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Review #1, by Ginnysister A rival reveals herself

8th August 2005:
kept it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by Slam Meet Alison and Cecelia!

8th April 2004:
I WOULD do an author rosponse, but I kinda don't know my cousin's password. THis review is dedicated to Roxi. THe rant starts here: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? YOU THINK THAT MY COUSIN AND MY STORY SUCKS, AND I DON'T SEE YOU WRITING ANYTHING! ONCE YOU COME UP WITH A DECENT STORY, YOU CAN SAY THAT OUR STORY IS ..WHATEVER. HOWEVER, thanks for the compliment about our idea. I came up with most of it =).

Author's Response: Hey ya cuz! Well I have a teensy *Turns to her crazy fans in* You idiots! Stay back! polly! Polly! Where are you??? Back I say! It's not my fault I can't update!*Turns back to Slam* Can you finish- *Crowd of fans dogpiles for more chapters on Sands of Mercury continueation of Child of Mercury.* Aaaaah! *Wriggles out of the dogpile and runs for it.* Slam! If you can hear me! Write the thrid chapter for this story! And up- *Crowd turns and sees Shamnic* (Crazy fan: AFTER HER!!!!) UPDATE! SLAM! WRITE THE THRID CHAPTER AND UPDATE!!!! *Last words that you can hear because the fans dogpiled hard on Shamnic* P.S. Never put a story that everyone loves off for too long this is how they'll react.

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Review #3, by roxi Meet Alison and Cecelia!

5th April 2004:
... crap - im sorry, being honest its crap. nice idea but you can't write.

Author's Response: Can't write? Can't write? If you really want to see my skills you'd better watch out, It only sucks because I wasn't in any mood to write (Both me and Slam have writers blocks.) AND because if you were pulling a triple duty on three different fanfics for different stories while on a writer's block! OF COURSE IT WOULD SUCK! And P.S. Thank you for being straght forward but the problem is I'm in a really bad mood right now!

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Review #4, by Slam Meet Alison and Cecelia!

5th February 2004:
Hey! I'm not THAT little! Only about...3 days less than a year younger than you! And I thought we planned the next chapter already?

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Review #5, by Slam Meet Alison and Cecelia!

15th January 2004:
Also, the Animagal was mine!

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Review #6, by Slam Meet Alison and Cecelia!

10th January 2004:
Hey cuz! Hope u like me editing reviewers! Hope you like my part of the written things, too!

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Review #7, by shade Cecelia's Secret and Remus's Journal!

6th January 2004:
I meant that you are a much appreciated reviewer for my work...and I forgot to say hello to the pirates and Polly.

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Review #8, by shade Cecelia's Secret and Remus's Journal!

6th January 2004:
Okay, insane but much appreciated reviewer - I hereby appoint myself the third editor on this project (it's very, very funny by the way...and very sweet in its way also....well done and keep at this...) ....Here we go: I believe the word you need rather than "quizzingly" is "quizzical"...the term is "suicidal" ..and um...straddling her? (should porn music be playing in the background?) Okay, if these things are intentional...I'll just eat a funky cracker...drift off to sleep and shut my mouth. But you do have a gift for comedy! You seafaring wench! Plus...there's that hint of downright madcap bizarreness that I personally thinks adds something never fail to make me laugh. It's a good story, keep working at it!

Author's Response: Thanks fer the review, sorry I haven't responded fer a while, caught something more than gold, (Caught a really bad cold) well glad ya enjoy the story! and don't worry about polly and the pirates

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Review #9, by JessieGranger Meet Alison and Cecelia!

5th January 2004:
I like it! This is a debate between people but I go with the James-was-a-chaser side. I think they changed it in the movie so Harry would feel better about Quidditch. Love it though!

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Review #10, by Citten Meet Alison and Cecelia!

30th December 2003:
Great that was one of the funniest things I have ever read!!!!!!!!!! Please write soooooon!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad You enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by shade Meet Alison and Cecelia!

30th December 2003:
Slam's editing you? Aha! I know Slam, she's packing villagers, so be careful. Okay, seriously...I personally love AU's ...and you had me rolling on more than one occasion. There is something just innately funny about the Chicken Dance (which thanks, I won't be getting that tune out of my head all evening now)....and your humor is working here, it's a good start and I admit, I'm intrigued as to where you are going here. Nifty concept with the animagal! The dialogue doesn't have an English feel to it...but it's an AU so anything goes! The important part was that it is funny and intriguing. Well worth continuing. Oh...and don't let Slam get you with that pitchfork :D One thing that really helps when writing dialogue is to say it out loud (and endure the "must be nice to be insane" looks that go with it) to test out the flow. Nice job...and most importantly, honestly amusing. Hee hee...I'm unclear on your feelings about Snape though...for or against ;-) This is a fun read.

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the review! I also luv your stories! And yeah... Slam's editing me... She's my lil' cuzin, and how she is in the story, that's how she acts in real life (Scary in my opinion)... Also Chappie 2 is just gonna lead us to a secret to one of our Marauderettes, some romance (More or less gets to the point fast but now and then Slam and I will put in a free chapter of crazy insane stuff... So watch out for pitchforks and pillows.) and that little part about Snape, There's more hilarious passwords to that we'll be using, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Black, etc. And be warned most of my stories starts off happy and sometimes ends in tragedy... But still! Glad you enjoy the Fic!

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Review #12, by Somebody! Meet Alison and Cecelia!

29th December 2003:
I LOVE your fanfic! It's sooooo cool! What happens next? What did Sirius do last year???

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the Review! Well just a quick overview for you, what happens next is their first night at Hogwarts. And What did Sirius and James do last year? Um... I suggest you ask Slam... Well thanks again! Sayanora!

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