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Review #1, by Draco One is Alive, one is Tormented by himself...

26th August 2011:
oMG tHis was pretty amazing!!
I love your writing!

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Review #2, by ragnatela_1 One is Alive, one is Tormented by himself...

30th January 2007:
Oh, so thats the end. It's a very good ending, rather touching and I guess bittersweet. I don't really know what to say, but its very good overall the story.


Author's Response: yes, that is the end! I'm reeeeally glad you liked it. Bittersweet is a perfect way of dscribing the end of this story :)

Ok, I'll assume thats all good hehe thank you so much!!

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Review #3, by holsybobs One is Alive, one is Tormented by himself...

30th January 2007:
wow emotional :'( im almost crying wow wow wow

Author's Response: thank you, it means a lot to me that you found it emotional.
wow :)

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Review #4, by ragnatela_1 No...never.

29th January 2007:
It was good...Beautifully written as usual, but it struck me as being a little melodramatic. I thought it was a bit unbelievable that Draco could cast unforgivable curses at school and not get caught.

Sorry, thats just my opinion, but apart from that it was good.

Author's Response: hehe I can't believe you describe it as beautifully written, that makes me so happy!
Yea, I kind of thought that too lol, but it was how I had planned it all along *blushes*
You still have to read the last chapter ;)

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Review #5, by ragnatela_1 I Love you

29th January 2007:
I actually feel sorry for Draco, a character which I normally hate. Other than that this chapter was good, and I think your writing has improved so much throughout the story.

Author's Response: Wow, that makes me so incredibly happy that i acctually managed to influence someones views/opinions through my writing. I'm so flattered that you think I have improved, becuase that is always my get better and expand my 'skills' lol
thanks again!

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Review #6, by ragnatela_1 Always an arrogant ferret

29th January 2007:
I love the little bit of description you have about Ron. Actually all the descriptions are wonderful.

I'm sorry thats all I'm saying but I don't have anything to criticise at the moment, so well...

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked means a lot to me that you think my description is wonderfull becuase I always thought of that as one of my week points :)


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Review #7, by xxMugglePrincess One is Alive, one is Tormented by himself...

28th January 2007:
I really loved this chapter. Ron was okay, yay! Anywho, I hope you continue your amazing work, and write something else...evuntally.

Author's Response: yay, I'm glad you liked it!!
I think if I get some really good ideas then I'll probably post them but other than that I want to focus on school and my original fiction.
But don't worry I will be back!

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Review #8, by ragnatela_1 Another glorious day at Hogwarts

28th January 2007:
That was very good. The way she acted was realistic, like a normal person rather than a caricature.

Can I ask, what year of Harry's is this set in? I think you may have some Inconsistencies, as from Draco crying I would think this is a 6th or 7th yr fic, but you had the Weasley twins sitting at the table, which means it must be before 5th year. I'm sorry about this, I'm just a bit confused.

Other than that, great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, that's exactly what I was going for :)

I'm not quite sure myself acctually hehe I love the twins so i HAD to have them in it, but also i wanted it to be 6'th year becuase of Draco's vulnerabiltity i this fic....hmmmm lol i'm so confused right now hehe

thanks for you're review!

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Review #9, by ragnatela_1 Comfort

28th January 2007:
That chapter was beautifully written. You really have a way with words and I guess, description.

However I thought the kiss scene was a bit sudden. It's one of those things that I guess it depends on how you make the characters react in the next chapter, so despite what I just said I'm refraining from judging.

Also this paragraph: Draco spoke quietly out of the blackness of the classroom; “Thanks Adams” Sky looked up slightly startled. “I haven’t done anything.” She heard him shift, and then a moment later she felt him standing in front of her. “You cared, that’s more than anyone else has ever bothered to do.”

I think you need a break between Dracos words and then Sky's words. Then you probably need another break in front of Draco's next sentence.

I don't really think your story was affected by that, and your writing style is brilliant.

Author's Response: hehe thanks a lot (i think) lol
I love long reviews!! Yea...I know it all happened it a bit quickly but sometimes when you're emotions are all screwed up you do things you wouldn't normally do. Does that make sence? ^_^

I see what you meen abou the paragraph lol, oh well...Thank you for the wonderful review ragnatela_1

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Review #10, by magicallyfatal One is Alive, one is Tormented by himself...

