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Review #1, by nayin Chapter 12. January 4th

7th December 2012:
oh this is so good...ive read this at SIYE but im not a member so i wasnt able to leave a comment

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Review #2, by harrypottergurl11 Chapter 12. January 4th

28th December 2011:
I think it was great to make the Native American ceromonies the correct way. I myself am a Cherokee Indian and I get upset when people change things like that. So please don't apoligize for that. I really liked this story. keep up the great work.

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Review #3, by JC70s Chapter 12. January 4th

1st December 2011:
I am so dissapointed! You said at the beginning that this was a story about Harry and Ginny when actually turned out to be Remus/Jane and a little of Harry/Ginny. Moreover, you condone Rape is this novella! You condoned the rape of Ginny Weasley by Remus Lupin! In fact, you should have named this story "The Rape of Ginny Weasley by Remus Lupin" Remus had sex with Jane using Ginny's body! And without Ginny's consent! You can write this anyhow you want it but, when Ginny is not in her body, Jane and Remus CAN'T use it to have sex! It is different when you depict Harry and Ginny making love, she is in her own body giving herself to Harry. Jane have absolutely no right whatsover of doing what she did! Didn't occur to you to write something about Jane using HER OWN BODY when having sex with Remus?! Sad, very sad!

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Review #4, by Hpfan Chapter 9. New Year's Day

1st August 2010:
Wow. All I can say is that this story is amazing. Almost as good as the hp books themselves, and that's saying a LOT from me

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Review #5, by Sundevil6 Chapter 4. December 27th

3rd May 2008:
oh wow what a plot! 10/10

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Review #6, by Sundevil6 Chapter 3. Boxing Day

3rd May 2008:
aw that is so sad!!! good job though

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Review #7, by Sundevil6 Chapter 2. Christmas Day

3rd May 2008:
oh no! poor harry, but good job

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Review #8, by Sundevil6 Chapter 1. Christmas Eve

3rd May 2008:
awww that was really sad but incredibly good!

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Review #9, by liveonluna Chapter 12. January 4th

4th February 2008:
Aww. That was such a cute story. I am so happy they all go together in the end. Great job. =D

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Review #10, by logfrog552 Chapter 12. January 4th

16th December 2007:
very interesting and romantic...i haven't read one like it ever. very well done.

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Review #11, by logfrog552 Chapter 1. Christmas Eve

13th December 2007:
when i read this beginning i was really skeptical because i'm a big H/G fan as well, but your explanation helped a lot. i will read this story until the end and probably make comments along the way...its great so far!

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Review #12, by EmmyWemmy Chapter 2. Christmas Day

11th August 2007:

You're totally making me cry. I can't ever picture Ginny like that!

oh, and Harry is such a good persoN! I'd drop Remus in a heartbeat!

This fic is really making me hate him

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Review #13, by Gryffindor016 Chapter 12. January 4th

9th August 2007:
strange but cool kinda of a new twist to hp

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Review #14, by Gryffindor016 Chapter 1. Christmas Eve

9th August 2007:
WTF! u kno i think if harry saw tht remus would be in st mungos for the rest of his life

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Review #15, by harry_and_ginny_4ever Chapter 1. Christmas Eve

10th July 2007:
this had better become a H/G story or i will be sad!
-does a pouty face-

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Review #16, by MandyMuggle Chapter 12. January 4th

15th April 2007:
Wow. That story was just so amazing... it was just so real... wow...
Honestly, you have talent. You should consider writing real books.

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Review #17, by DeeDeeVee Chapter 12. January 4th

10th December 2006:
I think this is such a beautiful story! I read it last year and with it now being the Christmas season, I wanted to read it again. You have a wonderful way of getting the emotions of the characters across- and I, too, cried while reading the last chapter.

I truly thank you for writing it.

- Deedee

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Review #18, by TheWorldISee Chapter 1. Christmas Eve

7th December 2006:
I've already read this story, in fact it's one of my favorites so I decided to read it again. I absolutely love your writing. This first chapter is heart wrenching. Amazing, is all I can think of to express how great this chapter is!

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Review #19, by Kayla Chapter 12. January 4th

2nd October 2006:
I have just finished reading your story, and I felt it more prudent to leave a review at the end instead of every chapter. This story was not what I expected it to be when I read the summary, it was even better. I liked the plot twist, it made for a very interesting read. But the part I liked best was that everybody got a happy ending. This was a brilliant story.

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Review #20, by prongsie_potter_rulez Chapter 12. January 4th

6th September 2006:
that was amazing! took several days - but amazing none the less!!!

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Review #21, by prongsie_potter_rulez Chapter 5. December 28th

4th September 2006:
ryt this story is utterly amazing but it's half eleven and SKOOL tomorow (doh!) i will continue it... tomorrow!!! lol - favs!!!

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Review #22, by tmchp#1 Chapter 12. January 4th

23rd April 2006:
GREAT story ,the best I've read so far .PLEASE WRITE MORE STORIES

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Review #23, by Kimera Chapter 12. January 4th

10th March 2006:
This was a lovely story. A bit warped in logic but I guess love is meant to be illogical. I am now an official fan of your writing. :)

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Review #24, by Kimera Chapter 4. December 27th

10th March 2006:
I am totally charmed by this chapter. I love children. Harry would make a great dad. I'm a sucker for happy endings too. Hope you have an epilogue with some Potter children too.

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Review #25, by Jorgie Chapter 4. December 27th

23rd February 2006:
Ok I wanted to wait until I had read all of your story that is posted here but I Couldn't. You have a wonderful way of telling a story and I am very intreged. I feel so sorry for Harry i want to cry. but remus deserves happiness too but just not with ginny. ;) any way just wanted to let you know that i think your story is great.

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