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Review #1, by calilover What Was Lost...

23rd June 2007:
it's way cute i love it

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Review #2, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One What Was Lost...

8th February 2007:

Have I really not reviewed this latest chapter yet? I'm shocked! I thought I had! *headdesk*

Okay, wel.

Have I told you how much I love Draco's nickname "kitten" for her? It's without a doubt the sweetest thing ever!

I'm really beginning to like Ginger- she's SO fiery! That woman can handle herself, I tell you! She seems like what she really needs is for Draco to sweep her off her feet and woosh her away to his castle for some good 12+ scenes :P

Thanks to EtS we know how THAT works out, but the journey there is so interesting!

That final paragraph about the sorting hat and her punishment and the clean spot... Made me LAUGH! Your characterization of Cissa is so spot on for her age... it's just perfect! I'm afraid your Cissa is modeled after my sweetheart, because I tell you: !!! :P

Great Job, Juls!


Author's Response: Thanks Court- I am so glad you think Cissa is dead on for her age. huggles juls

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Review #3, by Anony_Mouse What Was Lost...

5th February 2007:
Me again!

Cissa is a little darling! I'm falling in love with her character, honestly. She's just incredibly sweet! ;-)

I'm glad you cleared up how Draco and Cissa are siblings; I was honestly a little confused after reading the "A/N" but you cleared everything up well. The Draco/Ginger relationship is very intriguing-I'm curious to see where it goes and how it changes them both. I love your confidence in the "bad" guys; wish I were as confident in Draco as you! At least I'm confident in Snape, though...:-)

Even though I didn't read the original, this is standing on its own pretty well, which I can't say for most companion fics. For that alone, I reward you for; good job!

Author's Response: Huggles mara- and thanks for the review. Glad you like how my lil Cissa is progressing. huggles ~~juls

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Review #4, by dracoslover1 What Was Lost...

3rd February 2007:
I like this chapter! The ending made me laugh!

Author's Response: Thanks hun ~~juls

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Review #5, by dracoslover1 Night's Fall

3rd February 2007:
So THAT is why she hates Death Eaters so much. Ok, now that makes sense. Still shouldn't hate Draco for it; he is a changed guy! Oh no, I need to go and read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah- poor Ginger has a basis for her dislike of things DE. She'll come around ;). Thanks for the review. Huggles ~~juls

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Review #6, by dracoslover1 Always A Death Eater

3rd February 2007:
Poor Draco! I feel so bad for him! Just because of his past? I don't know whether to dislike Ginger at the moment or like her!

Author's Response: Poor ginger has her reasonings. Huggles and thanks for the review hun, ~~juls

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Review #7, by dracoslover1 Slytherin Tactics

3rd February 2007:
I like this! (I read Ensnaring the Senses just haven't left any reviews for that story yet. I will though; I promise! I love that story!). I have always wondered how Ginger and Draco meet, and now I know. Well, I need to go and read the other chapters now. I am so excited.

Author's Response: Yay!! Glad you liked the story. Thanks for reading EtS also. huggles ~~juls

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Review #8, by Scriblerian What Was Lost...

29th January 2007:

Juls, that was wonderful! I'm so happy you decided to update this story. It feels like it's been a while. I was missing it. lol. Great chapter, as always. :) You wrote Draco perfectly again. Of course he'd be worried to death about not being able to find Cissa. And the fact that Crabbe and Goyle are still out there must have terrified him for her sake as well. I can't even imagine what Hermione would do to him though if she found out he'd lost her Claws indeed.

Oh, that letter Cissa sent Ginger was so cute! I'm glad she read it and agreed to meet with her. Hopefully this will help her understand Draco more and even push her towards him a bit, eh? *nudge nudge* lol. And the Draco and Cissa scene was great as well. They're so cute together. haha. And Cissa is just a fantastic character. You do a wonderful job at writing her.

Gah! Now I'm super excited about the next chapter. It would be great to see Cissa and Ginger meet and talk. :) Keep up the stupendous work hun! You're doing an awesome job with this story. I just love it. :) 10/10! *hugs*

Author's Response: I'm gonna cry-- only a few chapters left on this story. Cissa has been keeping me happy with her Slytherin qualities-- and torturing Draco with them. I'm beginning to think Draco would be a great Dad.... one day maybe.
It looks like what lil Cissa wants, she gets. In this case, a friend for her brother.
Maybe a visit to Snape is in order-- to take care of that crabby-goyly problem rofl.. How will Draco accomplish that with a revelation WHY? Ponders....
Anyhow Scribie thank you for another lovely review-- they keep me focused and of course happy.
HUGGLES ~~juls

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Review #9, by ElissandrAnne What Was Lost...