27th January 2007:
I really liked the story. I wanted to request a banner, but I didn't know where to do so. If you could email me at or let me know about where to request one that would be great.
I hope all goes well with your original work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I could make you one or you could request one from the dark arts...if you want a truley amazing one I suggest the dark arts (but i shall e-mail you anyways)
Thanks, I really hope I can stay focused and acctually complete it, it's a novel lol

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Review #11, by xxMugglePrincess I Love you

27th January 2007:
I really liked it, great job.

Author's Response: Thanks, I really appreciate you're review :)

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Review #12, by ragnatela_1 Window to her soul

27th January 2007:
I thought that was very good, so I don't really have much to say. Sky is considered to be a Mary Sue name, and while this doesn't mean she is a Sue, you will have to work hard to convince some people that she isn't.

But apart from that, good work!

Author's Response: thanks, I try very hard throughout the whole story to keep her fairly normal and human, someone that we can all relate hopefully I kept away from the mary-sue trap :)
thanks for the review! I look forward to hearing you're opinion on the other chapters if you choose to continue!

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Review #13, by Canadian Warrior Babe No...never.

27th January 2007:
Awww!!! Poor beautiful Draco!! I felt so sorry for him, and I had a perfect picture of him walking towards them. It played out well how Ron died. You used lots of good little lines to set up the feeling of the scene as it played out. i felt sad as I read the line that said ''...his deed was done."

Hurry your bum up with the last chapter. I is now waiting after three chapters and reviews in a row.


Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad it had that affect on you becuase my aim with this chapter was to question the reader.
The reader had to try and decide wether to pity Draco or not...they had to think of how he was raised, throughout his whole life he was told to hate, in this story he was given reason to hate and hurt. Finnaly he was pushed into becoming the man his father raised him to be.
I'm half done the last chapter already so hopefully it will be up soon :)

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Review #14, by Canadian Warrior Babe I Love you

27th January 2007:
10/10!! Good stuff kid. The description really is geting better and I like how you just played everything out nicely. No hiccups in the transtion between the two boys. very nice, and this is tyhe chapter that rang truest the story that we both know so well.

Good work.

Author's Response: Erm, i'm not sure what your saying exactly lol...but it sounds good :D
Thanks for your compliments, I appreciate it a lot.


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Review #15, by Canadian Warrior Babe Always an arrogant ferret

27th January 2007:
Weee!! Your talent as writer is growing mary!! It is , and I can see it as the chapters progress. I loved the little snippits of description you used for Ron.

'she was met with the brightest of blue eyes, though she barely noticed as she shoved through the doorway brushing shoulders with the tall red head.' Classic stuff sister. I'm loving it. I was like 'ohhh' when she just brushed by Ron. You got a tension build up in the readers as it goes on. Always a good thing to have.

And Draco hmmm. Still beautiful. I liked those end paragraphs as well/ And now to go read about Ron dying.

Author's Response: thanks, it means a lot to me that you think I'm improving :)

Snippets of description are good hehe, that way the reader has to think just a tiny bit to know who I'm talking about ;)

Tension is an authors best friend haha

You're not ment to say that Jessica! geeez...just ruin the ending...

thanks for the review

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Review #16, by Amas Veritas No...never.

26th January 2007:
Ron's dead...that's an interesting turn of events. Damn, the things you'd do for love.

But I have to say:

What an angsty bunch, that lot. I swear...Anyways, good chapter! Hurry up and get the last one out! That wasn't meant to be an order...or anything... *shifty eyes*

Author's Response: Yea it is VERY angsty haha I was bored so I made it very dramatic hehe
Hopefully the next one will be out before wednesday (before school starts again) becuase I'm planning to take a bit of a break from fan fiction.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Amas Veritas I Love you

21st January 2007:

Ohmigawd...poor Draco...tut tut Sky.

Wow, it's a goof story and good chapter as always...That's it for me!

Author's Response: haha thanks, this review made me giggle :D

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Review #18, by hellsangel_xx Always an arrogant ferret

20th January 2007:
criticism? its so good (:

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I feel all warm and fuzzy now hehehe =)

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Review #19, by ChizzaLazty Always an arrogant ferret

13th January 2007:
Okay, constructive criticism: When you say "the girl", it seems kind of weird. Also, I think Sky should know that Draco wouldn't kiss her in public (okay, talk to her even).

I fear that I find this fic sort of Mary Sue, and I don't say that to be mean. But I like what you've done with Ron, I don't think that's Mary Sue at all, it's just the Draco-thing. I feel the character has only downsides, why not show something that she's good at, perhaps something that she later can find comfort in? I mean, that's just an idea. Another idea is to get a beta, who could point out spelling/grammar errors and stuff. I mean, there aren't so many errors that it's irritating, and very few writes perfect (I'm especially terrible at punctuation myself, but my spelling and grammar isn't all that good either, so therefore I decided to get a beta too. They really help!).

