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Review #1, by Anon Saturday, September 17th.

1st February 2014:
No not James, just no

Author's Response: Why what's the matter

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Review #2, by PureSlytherinSpite Wednesday, July 3rd

29th March 2008:
Ha ha. Living with Remus, eh?
I could really care less about that anyways but,
Weird description. I know.
But that's how I express my satisfaction ;]

Author's Response: lmao. thank you so much [=

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Review #3, by Lily 4 James Wednesday, July 3rd

3rd November 2007:
It can't be over...
I've just spent the past... what?... 3 hours reading this and now I've gotta be me again :(
Depressing isn't it?
Ah well life could be worse...
Now you've made me all deep
Poopoo head... That felt good... I needed to be immature for 1 teensy little second. Lol
Anyways... You are an amazing writer
keep up the good work and have a cookie
*gives out virtual cookies* m

Author's Response: ah thank you so muchhhh.
*takes virtual cookie*

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Review #4, by Lily 4 James Tuesday December 20th

3rd November 2007:
I think I'm drowning in fluff
Mm... tastes nice...
like candyfloss
anyways gurd story so far
can't wait to read more

Author's Response: i love flufffff =)
thank you so muchhh !

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Review #5, by lillede Friday, November 5th

30th October 2007:
Well I am most definitely seeing the likeness between Iris and Cara... Your main characters are so splendidly wonderful that all of the Marauders love them! I feel a love triangle coming on...

Author's Response: oooh. maybe you feel correctlyy [=
iris, i admit, was a starting block for cara. i sorta used it as a warmup act. how horriblee. xD

thank you so muchhhh !

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Review #6, by ronswife34 Sunday, September 27th

3rd October 2007:
i love this! :)

Author's Response: thank youuu !!!!

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Review #7, by Kiara_Black Wednesday, July 3rd

17th August 2007:

i really liked this story.


it was great.

Author's Response: thank you so much!!

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Review #8, by Ariel_ann Wednesday, July 3rd

13th August 2007:
Awe, that only took me like .. an hour and a half to complete? Maybe even less.. hmm...

ANYWAY!! Lovely, of course. I'm kinda sad it's over tho. Now I have to wait for you to start a new story. Tsk.


Author's Response: an hour and half?
your a fast reader.
=] thank you so much!

never fear, new story up by friday XD

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Review #9, by Ariel_ann Wednesday, October 7th.

13th August 2007:
Hahaha, loved it!!!

Did you know that - 'When mum married Mr. De Loretta I became Cinderella.' - rhymes?? I bet you didnt! :P:P

Author's Response: oh my gosh hahaha i never noticed that. and i normally get all excited when i unintionally rhyme things too.

thank youuu!! [=

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Review #10, by Ariel_ann Wednesday, September 22nd.

13th August 2007:
Ahh, awesome chapter as well!!!

Flouncing over to the next one ...

Heheh, had to say it, sorry

Author's Response: haha.. flouncing. XD
thank you so much!!

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Review #11, by Ariel_ann Saturday, September 17th.

13th August 2007:
Ah, just when I thought I would have anymore stories to read by you, I remembered that *gasp* I could go look at your page and see what else you've written...

Yes, I know, not to smart, am I? Kay's, don't answer that ... :P

Anyway! Sweet start. I already love it! But then again, you wrote it, how could I not love it??

Brilliant. Simply, brilliant.


P.s!!! When I posted on your other story, Cara triology, the rating showed up as 9/10 but, I meant to make it 10/10 ... so yea.. haha I thought you should know :P

Author's Response: haha. uts okay. i do that all the timee!

(the accidental ratings anddd the forgetting that the author usually has other work as well.)

thank you so muchhh =))

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Review #12, by fred_sob_lover Wednesday, July 3rd

12th August 2007:
gawd, interesting ending

Author's Response: thank youuu!!

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Review #13, by fred_sob_lover Thursday, November 25th

12th August 2007:

Author's Response: definitely.
thanks for the review xD

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Review #14, by fred_sob_lover Sunday, September 27th

11th August 2007:
Ok, last one.

I just wanted to say (as I forgot to in my chap. 1 review) that did you write the part about the sky all by your self? It was AMAZING!!! AMAZING, I tell you, AMAZING! It should totally be in a book.
ANd everyone died laughing. That's a new one, lol. I like it.


Author's Response: yeah, that bit about the sky was allll me.
thank you so much!!! im gladd you liked itttt. [[[[=

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Review #15, by fred_sob_lover Wednesday, September 22nd.

11th August 2007:
Yes I did love love love it. Okay, I know I said that I wouldn't reveiw every chapter but I swear I won't ater this one... maybe.

Author's Response: haha its okay.
thank youu [=

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Review #16, by fred_sob_lover Saturday, September 17th.

11th August 2007:
Okay hi. Remember me. Hi. Okay. I like this chapter. Um. It's different. And not like that other story, (you know, the one I was obnoxiously reviewing over and over again a few minutes ago?)
FYI> I will not obnoxiuosly review every chapter I read like the other story.

Author's Response: how ever could i forget you?
ooh i know collide is a bit different.
thank youuu [=

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Review #17, by Lady Prongs (not logged in because the site wouldn't let me Wednesday, July 3rd

3rd August 2007:
yeeeaaah. just wanted to say that when i was at hockey camp (yes, i'm a girl and i play hockey) i met another girl who was obsessed with the sky and i just wanted to let you know that i thought of your fantabulous story.

Author's Response: thank youuu! im glad you like it.
i am pretty obsessed with the sky too. [=

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Review #18, by malice94 Wednesday, July 3rd

3rd August 2007:
Wow! I read this whole thing in one day! It took FOREVER and I had to keep stopping because I had to eat dinner and work and what not! Wonderful but I was slightly suprised at teh sudden time change!

Author's Response: oh myy im glad you liked it so much, seriouslyyy =DDDD it makes me happy. but thank youuu!!!

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Review #19, by malice94 Thursday, November 25th

3rd August 2007:
Aw! I am so glad Iris worked it out with her mom! By the way is there any reason you called the charater Iris?

Author's Response: well, okay, you got me, i was listening to iris by the goo goo dolls when thinking of what her name should be - and thought. wellll. its perfect.

thank you!!!

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Review #20, by malice94 Thursday, November 11th

3rd August 2007:
I love your a/n's almost as much as I love the story its self.You are just a naturally funny person! good chapter(even if you dont think so

Author's Response: aw thanks! i LOVE making people laugh.
and i am glad you thought it was good. [=

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Review #21, by malice94 Friday, November 5th

3rd August 2007:
That would be something my mom would do :P Poor Rissy!

Author's Response: haha. poor rissy indeed.
thank youu [[=

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Review #22, by malice94 Sunday, October 31st

3rd August 2007:
YAY! James is so cute!

Author's Response: yeah he really iss.
thank youu !! [=

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Review #23, by malice94 Friday, October 15th

3rd August 2007:
I love this STORY! It is so goood! And AH I have to go read chapter two

Author's Response: ooh i am so happy you like it so much.
=] thanks bunches.

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Review #24, by malice94 Wednesday, October 7th.

3rd August 2007:

Author's Response: thank youuuuu. [=

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Review #25, by malice94 Sunday October 4th

3rd August 2007:
Lol! I love this story! I ussally hate James/oc but this is so funny and random!

Author's Response: haha . i know what you mean about james/oc, but i always end up writing it anywayy. thanks so much. haha. i love random (=

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