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Review #1, by Pafoots Princess6 A Spoiled Engagement

29th April 2007:
ouuu intrigueing...lurved it! R u writing more?

Author's Response: Yes I am, as soon as the school year is over I will be writing again!

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Review #2, by liandhate A Spoiled Engagement

19th April 2007:
ooo! interesting. are you going to write anymore chapters? its got a great plot. ive put it on my favorites to keep an eye on it.

Author's Response: I always follow through with my stories......eventually. I just have a lot to take care of right now (as I am sure you all do as well). Once this is all done and summer is here, I would expect to see a more constant string of chapter additions.

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Review #3, by Matt B A Spoiled Engagement

9th April 2007:
What all happened during the final battle, dude? Ginny's gone? So, she was the only Weasley to die? That has to be tough on them. Anyway, nice that H/Hr are together, but I do feel sorry for Ron. I mean, he did lose his sister and I know how much that can hurt. Though, I don't think he should have gotten drunk even if it is at a party. Your true side does come out when you're drunk. Bad move for Ron. Anywho, I liked this little chapter Danger, and I am curious to find out what happened in the battle and how H/Hr got together. ;)

Author's Response: I am glad that you like it! I had fun writing it because, well, I am American. Writing their lives from a British POV can seem impossible at times. I kind of got to relax with this chapter. Another thing that I am going to do with my story is give more background information as the story progresses.

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Review #4, by GinnyRox A Spoiled Engagement

3rd March 2007:
This was a good start for a story. But it could use some more detail. Try describing what the ministry ballroom looked like. Were there lots of decorations hung all over the place? Was it a big vast room? By describing these things it makes the readers invision the characters more lucidly.

Also the characters. How did Harry and Hermione get together in the first place? How did Ginny die? Try to describe these things so that readers can understand how the characters got to where they are now.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with this story, since this first chapter was so short! Hopefully the next chapter will be longer!

Author's Response: I know what you mean exactly. I usually follow these things when I write but I was sort of doing an exercise. You see, when I was writing this chapter, I was reading Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" (great book!!). Hemingway uses something called the Iceberg Principle where he only reveals so much and the rest is left sort of ipso facto. Of course, I am not Ernest Hemingway so I can understand the confusion!

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Review #5, by CRAZYFORHARRYGURL101 A Spoiled Engagement

13th January 2007:
Hey, it was really good!! Just wanted to tell you that my fic "Dumbledore's Punishment" is in waiting right now, so it SHOULD be up in a few days, thanks for reveiwing so many times for my fic!

Author's Response: Yeah! I can't wait to read it! Thank you for reading mine! You made my day!

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