But on the good side, there seem to be a lot of people who thinks your story is great! I admire people like you who can write Draco. I'm currently trying, but it's hard. Canon is difficult, you seem to handle it better than me, althoug I've never heard of the girl who Ron was dating. And, obviously, Draco didn't kill Dumbledore, but he is a DE (or at least he said he's too far in to get out), and I could never write him as one.

Great job :)

Author's Response: Yea, I only say that becuase I find it irritating personally when I'm reading something and they just keep saying "she" or just the name...and thats all I could think of hehe
Yea the reason she was so dissapoited was that she was already hurting so bad and well, when you have had a broken heart and something new comes along you kind of hope like hell that it will be perfect.

I'm always in constant fear of Mary-sue lol I'm not saying that your wrong, but for the sake of healthy debate I'm going to state why I don't really think it is :P
-Mary-sue are ussually overwhelmingly good at lots of things, my character is average..average looks, grades, populartiy ect.
-It's not that Draco and her got together due to her overwhelming beauty or anything, but becuase they kind of needed each other for know what I mean?
-I did kind of vaguely point out something she is good at in this chapter...I think...she was always the girl who could make everyone happy. Brighten everyones day :)

I kind of have a sister ussually reads over my work to check for mistakes...I guess she missed a few lol But I will deffinately keep an eye out for mistakes (I don't think I could get a beta...It would hurt my pride lol, I like to do things my self) hehe

Yea I'm so happy that people seem to be enjoying it so far :D
I like writing Draco becuase it's kind of a personal challenge to try and keep him in character.
I made up both Laine and Sky becuase I like my character Sky and Hermione or any other canon charcter wouldn't have really worked for her and I made up Rons 'perfect' Girl friend becuase it ws either her or Lavender and I don't really think Ron would date her and keep going back to her if she hurt him...

Thank you so much for this amazing review...I think it's possibly my longest yet!! I really appreciate the critism and opinions. I really hope you keep reading! I'll probably update soon, I'm working on chapter 5 :)

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Review #20, by ChizzaLazty Another glorious day at Hogwarts

13th January 2007:
Good. I think it's the best one yet. It was believeable, she was dealing the way I think a normal person would, which is great. Still some grammar/spelling errors, but plot is good.

Author's Response: Wow thanks! Yea I really want to keep this realistic, wich can sometimes be slightly challenging, but when that happens I just think of how I would react :)
I'm going to have to start reading over it twice hehe *blushes*

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Review #21, by ChizzaLazty Comfort

13th January 2007:
"their faces only illuminated by the soft glow emitted from the tip of Sky’s wand." -Beautiful sentence. I mean, so many lovely words :D

"Knox" is really "Nox", I checked the HP-lexicon just to be sure :) Other than that, there are a couple of spelling errors and grammar mistakes, but the plot is very fun and light and nice to read!

Author's Response: hehe yea i like that sentance =)

hmm i could have sworn it's spelled Knox in the books lol oh well can't get everything right ;)
thanks for the great review...on to the next one!!

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Review #22, by ChizzaLazty(can't log in) Window to her soul

12th January 2007:
To get the critisism over with: I think Sky is a Mary Sue name. But, that won't make the character Mary Sue, so... Well, okay, over to nice things.

It seemed believeable, really it did, and I liked that you introduce Draco right away, but I wonder who the other SHE is!! Lavender?? I'll write more constructive reivews later on, I hope :P

Author's Response: Yea, I kind of regret the name choice...but i decided that if I kept the charater from being mary-sue it would be ok :)

Thanks alot, I'm really happy you thought it was beleivable!
hehe I guess you will find out! ;)

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Review #23, by fairy919 Always an arrogant ferret

10th January 2007:
Aw. I Love this story!
It is so cute! Please update soon.
You are doing an AMAZING job. :P

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely reviews and your loyalty to my story (always reviewing) You Rock!!

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Review #24, by illiana Always an arrogant ferret

10th January 2007:
aw that is really good! i love this story!!!

Author's Response: wow thanks so much! Hope you keep reading! xx

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Review #25, by Amas Veritas Always an arrogant ferret

10th January 2007:
I love it! It's really good.

Update soon. Can't wait for the next chapters!

Amas Veritas =P

Author's Response: Thanks!! I will be updating fairly quickly since I have nothing better to do haha :P

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