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Review #1, by Angelwithoutwings1470 Wotcher

3rd February 2012:
aw cool i love the sound of her, shes a metamorphagus then? love the end ;) but is there only one chapter in the story? xx

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Review #2, by RumbleroarRedvines Wotcher

4th August 2011:
OMG.OMG. 100/10!

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Review #3, by LilySnape4eva Wotcher

3rd December 2010:
That is so cool! And by the way, it just occured to me, is that Tonks? Anyway, this is amazing

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Review #4, by Daphne 13 Wotcher

17th May 2009:
This is awesome!! Love it!! ;) Very nicely done...

Author's Response: thank you muchly darlin

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Review #5, by chillwithlil Wotcher

11th April 2009:
this is great. i love that tonks was portrayed as a rebel hero to harry. it was short and sweet and i really liked it.

Author's Response: thank you :D ive always envisioned tonks as a rebel

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Review #6, by natureismagic Wotcher

19th March 2009:

Author's Response: Don't you just? :D

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Review #7, by BellBell Wotcher

19th March 2009:
tonks *bright smile*
I really love her character, she's yeah... different ^^
and your One-Shot is quite pretty
I like it

Author's Response: Thank you very much! And yes, Tonks really is a fun character to work with.

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Review #8, by I_LOVE_love Wotcher

16th February 2009:
I loved it!! I totally wish that Tonks was in Harry's life from the get-go, that would've been sooo cool for him! I like how she seems to kinda be protecting him in a way, also. I just really like your fic all-around!! Nice characters too!!

Author's Response: Awwh well thank you darling! I always imagined that SOMEONE had to be watching over little Harry, you know, other than Mrs. Figg. I'd like to think it was Tonks, or someone cool like that. Meh, some love it, some hate it, and I'm glad you loved it! Thanks!

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Review #9, by rowenaravenclaw94 Wotcher

23rd November 2008:
tonks is so cool. i think that it would have been really cool if harry had known tonks as a kid... 10/10! good job! you should totally write a follow-up about when he sees her in his fifth year and meets her as tonks rather than piunk... good story!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: I would but i always try not to interfere with the generalities that JKR set out...

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Review #10, by cassie meadows Wotcher

15th November 2008:
That totally snuck up on me. I was thinking, oh, she's a metamorphogis(?) but then i read the last sentence. OH!

very well written, the surprise totally worked, and it's very real. who isn't drawn to the weird, crazily-colored kid?

Author's Response: Especiall when you're young, right? I used to always think those kids with the blue and purple hair were neat.

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Review #11, by confusedd Wotcher

20th October 2008:
is she tonks?? i dont get it,

Author's Response: Yes it is Tonks

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Review #12, by Rebecca Black Wotcher

24th May 2008:
:D Loved it!! lol! About half way through I thought it might be Tonks, I was thinking, "I wonder..." (Didn't really pay much attention to the title, sorry lol). It was awesome. I love to think of her being all punked-up when she was younger, and that Harry had met her when he was younger. I thought it was cool how you wrote about him before his life at Hogwarts, I don't see too many stories like it :). Overall, I really enjoyed the story :) lol

Author's Response: Awww, well thank you love. I actually always wondered how JKR would portray Harry's childhood before Hogwarts, so I figured I'd try...


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Review #13, by FirePhoenix86 Wotcher

24th April 2008:
I love this concept of harry meeting Tonks at a young age and admiring her like that! Great story, you should extend it.

Author's Response: Awwwe, thank you muchly!

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Review #14, by Islander Wotcher

24th January 2008:
Great story. I love thinking about Harry's life before he went to Hogwarts; not so many people seem to write about it, though (I did, in my one-shot "Making Friends").

And who can fail to love a punked-up Tonks? I certainly can't. Two thumbs up!

Author's Response: hurrah for 90's grunge punk!!!

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Review #15, by babygurl1012 Wotcher

21st January 2008:
OH!!! i know who Piunk is!!! its tonks. that was awesome.

Author's Response: Cookies for you!!

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Review #16, by Lisa Wotcher

12th January 2008:
Loved it! that was so good! It was so sweet! I loved it!

Author's Response: :D Music to my ears! Er... eyes...

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Review #17, by SNAPEY13 Wotcher

2nd January 2008:
That was a great chapter! You really got me engrosed in the story.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Glad I could provide a good read!

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Review #18, by blimey Wotcher

20th December 2007:
Oh. My. God.
This is the most original one-shot I've read. I love this!!!

Author's Response: REALLY?

....WOW! Thank you!!

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Review #19, by KillerAcorn Wotcher

3rd December 2007:
Wow, that was a great one-shot

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #20, by windchaser Wotcher

7th November 2007:
omg, wow! is she tonks?!
that was REALLY good!

Author's Response: Yupyupyup.
Thank you!

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Review #21, by Yecat Wotcher

15th September 2007:
Wow. This was wonderful. Had a suspicion it was Tonks right from the beginning :p Anyway, great job!

Author's Response: lol thanks

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Review #22, by Novadestin Wotcher

15th September 2007:
omg love! I was so not expecting that ending but it was so perfect! You did an excellent job with this and it is definitely going on my favorites list :)

Author's Response: YAY thx!!

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Review #23, by The Pirate Girl Wotcher

5th August 2007:
This was brilliant, I guessed it was Tonks right away but I still really enjoyed it. It was just really original.
Nice one, its a shame it was only a one shot :)

Author's Response: Shame, yep.... May have been interesting but I didn't want young Harry knowing about magic.

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Review #24, by ginny77 Wotcher

4th August 2007:
that was tonks i can tell by the way she talked

Author's Response: Yuppers.
Thanks :D

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Review #25, by TheHalfBloodPrincess Wotcher

12th July 2007:
I like this story.
But, don't you think the Dursleys would rather chastise Harry in the privacy of their own homes, rather than out on the doorstep where all their neighbors can see?
Other than that, melikes. =]

Author's Response: Hmmm that is true....

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