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Review #1, by Firebolt_Fann Talking in Past Tense

13th June 2012:
Is this book abandoned?

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Review #2, by Natasha Talking in Past Tense

9th June 2009:
She has to get back together with lance or im gonna cry, haha :P

Author's Response: Haha, we'll see.. ;)

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Review #3, by V.H. It is Time

26th February 2009:
hey! i just finished reading this after the prequel and this is like so sad! why does she have to return everything a boy gives her during the relationship back to them?? like the dress with malfoy and now this, the necklace with lance?? i am currently angry and frustrated with helen! pls update soon and make lance and helen get back together soon so that i can get rid of the anger and frustration in me! ty!:)

Author's Response: Ah, you noticed! I didn't think anyone would see the similarity there. ^_^ Well, she's the sort of girl who feels like she has to give/throw away anything that reminds them of the ex-boyfriend so she's not constantly reminded of him, especially when it ended badly. We'll see more of that in the next chapter, I think.

This story is next on my update list, so it should be next month, if school don't get in the way. =/ Anyway, thank you for the review! You made my day! =D

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Review #4, by Emma It is Time

9th May 2008:
oh Im so happy you are continuing with this story i really like these two and i was disappointed when i thought you were perhaps abandoning the story
thank you

Author's Response: *hugs* Thank you so much for reviewing, Emma. I was almost sure nobody was reading this anymore. ^_^ I'm not going to abandon this, now that I've a pretty good idea where it's going. Thank you again! You really made my day.

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Review #5, by italia21 Breaking the Ice

7th March 2008:
Thank you so much for this story i really love Helen and Lance and really enjoyed Crossing the thin line so i was happy to see u had started a sequel please dont abandon it I really enjoy these characters and dont want to give them up yet. also i think how you have shown that sometimes you can love someone but cant always be with them due to life and different circumstances is really well done so i really hope you get your inspiration back on this story because i would love to keep reading . thank you again
grazie mille

Author's Response: Oh, thank YOU for reviewing! I’m so glad that you’re still enjoying this. I’m definitely still working on it (although I’m still hitting the delete button all the time), but I’m hoping to get the next chapter soon. Thanks again for the review, I really appreciate it! =)

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Review #6, by benzskater_4life Breaking the Ice

23rd February 2008:
I love the story "crossing the thin line" and when I found out there was a sequel was excitied.Please don't abandon this story it is a good story and you should finish it.Repost soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I’m still trying to write the next chapter. Hopefully I can finish it soon. ^_^

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Review #7, by emz Hello

30th December 2007:
Wow, another gorgeous chapter. I love how naturally you fall into Helen's POV ... the reader (me :P) automatically feels connected with her, just like in Thin Line.
Her relationship with her cousins is so sweet, and although the mere size of her family (cousins...uncles...cousins' children...*ahem*) kind of makes my head swim, it just adds to the reality of the whole thing. If this story were just based around Helen and Lance's romance, it wouldn't be that interesting, right? Having all this background information at the beginning really sets us up for what's to come, (lots and lots of Helen/Lance, I hope ;) ) and makes the whole thing more convincing.
And the last section ... woo! You two are going to fall in lurve all over again! And if they don't, well ... *narrows eyes at Pris*

Hehehee, 10/10, Pris, I can't wait to read the rest ;)

Author's Response: Lol, your reviews always make me laugh. *hugs* I love writing Helen. I’ve been writing her for so long it kind of feels like she’s dictating what I write. =D Yeah, I was hesitant about putting in so many cousins, but it comes with being a Weasley, I suppose. My family is larger than the Weasleys, and I still can’t recall who’s who sometimes. =P Lol, we’ll see if they’d fall in love all over again. =P Anyway, thank you for the lovely review, Em!

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Review #8, by ilovehim52 Breaking the Ice

18th December 2007:
i want her and lance to get back together *stomps feet*
dont lose inspiration! i wanna keepp readinng this =[

Author's Response: I’m glad you like this chapter. ^_^ I’m still fighting with the writer’s block, but I promise I won’t give up on this one. Reviewers like you keep me going. Thank you!

