it's a good thing. Because let's face it, historically speaking, and knowing about most pureblood families's bigotry, there must have been more than a few. Even in James and Lily's generation. lol. But even if it had been allowed, I would never have done that to Cass, poor girl!

As for Lily and James being related... Yes, that story makes them distantly related. But all pureblood families are related in JKR's Potterverse. And, no, Lily's great grandfather couldn't have been James's too, since Johnathan only had one child. So James's great grandfather was probably one of Johnathan's cousins. (Um, ok, now I'm lost too... lol.)

Ah, the dates, yes... I will correct that. Thank you for pointing that to me! Don't worry, I'm a knit-picker too. lol. But since it helps you write better stories, I consider it a good thing. :D

Thank you for your great review.


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Review #15, by flutterby271 No Magic Anymore

13th January 2007:
Very dramatic, but credible at the same time. I love how Johnathan and Cassie get together - it's very cute and sweet, and there's plenty of sexual tension at the same time. I love it when best friends fall in love with each other!

"But the pain was nothing compared to the one clawing at her broken heart and at her broken soul."

They often say that the first paragraph is the most important thing of an entire story - and here, that was definitely true for me. It drew me in right away. Really nicely done! Oh, and your last paragraph's brilliant, too, because we all know what happened to Lily and Harry.

So yes, I'd definitely consider this a challenge that's very nicely done!

Stefanie xx

Author's Response: I like to think that a good story has a beginning, a middle and an ending. The first must draw the reader in the story, the second must keep their interest aroused and the latter must fulfil their expectation. lol.
I love it too when best friends fall in love with each other - it makes for a love that lasts. Or that would have lasted, in that case.
Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)


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Review #16, by Misty_Rey No Magic Anymore

12th January 2007:
That was amazing! Oh wow, it was just... I don't even know what adjectives to use, it was THAT good. I'm so glad I decided to read this. I'm guess the line:-

The magic she renounced that night didn’t reappear in her blood for decades, but when it did, it was with a vengeance.

refers to Lily and Harry, correct me if I'm wrong?

I couldn't find anything wrong with this story and nothing completely cliche. It just. Raw.. I don't know if that makes sense but whatever ;). Just incredible..



Author's Response: Yes, the last line refers to Lily and Harry. You're absolutely correct. :)
And you're right. It's "raw". Raw emotions, raw grief...
I'm so glad you decided to read this fic. And thanks for the review.


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Review #17, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One No Magic Anymore

11th January 2007:
Oh, Anne...

This is beautiful, simply beautiful. I had to take a moment for reflection before I could review. It was so bittersweet, so rich- amazing.
I love where you took the challenge, so unexpected and so perfect.
I'm sure, as you've had requests, it would make a wonderful fic of longer length, but to be honest, I love it as a one shot.
You had me fighting back tears there, dear. This simplicity and utter completeness of their love, how you tied Matthew back in at the end, her. I was overwhelmed...

I can't get over this fic, dearest. There are no words...

Author's Response: Aww... thank you. :huggle:
Like you, I love it as a one-shot. I think that turning it into a longer fic would ruin it somehow. I wonder if Mon, when she challenged us, thought someone would write such a sad fic... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make anyone cry.
But I'm glad you liked it anyway. It was the kind of plot bunny that once it has popped out, you just can't forget about it.
Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)


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Review #18, by rainbow92 No Magic Anymore

10th January 2007:
Oh, Anne, this was a simply wonderful one shot. I considered taking up this challenge myself, but never got around to it, but you've truly done it wonderfully.

I have to compliment your writing. You are really descriptive, I envisioned things so well. And you really conveyed the heartbreak of this story brilliantly. I had a tear in my eye in it at the end. It was so bittersweet and beautiful, I felt so sad for Cassie! Beautifully written, Anne, it was absolutely wonderful. 10/10 ~Cat

Author's Response: Thank you, Cat. *blushes*
I'm glad you liked it. And I'm so glad I took up that challenge! That story has such wonderful reviews... *does a happy dance*
That story had been with me for a few months when I noticed Mon's challenge, and I'm very happy I did it right, even if it's heartbreaking. Now, I wonder what the other stories will be about...
Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #19, by PureBlood Muggle No Magic Anymore

6th January 2007:

