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Review #1, by jedielfsorcerer The Final Battle

12th January 2007:
interesting. if there is any more chapters coming, please add to this.

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Review #2, by Redthorn The Final Battle

24th December 2006:
The first rewiev is mine to write! *Evil laugh*

Everything progresses too quickly, don't you think? You give us the first day of the story, and another one, pass the six months in between. Then the day he breaks into Hogwarts. Three parts, and only a few minutes told of the said times at the most.

Let's have a look at the second part. He recovers 'six months later'. Why? You didn't even let one of the Voldemort's spells hit him, right?

And there is a little matter of 'patronus thing'. I don't think any of the 'Potter World's' dark wizards can cast a patronus strong enough to ward off a serious attack. You have to focus on a happy memory and feel it. Patronuses are fed on this particular emotion. So, how can our 'Dark Harry' who sunk into dark arts and rages in anger and hate cast a spell that can contain that many dementors?

And a little bit on Dumbledore's character. In Order of the Phoenix, said man stood his ground against Voldemort's killing curse in the Atrium, and Fawkes literally ate the curse. We can conclude that he is NOT afraid of death. What was he doing there? Dueling with Voldemort. So, we can say he is not afraid of fighting a battle he cannot win. The prophesy states that clearly. Why would he let him pass? Is he that stupid to think nobody would try to prevent him?

And lastly, this is not a Novella. Either classify as Work in Progress, or One-Shot.


Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback Redthorn.

I'm currently working on a another story but I will update 'The Final Battle' when I have the time. Thanks once again for the feedback


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