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Review #9, by emz The Life We Live Now

17th December 2007:
Hellooo! I'm here, finally! And I have 4 chapters ALL READY for me to get into :)
*is excited*
I totally adored this chapter. Totally sets us up for whatever's to come!! It's funny, because at the end of Thin Line, I did think that Kellie and Russell should have got together, because I adored Russell and Kellie was pretty awesome ... so yeah. I'm so happy to see THEM together, at least!
And I'm dying to find out more about the breakdown of Lance and Helen's relationship *cries* I loved them so much!
Anyway. Awesome work. You'd better keep going with this one :D

- Em
Oh, yeah, 10/10 :P

Author's Response: Hi! Lol, the idea to Kellie and Russell together actually came from a bunch of reviews that said they should get together. I didn’t think the pair would work at first, but the irony of the whole thing (how they get together while Helen and Lance broke up) is just too tempting to resist. =P I’m still trying to write the breaking point of the relationship, but you’ll see it pretty soon. Thank you for the sweet review, Em! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as well. *hugs* Happy holidays!

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Review #10, by marieluz Breaking the Ice

14th December 2007:
Great great great great!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^_^

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Review #11, by andharrywokeup Breaking the Ice

14th December 2007:
Ohhh this update was just what I needed, Priss! Wonderful and juicy! Don't give him the ring back, girl! You, once again, managed to build up the awkwardness between Lance and Helen really well. :) The only thing I noticed was that Kellie/Kelly's name changed spelling throughout the chapter! :P Good job! ~ andy x

Author's Response: Andy!! *hugs* I had the worst slump ever while writing this chapter, so I’m really glad to hear you like it. =D Ah yes, the Kellie/Kelly issue. You’d think by now I’ve learnt to be careful with that. =P Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #12, by ioli Memories and the lack of Butterflies

3rd December 2007:
Great chapter... When are you going to update though? I first read Crossing the Thin Line and I fell in love with it... And now this... Please, don't torture them much more, they are just meant to be together... Helen/Lance is my next favorite ship.

Author's Response: I’m so sorry about the late update. I’ve been so horribly uninspired to write this and life has been hectic. It’s 60% done though, so it should be up soon. Thank you for the review! ^_^

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Review #13, by ilovehim52 Memories and the lack of Butterflies

1st October 2007:
new readerr. i read crossing the line that was ahmazingg. i wanna see where this story goes.

postt soon pleassseee!!!

Author's Response: Thank yo so much! I'm so glad you like this. I'm going to update this as soon as I can. Thanks again!

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Review #14, by Pingo Memories and the lack of Butterflies

16th September 2007:
I'm looking forward to find out how and why they broke up.. :D It's great, but I found chapter two a little too crowded.. I honestly don't remember who had which children and so on.. It was to much describing and updating..
Uh, when you said a sequal I espected to find that they had twenty kids and they were happy, but this is different.. I like it !! :D It realistic, 'cause who find they're love of life and stay with them in an age of 17.. Great story.. Keep it up..

Author's Response: Thank you! I’m glad you like it. Chapter two is a bit crowded, but if I simply skipped over detailing the cousins, it might be even more confusing. And I’m glad you like this kind of sequel. When I decided to make a sequel, I wanted it to be different. I’ve heard it brought up so many times, that only a few people marry their high school sweetheart, and I thought that would be a good plot. ^_^ Anyway, thank you again for the review!

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Review #15, by andharrywokeup Memories and the lack of Butterflies

28th July 2007:
Hey there Priss! I've been absentola for a while now, no? I'm so sorry. I'm just dropping by because I need SOMETHING Potter-related to tell you that I love! If there could be anything better than reading 'Thin Line', it is watching Lance and Helen falling for each other all over again. You have got down human nature very well here, with the awkwardness. Very well done - I cannae wait for more! x x x

Author's Response: Hi Andy! For a while I thought you’ve ditched the story. =P Just kidding, I know you’ve been busy. ^_^ And I’m glad you like the awkwardness. I try to make this more realistic than ‘Thin Line’. Looking back on that, I find myself thinking that some parts of it feel very soap opera-ish. =P Anyway, thank you for the review, Andy! *huggles*

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Review #16, by JerseyDreamerx123 Memories and the lack of Butterflies

28th July 2007:
This chapter was amazing. I really enjoyed reading it. I wonder what's gonna happen next. Keep up the terrific writing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I’m happy to hear that you like it. ^_^

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Review #17, by mum_weasley Memories and the lack of Butterflies

26th July 2007:
"he looked back to that day and finally understood why Helen had chosen Russell." You left it at that!!??!! Arg you!! lol Can't wait for the next installment!!