OMG... what a fantastic One Shot!! *is speechless*

A wonderful take on the challenge, dear - loved it from start to finish. What a novel idea to get the magic into the Evan's family :) And so heartbreaking. *fights tears* Maybe I'm just a bit to emotional right now, but I'm fighting them!!
This is such a bitter-sweet love story that you have created! I felt with and for Cassi throughout.
Thank you so much for taking up this challenge. Beautiful work, Anne!!
10/10 - *SAYS -style Huggle Crash Glomp Tackle Attackle* ~Mona =)

Author's Response: *frees her right arm from the SAYS-style Huggle Crash Glomp Tackle Attackle to respond*
I'm SO glad you liked it Mon! I had been thinking about that story for a couple of months when I read your challenge, and both flowed so well from one another... I'm sorry you had to fight tears, I know this story is heartbreaking - I must admit I had to fight tears a couple of time while writing it -, but at the same time, it means I did it right, doesn't it?
Thanks so much for the challenge, for the read, and for the review.


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Review #20, by juls No Magic Anymore

3rd January 2007:
I loved this story and the challenge. It gave that little bit of history that was missing, and thats what I like to read. It's very original and beautiful. Heartbreaking also. It ties into the past and twines them together.
Bravo! ~~juls

Author's Response: I like to read fics that give the little bit of missing history too. And I like to write fics like that. I'd thought about that story for a time, and Mon's beginning was just too perfect.
Thanks for reading it and leaving a review.


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Review #21, by MysticalE No Magic Anymore

2nd January 2007:
Great story - it's very descriptive and it's easy to picture everything. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you. I know my writing is more descriptive now than it was before, and I'm still trying to improve my skills. I'm glad you loved it.
Thanks for R&R.


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Review #22, by greatest of 'em all No Magic Anymore

1st January 2007:
I really, really have to say is that above the story or the characters, it was your narration that impressed me the most. It is beautiful, the way this story unfolds. Slowly, deliberately and passing subtle hints as to what may come next. I liked the way it was written. The description in the beginning really urged me to read more. It was like imagery, you could see Cass sitting on rocks with a violent sea facing her.

But one question, Blacks being Blacks, wouldnt they have forcibly married Cass ( the name sounds lovely) away to Gaunt? Or had it something to do with the child she was carrying?

Good job!!!

Author's Response: First of all, thank you. I didn't expect such great reviews for that fic - I know readers prefer to read about the characters they know. I'm glad you liked it.
To answer your question... Gaunt would never have married Cass after that. And anyway, she left to live in the Muggle world, renouncing magic. Fortunately, she found Matt again - or more to te point, he found her.
Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #23, by ForgottenWriter No Magic Anymore

31st December 2006:
first I want to say AWESOME SUMMARY!!! I was skimming and the summary stopped me dead in my tracks! I LOVE THIS, please tell me theres more!! I really hope there is!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm afraid it's only a one-shot... but I might reconsider when I'm done with my novella.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #24, by Loveable Punk No Magic Anymore

31st December 2006:
This was very, very good. Considering that this was also your first challenge, even more impressive. Working in and around constraints always present new and interesting challenges.

The plot was very well established for this one-shot. I had the tinyest bit of confusion at the beginning with who was who and what was going on, but that quickly cleared up once the flashbacks started (which was a very effective way to tell the story, to tell the truth).

Some minor things with puctuation at the beginning (mostly commas and run on sentanes in the first paragraph, nothing major, I'm just anal about that kind of thing), but other than that,

Beautifully written. You really got the emotion down for the story. Congratulations.

Author's Response: Yes, it was my first challenge... and I'm still a bit nervous because the author who issued it haven't read the fic yet. lol.
I'm glad you liked the way I wrote that story and you thought the plot was well-established. I guess my muse was there, the day I wrote it.
Thanks for the compliments, and for reading and reviewing. (And thanks too for signaling me the punctuation errors.)


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Review #25, by tiffers No Magic Anymore

30th December 2006:
Anne this was absolutely beautiful, you have a wonderful way with words and this story captured my attention. It was so bittersweet, and yet so elegantly written. Your descriptions of her feelings were so fantastically written, I could feel her pain as she remembered. I love how you ended this, it was absolutely breathtaking! I have no idea how anybody could ever have anything bad to say about this, it was amazing!

Author's Response: I'm at a loss for words. All I can say is: thank you, Tiff. Your review makes me feel both elated and humble. We, authors, always hope our readers will be touched by our writing. I had the feeling that story was already there, that I only had to write it down. But when a story flows so painlessly from my mind to my fingertips, I always wonder if I'm writing it right, if I've found the right words and tones.. I guess I did, with that one.
Thank you again for reading and reviewing.


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