28th January 2007:
Well, I guess you already know I loved that chapter, juls. I loved seeing how Draco loves that little girl he calls his sister - and who calls him brother. It shows he has a soft side, after all. I loved seeing that little imp send a letter to Ginger, so she would be nicer to her brother and give him a chance. That's SOOO sweet!

I love Cissa. She's such a sweetie! And she's trully her parents's daughter! lol. Smart and all. "If you are going to do something bad, don't get caught" Good rule - so Slytherin-ish! hehe.

And Ginger intrigues me... especially her memories of the night her mother died. I can't wait to read more!
Great job! *huggles*


Author's Response: Thank you Anne. Poor cissa is gonna be the torture of her family- Slytherin cunning and Gryffindor bravery. What a combo lol.
Lunch and a Pensieve scene coming soon. Revelations for Draco. Eh-- poor boy.
Huggles dear ~~juls

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Review #10, by Beltane What Was Lost...

27th January 2007:
I'm not a critiquer of stories, I just know what I like . Please write some more.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked and took the time to tell me. Huggles ~~juls

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Review #11, by Slytherin_Slave Night's Fall

27th January 2007:
oh, i wonder what Cissa :)


Author's Response: hehe answer's up dear. Thanks for the review, glad you finally found this story. Huggles juls

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Review #12, by Slytherin_Slave Always A Death Eater

27th January 2007:
Wow, Ginger is very stubborn, but i guess the Malfoy's have always been percieved by their reputation. That's to bad...but hey Draco use to be just as stubborn, let's see if Cissa can work her magic again in the next chapter!


Author's Response: Ginger is Scotch as well as French- she's very fiery and stubborn. Lol But she is making the same judgement mistakes that Malfoy did when he was younger. She'll learn rofl. huggles juls

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Review #13, by x0confussedHPlove0x Night's Fall

5th January 2007:

Author's Response: Thank you =) ~~juls

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Review #14, by tiffers Night's Fall

4th January 2007:
This was a wonderful chapter Juls, I really love the idea of going back and seening how Draco and Ginger first met and fell in love and how Draco handled all of that. I love how you pick up where you left off with Draco in the resturaunt with Cissa, who of course is asking a million questions about things she shouldn't know about. It's exactly like when you are baby-sitting and accidentally say a bad word and the kid is eating it up and asking you what it means. I could sympathize with Draco's frustration.

I love everything with Ginger, she is such an exceptional character, and I love her more and more with each chapter! I loved this insight into her past from her dream, it really gave a new spin on why she was so opposed to spending time with Draco. The dream was amazing Juls, so well written, you could really understand why she would hate anyone associated with the Death Eaters. Overal a wonderful insight into Ginger, and extremely well-written

I love Cissa she is just the cutest character, and I love that she is such a little trouble maker. I can only imagine what was so important that she needed to send something to Ginger at that time of night! I love that Draco realizes that Cissa is gone, everything about that whole scene was wonderful

Another beautiful chapter Juls, I honestly cannot wait to see what future this story holds. UPDATE SOON! STOP READING REVIEWS AND START WRITING

Author's Response: Thanks Tiff, I really love your reviews. Why? Because you highlight just what I was trying to convey and shows to me that I have acheived my goal. I'm trying to give Ginger some life-- and I'm glad to see through your ryes I have. And Cissa is such a charmer... a small Slytherin just waiting to be sorted rofl. She is such a chapter stealer... Poor child needs her oen story rofl. Maybe one day. Thanks again tiff huggles ~~juls

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Review #15, by Scriblerian Night's Fall

3rd January 2007:
Oh juls, every time you update this story you make me love it just a little bit more. Have I told you how happy I am that you decided to write this? I have? Well, I'm telling you again!! lol. Gosh, I love your characterization of Cissa. She has quickly become one of my favorite OC's ever. She's just adorable, and you write her so well. I love the part where she asks Draco what Death Eaters are. Why would anyone want to eat Death? lol. That was brilliant. And just what a child would ask I think. Well done. I feel bad for Draco. I dont blame him for deciding to let Hermione tell Cissa about what Death Eaters are. And the whole Ginger not giving him a chance to explain must be hard for him.