Author's Response: Lol, can’t reveal too much, can I? It’ll be explained pretty soon though. ;) Looking forward to hear from you again! *huggles*

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Review #18, by mum_weasley Hello

26th July 2007:
Oh boy! I'm so glad that you're back & updating. I've missed this story! Although, I must admit I'm confused on who is who!! lol

Author's Response: Hi! *huggles* It’s so nice to hear from you again. I thought you’ve forgotten all about this story. =P Yeah, I think the Weasley cousins are quite confusing. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t remember who is who! ^_^ Thank you for the lovely review, mum!

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Review #19, by Belle_Rose Memories and the lack of Butterflies

21st July 2007:
Oh yes! Unfortunately, my sister gets to read it first...

Why did Helen pick Russel? Oh! So the flashbacks fill in the places that we've missed? Okay... I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Hi! Oh, your sister reads this too? ^_^ I can’t tell you why she picked him, but once we get to the break-up, you’ll see. Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by hpswimdummy693 Memories and the lack of Butterflies

20th July 2007:
Woot! An update! Why did she choose Russel? I'm quite curious about that, I'm sure you'll tell us later though. (Us=Readers) I loved the chapter though, and there is so much tension between those two, like sexual tension and awkward tension. I can feel it!

Yet again, lovely chapter and keep it up!


Author's Response: The part with Russell will be explained later, but I’ll tell you this: it plays a part in why Helen chose to break up with Lance later on. ;) Not because she liked Russell better though, but anyway, you’ll see. Oh, I’m glad you could feel the tension! For some reasons it was difficult to write. I was so used to have them either yelling at each other or being all fluffy. =p Thank you for the lovely review, Ema!

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Review #21, by GryffindorGirl29 Memories and the lack of Butterflies

20th July 2007:
I had been anticipating this chapter for forever! Thank you for updating! I love it! The awkwardness between Lance and Helen, while terribly tragic, is hilarious! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I’m a terrible updater, but you already know that by now. =P I love writing the awkward moments, so it’s good to know you like them. ^_^

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Review #22, by marieluz Memories and the lack of Butterflies

19th July 2007:
that was good! plz update soon

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^

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Review #23, by Haunted_Lyra22 Hello

14th April 2007:
yeah.really good i enjoyed it!!
for some reason ur other story about helen and lance popped in my head so i thought i would just go ahead and see if u made a sequel and u did! YEAH!
i hope her and lance get together, its obvious to everyone exept for mayb her and him!!
well amazing-ly written and i hope to see another chapter in the near future!^_^

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you remembered the story. ^_^ I haven't get to writing the next chapter because I'm looking to update my other stories and exams are just around the corner, but I'm going to update as soon as I can.

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Review #24, by fanof24 Hello

11th April 2007:
Dun Dun Dun! You left me with a cliffy! Ah, this chappie was great. I loved how you went into detail about everyones lives; it seems that they're all doing okay so to speak. One thing I did notice, is you kept on using three months. Like the one person is three months until she's due. The baby is three months old. That's not a bad thing, just something I noticed. Anyways! I can't wait to see Helen and Lance chat and catch up with each other, that should be interesting. 10/10 to this fabulous chappie! Update soon can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Hi! Glad to hear from you. I’m glad you like the details about everyone. I wanted to show a little background before the drama starts. =P I didn’t realize the three-months thing. Thanks for pointing it out! And thank you for another great review! ^_^

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Review #25, by mosa_hufflepuff Hello

9th April 2007:
Awesome! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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