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Review #1, by zeta_one Epilogue: The ritual

6th May 2015:
Nice Super Harry story.

Thanks for sharing

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Review #2, by Jane Epilogue: The ritual

18th April 2015:
I LOVE THIS!!! It's BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! Excuse my language, but this is SUPERB!!!

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Review #3, by b_lewis61 Epilogue: The ritual

31st March 2015:
First of all, absolutely amazing read. You did a great job of keeping me enthralled and had a good mix of action and suspense along with fin moments. Also, I like that although you made Harry very powerful he wasn't untouchable and was still struggling against Voldemort which seems likely given the years of experience Voldemort has and the lengths he has gone to in dark arts to increase his power.

Second, I am glad to see that Harry and Dunbledore seem to be on a path to redeeming their relationship. As I said in a previous review while Dumbledore made mistakes his heart was in the right place and he always fought for what was right.

Lastly, HOW DARE YOU USE A CLIFF HANGER HERE.so happy that I am reading this after you already posted the sequal so I can just start reading that now :).

Thank you for a great read!

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Review #4, by b_lewis61 The DA, Wormtail and lots more exciting stuff.

30th March 2015:
Still enjoying the story but I do hope that you mend things between Ron, Hermione, and Harry soon. Those three have been best friends for years and that kind if bond is important and not the kind of thing that should easily be set aside, not to mention I just like the dynamic between them ;).

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Review #5, by b_lewis61 Training continues and confrontations

29th March 2015:
Still liking the story but not sire what to think of a Harry that is this angry. I don't care what he might think about needing to get away I can't imagine him sending a spell at tonks that could kill her. Going to wait and see before deciding but hope he calms down a bit.

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Review #6, by b_lewis61 Diagon Alley

29th March 2015:
Okay, first of all I am still impressed with your writing and enjoying the story so far. I concerned that this is going to become a Dumbledore hatefest which would be a shame. While he obviously made mistakes Dumbledores intentions where always the best and he did do far more good that bad over the course of his time with Harry.

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Review #7, by b_lewis61 The Dark Object.

29th March 2015:
So, I was looking for another story to read and was in the mood for a missing 19 story so although your discription caught my eye a bit I moved past it. As I was abiit to go to another page if stories I decided I would just look at your chapter discriptions just to see what it was all about. After glancing through I decided that I still wanted to just read some missing 19 fluff. On a subsequent page I came across your sequal and that description likewise caught my eye.so I relented. I decided I would read one chapter and then decide to move on or keep reading.well one chapter down and I am dying to read on. Your writing style is amazing and though very little was actually revealed in this chapter you succeeder in hooking me. I'm looking forward to what I am sure will be a great read.

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Review #8, by Abhishek Epilogue: The ritual

21st January 2013:
The way this particular chapter was written is fabulous... you will go a long way into writing :)
All the best...

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Review #9, by Bubbles OOOOO Epilogue: The ritual

22nd April 2012:
Great ending! So excited for the sequel! XD What is it called coz i want to find out what happens! :D I also love the quotes at the top they make me laugh. hee hee. You are a great writer and you could probably do well in the writing industry! :D

Love it. Well done.

Sincerely, Bubbles O

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Review #10, by Bubbles OOOOO The Battle for the Rock.

22nd April 2012:
HA! At first i thought the rock looked sort of like a huge easter egg painted white with colourful patterns at the top! HAHA! I guess my imagination ran wild there :D Love the story and i'm sorry i haven't reviewed on any of the other chapters but i'm the type of reader who finishes the whole story first and then writes what they think about it :) So i'll just go ahead and finish it now. It's good to have a break from tradition :D

Love the story great work!

Sincerely, Bubbles O

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Review #11, by Markus Returning to Hogwarts

13th March 2012:
If you're still reading the reviews... You should have a story where Voldemort calls Harry and says: "Harry Potter... I've seen your face on top of a muffin...Prepare to die"

And great story by the way :)

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Review #12, by H Training continues and confrontations

7th August 2011:
How did the order apparate into DA but harry couldn't?

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Review #13, by Hippothestrowl Epilogue: The ritual

12th July 2011:
This review is for the whole story.
Outstanding - especially the 16th chapter in which I was riveted from start to finish. How an endless stream of curses and counter-curses can be so immersive I don't know but it worked brilliantly. Excellent work. To put my rating in perspective: I'd only give 10 to say, a Shakespeare, and Jo Ro would get 9 and I deducted one point for grammar and confusing thought streams jumping back and forth and thin character presentations and deviating from Harry's character too far. Personally I had no problem with Bella's death which saved many future lives; what troubled me was justifying slashing a helpless Vernon which for me made Harry a nasty low life. ;) I liked that he partly matured and took control but being rude to Dumbledore is not being mature. But now all is forgiven. :)

Thanks for this. :)

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Review #14, by Miles Greenway Training continues and confrontations

27th March 2011:
Covered a lot of ground very quickly but what did the owl, that distracted Harry, bring?

Author's Response: To be honest Miles, I really can't remember what the owl brought but I'll look to rectify any mistakes when I get chance to edit this story. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #15, by Jsez444 The Battle of Hogsmeade

12th March 2011:
To be homes t I have no idea how old this story is or if you are even still checking comments but I wanted to give my opinion. First of all o am really enjoying the story so far, although there have been minor inconsistencies with "reality", (meaning the actual books,) the plot is captivating and I've enjoyed reading it.