But I really like Ginger too. You gave her character a lot more depth with that nightmare scene (which was brilliant by the way). Everything really came to life there. I understand her reasoning for walking out on Draco better now. But yay for Cissa writing her a letter! I wonder what's in it? I loved that she knows where the creeky steps are and everything. Slytherin indeed. lol.

As always, I eagerly await the next update! That letter has me intrigued beyond Great chapter hun! I adore this story. Keep up the awesome work! 10/10 *hugs*

Author's Response: Scribbie-- I heart your reviews! They are one of the ones that truly make me feel my stories are good.
I'm glad you like this story-- and of course Cissa and Ginger. I am really trying to develop them into well-rounded ones, with a distinct lack of Mary-suishness. It makes me happy to see that you think they aren't. Lol.. the letter is by a 6 yr old, how complicated can it be? (But her being the child of Hermione Granger the-know-it-all it could be 2 or 3 feet long-- haha.) Sadly it will end soon, as all things must. Hopefully with a kiss. Wouldn't that be grand? Huggles and thanks so much for another fab review that makes my heart sing. ~~juls

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Review #16, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Night's Fall

3rd January 2007:
My, oh my... I was so excited to see an update when I got to the office this morning, Juls. You've been working rather quickly on this story- it must be close to your heart! It shows. it's wonderful!

I know you had mentioned to me once before you weren't sure you were capturing the essence of a child that age... let me assure you, once again- you've nailed it, dear.
“Dray, what's a Death Eater? Why would anyone want to eat death?”
I can tell you that honestly, because that EXACT question (minus the Dray, lol) was asked of me by my own. TRULY.

The flashback brought tears to my eyes... how heartbreaking, and at the Quidditch cup? Horrors.
I was slightly confused... who was Severus whispering to?
No wonder she hates them so much, oh Juls, it makes perfect sense now... So sad! :(

I think Cissa sneaking upstairs to send that owl was adorable- too cute! I was waiting on Draco to have a fit when he found the bed empty. As a parent, I'm sure you've done that! Where on earth? oooh, sleeping in the playhouse, under the bed... anywhere they seem to decide would be best, lol!

Another magical chapter that sucks you in and pulls you along wanting more.
Wonderful job, dearest. I can't wait for more! :)

Author's Response: Thanks Hermy-- this chapter was stuck in my head, cause again I was planning on killing a char. Sadly, I really do hate doing that. This is not the same quidditch Cup as GOF... it's a few yrs later, silly Ministry holding one in the mist of voldy's reign of terror.
And Sev was whispering to Ginger father... the deadly diversion for them to escape.
Cissa knows the Slytherin motto well-- even at that age. Do what you want, just don't get caught. Well she gets caught, and poor Draco, just the thought of facing hermione's ire over this one. Huggles ~`juls

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Review #17, by ElissandrAnne Night's Fall

3rd January 2007:
Well, you already know I like that chapter. lol. Ginger's past experience with the Death Eaters is revealed, as well as Cissa's interest in potion making. She's trully her father's daughter. lol. And since she waited for Draco to be asleep to slip out of bed... her mother's too. Hehe.
Good job.


Author's Response: A Slythergryff? Lol poor girl. Thanks Anne for your quick read through this morning before posting, was kinda worried about the sugar sweetness of some of it. Thanks also for the review. Huggles juls

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Review #18, by PadfootandProngs91 Always A Death Eater

31st December 2006:
I must say--I love Narcissa here. I always liked Narcissa Malfoy, or rather the one in fanfictions--and I love her grand something too. I really cannot think of how they are related, if they even are.

Anyway, onto the story itself. Very well done, very great Ginger. I love her dearly, you have no idea how long she was molded. You did her justice, so far. I may have to kick and scream if you do her wrong later. :-P


Author's Response: I promise to keep her as we have molded her... and 'picture' narcissa accepts lil cissa as a kind of grandchild/daughter... rofl I am not even sure how to put it. She is Draco's sister, that's as far as I can explain it. Not by blood but by acceptance. huggles and thanks jackie. you are fab. ~~juls

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Review #19, by Scriblerian Always A Death Eater

28th December 2006:
Oh no! The ending to this is so sad, juls. But again you write a brilliant chapter that I absolutely fall in love with. This was wonderful. I loved your descriptions of the Golden Snitch. Great use of detail. And I am so incredibly happy that Ginger decided to have lunch with Draco and Cissa. I was very happy to see that they had an actual conversation and that Draco was opening up to her. I loved the part where Ginger asks if Lucius is Cissa's father.

