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Review #1, by Weasley'sWizardWheezes92 Christmas in Peacetime

18th February 2008:
that was so cute! i liked the dedication, that was sweet. but what about tonks??? y did u get rid of her??? just wondering,

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Review #2, by Pretty Purple Pelican Christmas in Peacetime

25th December 2007:
Just lovely. You've managed to make a sweet story that still has that important tribute to everyone who died during the battle. Your characterizations are true to J.K., and I really enjoyed everything about your story. I especially enjoyed the line: In true Hermione fashion, she gave birth to Ricky exactly nine months later. The part with Percy as a Death Eater was shocking, but it was unique and, unfortunately, not that difficult to believe. Your way of writing is very natural, and it really brings the characters to life. Nice job! :)

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Review #3, by gabzi27 Christmas in Peacetime

13th April 2007:
im glad found this as it was an amazing story and i was one of the people you thanked

Author's Response: Hi, Gabzi27! Thanks for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #4, by AshHa Christmas in Peacetime

21st March 2007:
Wonderful story! It was amazing how you managed to sum so much up in one chapter. It made me feel sad and proud about everything that happened. It's horrible how many people can die, from cancer or murder. This story was really good because you didn't just have those who died die of murder, but you added in some "muggle" things. This is a brilliant Christmas story. I like how you put in Molly's presents to everyone; can't forget that! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing AshHa. This story actually started from a drabble prompt, 'mittens', and went from there. I wanted to have something to put up at Christmas this year so this was my humble attempt.

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Review #5, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Christmas in Peacetime

19th February 2007:
if you ever need a banner for any of your stories, let me know! =]

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #6, by Crosby Christmas in Peacetime

5th February 2007:
Good story. It was cheerful, and yet subtley reminds everyone what they went through to get there.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Crosby! I am glad that you enjoyed my work. Thank you for being such a faithful reviewer to so many! (I checked your profile- I can tell you read & review lots- which I think is awesome!)

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Review #7, by andharrywokeup Christmas in Peacetime

22nd January 2007:
I am so sorry that I didn't see this sooner. I was away for the holidays and things have been hectic since. I cried throughout this story. You asre so talented when it comes to capturing moments and this once was a beautiful as ever. When you showed how each parent was thankful of their children you really enforced the fact that life had to go one and even though the war, there were also some wonderful things that had to end with the war. Truly, heartwrenchingly beautiful. I am in awe. You really are incredible when it comes to writig the Weasleys...any chance of a chapter fic anytime soon? 10/10. ~ andy x x

Author's Response: Andy- you make me blush! Thank you so much for all of your awesome reviews- and for your pimpage of She Knows the Truth. I'm really glad that you liked this one, I'm thinking of coming up with some seperate one shots from this universe. I'm also working on continuing Certain of One Thing. More Ron love! Thanks once again, Erin

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Review #8, by ginnypotter Christmas in Peacetime

20th January 2007:
Good...i like happy endings..:)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, ginnypotter!

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Review #9, by roberts_dread_piratess Christmas in Peacetime

14th January 2007:
very nice. a lovely holiday story.

Author's Response: Thanks, roberts_dread_piratess!

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Review #10, by eveey Christmas in Peacetime

9th January 2007:
This is very sweet, very nice story

Author's Response: Thanks, eveey!

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Review #11, by elementalfascination Christmas in Peacetime

6th January 2007:
My goodness. This is an absolutely wonderful fan fic. I normally don't like the sadder fan fic types, but this is wonderful. Compliments to you and keep writing. You're good.

Author's Response: Thank you, elementalfascination. I didn't intend to write this as sad as it came out, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it none the less.

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Review #12, by Rupertluver2012 Christmas in Peacetime

6th January 2007:
Well written, very, very, well written!! Your a great author. What I found to be the saddest part was when you said Fred used to imagine what he and Angelina's kids would look like. GREAT JOB!!! 10/10.


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Rupertluver2012. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much.


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Review #13, by pens82 Christmas in Peacetime

3rd January 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks, pens82!

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Review #14, by desigirl Christmas in Peacetime

2nd January 2007:
aw that was so LOVELY. im all choked up and so soon in the new year - not fair *pouts* =D.

it was so sad about percy but somehow it fits.

i love the fact that Harry ended the scilence, that worked relli well to.

i just really loved it !

Author's Response: Thanks, desigirl. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #15, by onepound13 Christmas in Peacetime

2nd January 2007:
Awesome story.

Author's Response: Thanks, onepound13!

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Review #16, by grednforge217 Christmas in Peacetime

2nd January 2007:
This story is so cute, yet so sad. I liked how you made Neville blind. The Percy thing was also really cool, yet kind of freaky. Good Job!

Author's Response: Thanks, grednforge217. They won't make it out of the war, unscathed, that's for certain, but I could only make myself kill off Percy (the prat). I hope to create a series of stories after this, that give more background info. It might take me a while, though, as real life has a habit of getting in the way.

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Review #17, by StoryLover3095 Christmas in Peacetime

2nd January 2007:
I LOVE this story. I wish this wasn't the end and the next chapter could be about days after christmas! Beyond a 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks, StoryLover3095! This one (unlike some of my other stories that I said were going to be one chapter but kept adding to) is really going to be a oneshot! There might be some more from this universe later, however, so keep an eye out.

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Review #18, by summerblack23 Christmas in Peacetime

2nd January 2007:
That was a really nice fic. I love how their all there together, and how you got all the charactors just right.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing summerblack23! I appreciate it!

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