My biggest complaint however is your editing, or lack thereof. Is English your first language? There are sentences in the story that don't even make sense. It would be my suggestion to have someone else read over your future entries before submitting them. It is not so much a problem of grammatical knowledge but more commonly extra words left in presumably from a sentence you decided to omit. It goes to ease of reading. I have had to stop a few time to figure out what you meantto say when I could have just Ben enjoying the plot.

Otherwise, excellent story. I'd love to read any newer work you have out there and am available if youd like help in editing. Thanks for your time.

Author's Response: English is my first and, in fact only language Jsez but you're quite right that my editing leaves much to be desired. I think I've gotten a lot better in the almost five years I've been doing this and I now have someone proof-reading my work but thank you very much for the offer. I'm glad you're enjoying the plot and hopefully you'll stick with my stories as they improve. Thanks a lot for the review.

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Review #16, by massieblockrox Training continues and confrontations

1st January 2011:
I wonder who the man is!

Harry is really powerful. Wow.

A friend. Hmm. Interesting!

Author's Response: Ah, my only significant original character, you will find out more about him soon enough. Harry is indeed powerful, I thought it stood to reason that he should be as the would-be defeater of the most powerful Dark Lord who ever lived. One of my few criticisms of JK is that she made Harry quite a magically weak character. I know why she did it but I don't agree. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #17, by massieblockrox Training and the battle of Diagon Alley

31st December 2010:
The idea with the dummies is really creative.

Oh dear, Harry got hit with his own Sectumsempra. Poor guy.

Author's Response: I have to confess that the dummies idea isn't mine but is in a few very good stories that I had previously read. I highjacked it for my own nefarious ends and I'm glad you approve. Harry has never been the lucky sort so being hit by his own spell is pretty in character. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #18, by massieblockrox Diagon Alley

31st December 2010:
Ugh, a cliffhanger! Excellent chapter. I'm glad Borgin never realized that it was Harry he was helping.


Author's Response: Thanks massieblockrox, I quite like this chapter for an early Birth edition and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #19, by massieblockrox Realisation of destiny

31st December 2010:
Dumbledore's letter was so like him. Harry wants information, and Dumbledore just doesn't give the answers!

Good chapter.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. I like Dumbledore but there's no doubt that he's manipulative and struggles to see Harry for the adult he has been forced to become.

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Review #20, by massieblockrox The Dark Object.

31st December 2010:
Wow, what a great start! I wonder what the object is that Voldemort wants. Possibly something that will let him just kill everyone and take over the world.

The end of the chapter was good -- kind of like Goblet of Fire.

Author's Response: Thanks, I re-wrote this chapter fairly recently so it's probably a good deal better than the next few in terms of quality. I hope you stick with it and more about the object will soon be revealed. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #21, by higgins Epilogue: The ritual

15th November 2010:
saving the best chapter till last. i like how well you switched between past and present. not giving away too much but keeping me interested all the way through. cant wait to move on to the next one. check out my new story. x

Author's Response: Thanks higgins, I'm quite pleased with the flashback technique and this is probably my favourite chapter in Birth so I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #22, by Nakor The Battle for the Rock.

25th February 2010:
beautiful battle ... let's see who's still alive!

Author's Response: Thanks. To be honest, I'm quite anxious to see who's alive myself. I've decided on some obviously, but the fate of others will be decided by how evil I'm feeling when I come to write that bit. Thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by Susan Smite Diagon Alley

3rd January 2010:
It's a nice twist to the story... The one thing wrong with this chapter (well, actually two) was that you didn't use the wizard currency much, just, "Gold, Silver and Bronze". It would be more realistic if you had put "gold Galleon, silver Sickles, and bronze Knuts". And the other thing was that Harry's attitude was different from the books, but I understand that it would be difficult to get him exactly right...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and for your comments, when the sequel is complete, I'm going to go back and edit some of the chapters and when I do I'll take your suggestions into consideration. I wanted to alter Harry's attitude in response to what had just happened to him; losing Sirius, learning the prophecy but you're right in that I think I may have done it a bit too quickly.

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Review #24, by hp fan Diagon Alley

23rd November 2009:
great chapter, I love that Harry is trying to do something on his own

Author's Response: Thanks hp fan, hope you like the rest of the story. There is a sequel posted that is nearly complete and the next chapter of that should be up soon. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #25, by huskers Diagon Alley

25th June 2009:
Why would Harry wait 2 hours in one spot for his uncle to leave the house? Surely he knows the man's schedule.

The familly vault that Dumbledore failed to inform Harry of. Cliche. The trunk also is cliche to fanfics.

Fred and George would never tattle tale on Harry for beaking out of the Dursleys and going shopping. And they would likely join him on his jaunt to Knockturn Alley.

Author's Response: You're right, there are a few chliches, especially early on, in this fic and I put that down to my inexperience in writing at the time; it was a few years ago and I just took some of what I liked and added it to the story. I think I can just about get away with the waiting for Vernon thing, by saying that perhaps he doesn't have a fixed morning routine and Harry didn't want to miss his opportunity. As for Fred and George, you're quite right that they would never tattle, but Harry was just playing on the safe side. Thanks for the review.

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