No- Lucius Malfoy was not anyone's father at the end.

That was such a great line. And very true I think. I was definitely dreading the part where Ginger found out that Snape is really Cissa's father, but you wrote it brilliantly. I was very sad to see her leave too. I hope she can open her eyes and understand that Draco and Snape are not bad people. But you're pacing this all wonderfully.

Fantastic chapter juls! I am loving this story more and more as I go on. I'm so happy you decided to write it. Keep up the great work! And update as soon as possible! lol. 10/10. *huggles*

Author's Response: There are very sad reasons Ginger reacts so badly to both Snape and Malfoy. She is actually being as judemental as those she hates atm, hopefully her eyes open. hugs and thanks girl. ~`juls

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Review #20, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Always A Death Eater

28th December 2006:
Updates, galore!
I'm always so anxious and then sad when Ginger leaves Draco and Cissa. I know, I know, not much of a story if you resolve it in the first few minutes... But, I just can't see how she could stay mad at Draco and Severus? *sigh* I'd forgive them... :)
Wonderful job- I loved this chapter. It covered so much history without seeming like a class from Professor Binns. I'm excited to see where you take us next!

Author's Response: I thank you for saying my lessons aren't Binn-ish. Lol I am trying to stuff the bits and pieces in and still stay interesting. Thank you again for saying it wasn't. Huggles dear ~~juls

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Review #21, by tiffers Always A Death Eater

28th December 2006:
Another beautiful chapter Juls, and you are doing a wonderful job of keeping the story between the two of them interesting! It is so fun to see the story we already know about Cissa from a different point of view, it definitely changes the story a little bit.

I love Ginger, have I said that yet? Well I will say it again, I LOVE Ginger, her personality is amazing and she is the perfect foil for Draco! Juls, you have this whole Draco/Snape well oiled machine, you know these character inside and out and you constantly showcase that talent!

Another wonderful chapters Juls and you have gotten me addicted to another one of your stories, I guess some things really never do change!

Author's Response: Cissa is threatening a takeover bid now, lol. Poor girl is just screaming her own story..... Thanks for thinking Ginger is well rounded AND the perfect match for my Draco that I have created. I heart your reviews. Huggle attack **glomp** juls

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Review #22, by tiffers Slytherin Tactics

28th December 2006:
Juls *squeals happily* I am loving this new story! I love the idea of going back and explaining how Draco and Ginger managed to get together! The banner is beautiful, as always you have amazing banners!

Back to this wonderful story, I love how you start this with the idea that Ginger doesn't like Draco because he is a former death eater, poor dear, he can't win can he? I love Cissa, she manages to enhance all of your stories, she is such a character! I love her comment about broccoli, for me it was spinach, I would gag at the sight of it! I love your descriptions of Ginger, and I am loving her personality. We heard lots about her in EtS, but this is the time we can really get to know her as a character.

A fantastic start Juls, this is starting beautifully, and I can't wait to read more about this couple! Keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: Ginger is my first real OC, name borrowed from Jackie and we have kinda melded her together.. our gingers are somewhat the same but different. Draco knew when he took his Mark for the spy business, it would or could possibly ruin his life. And now he sees the repercusions of it. Snape had twenty years to learn the hatred of it, Draco only a small amount of time. We knpw because of EtS she does eventually forgive forget AND accept-- but here is the how. (If i can pull it off.) Huggles my dear ~~juls

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Review #23, by fairy919 Always A Death Eater

27th December 2006:
Post more!
I love this story!

Author's Response: Will do... soonish. Thanks ~~juls

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Review #24, by ValhallaAdonisSnape Slytherin Tactics

22nd December 2006:
lolz, what is it with kids and broccoli? I've always loved it...though I hated spinich. Wohoo! I'm all caught up then and I have to say Cissa is a little cupid isn't she? awaiting the next chapter. Till Jan 7th -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: I love broccoli myself. Next chapter is awaiting the 7th. Hug and thanks Ags ~~juls

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Review #25, by x0confussedHPlove0x Slytherin Tactics

20th December 2006:
I enjoyed this chapter. i hope you have another one out soon.

Author's Response: Its a coming... after Jan 7th. Thanks hun

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