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Review #1, by MissGriffindor I'll Never Forget Them

2nd August 2009:
I sobbed when I read this- it was really good- but it was too sad! The summary really grabbed me, though.

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Review #2, by Potterworm I'll Never Forget Them

3rd November 2008:
This was beautifully written, and it tugged at my heartstrings. Good job. 10 out of 10.

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Review #3, by DransyForever I'll Never Forget Them

4th March 2008:
aaw, this is SO beautiful! Brought me to tears ...
I really love it. I've never read a story like this. I'm speechless, sorry. 10/10

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Review #4, by delta I'll Never Forget Them

13th March 2007:
Wow. This was beautiful. I loved how you wrote Harry. You wrote him so beautifully and captured him so well, making him into the character that he is and not the happy character who can just up and forget about the Final Battle. I loved how you wrote about Neville and Luna and the Weasley family and about how Harry changed. This was a truly wonderful story. I really enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: I'm really proud of this one-shot, so I'm glad you enjoyed reading this so much. I was worried that I might have made Harry too OOC -- but in the end I think I got him just right. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by JessicaWells I'll Never Forget Them

17th February 2007:
I don't really know what to say as I'm horrible at these but I loved this story, it was so sad. Very well written:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #6, by darksideofthemoon I'll Never Forget Them

14th February 2007:
It was really well written! I honestly can't say I enjoyed reading it because it upset me, but as it upset my i would call it a success... if that makes sense. It's bed time. I'm losing it. Night night, 9/10!

Author's Response: I'm sorry it upset you, but I'm glad you thought it was well written and a success.

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Review #7, by TheWeirdSisters I'll Never Forget Them

6th February 2007:
this was fantastic :)
a really original and believable, realistic fic.
great job :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you though it was believable/original/realistic. I wasn't sure if it would be any of those things. I was afraid it might come off cliche of him escaping to a Muggle University.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by wow I'll Never Forget Them

5th February 2007:
It gave me shivers. Very nicely writen... A great one shot.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by thechosenone I'll Never Forget Them

5th February 2007:
That was very sad, but very good... I enjoyed it, a perspective I have thought about a few times but you don't really see displayed much.

Author's Response: I think the reason people don't write it so much is because they really only see two options for Harry: death or happiness. They don't really see the inbetween that life usually hands us.
Plus, writing Harry is always difficult -- we know too much about him to really make him our own character.
Anyway, I'm glad you liked the story and thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by hahaheeheehaha I'll Never Forget Them

5th February 2007:
a great story
i wrote a story in a similar vein, but in mine harry ended up too depressed. i was in a weird mood, because i killed off most of the main characters. later when i wanted to mention 2 people, it was really tricky to find people i hadnt killed off!
i havent posted it because the person i showed it to said it was too depressing, but this is such a great story, and so believable

Author's Response: Maybe you should post it anyways? Depressing isn't always bad, it's a fact of life. People can't just push it away.
Thanks for the review -- I'm really glad you liked my story!

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Review #11, by Unicorn Girl I'll Never Forget Them

5th February 2007:
this is amazing!!! I simply loved it!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it so much!

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Review #12, by firebreathingradishes I'll Never Forget Them

10th January 2007:
The other part of my review was erased! Egads!

Well, what I was going to say.

I loved that paragraph and how the entire world was thrust upon Harry. Poor poor poor Harry. I feel you really truly captured his personality. He would feel that guilty if his friends died for him. Survivor’s guilt. :/ Great writing. It’s getting better and better. Keep up the excellent ;] work.

Author's Response: Egads!
That's a really cool word. *grin*
Anyways, I'm so glad you liked this story so much. Survivor's guilt is how Harry always feels, doesn't he? What with his Hero-Complex.

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Review #13, by firebreathingradishes I'll Never Forget Them

10th January 2007:
Oh wow. I absolutely love the last line. "Their blood is on my hands and I will never forget their names"...

None of them seemed to understand that I was just one man – one man amongst an army of thousands more. I wasn't the strongest, nor was I the bravest – I wasn't the most talented, or the smartest. I was just a man who had been protected by his mother's love as a child, and had the whole world thrust upon his shoulders at the age of eleven.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #14, by Fuego I'll Never Forget Them

9th January 2007:

Author's Response: Ahhhh...

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Review #15, by almost_witch (not logged in) I'll Never Forget Them

9th January 2007:
As soon as I do log in, I swear that i will add this to my favourites! This is definately the most believable 'aftermath of the war' story I have ever written. Such a great idea to bring in the side that it all wont be great and brilliant fun...

You definately got this downpat, very believable, I really, truely loved this!

Author's Response: I always have a trouble with those aftermath stories where Harry is completely happy and joyful. I'm more drawn to the stories where he appears as a Professor who teaches more like Moody or as someone who runs away.
Anyways, I'm so flattered you liked this story so much.

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Review #16, by JolieFille252 I'll Never Forget Them

9th January 2007:
whew. That was a great read. I think somewhere I had thought of a criticism I wanted to give you, but it's completely forgotten now, as I got totally sucked into your story. I loved how you dove into Harry's mind like that, in a way few could, even in a way I'm not sure JKR would in the 7th book (ah, who knows? She's always full of surprises..) so, take it as a high compliment, my friend. that was a great story. ;)

Author's Response: Wow -- I am so flattered. I mean, I adore your stories and to have such a high compliment coming from you...yeah. I'm rambling, but still.
Thanks you SO much for this review.

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Review #17, by ragnatela_1 I'll Never Forget Them

8th January 2007:
That was very good. I like it how you showed how it would be if Harry survived, he does have the tendancy to blame himself. If he did survive it wouldn't be all fluffy and stuff, so I thought you captured Harrys character well. :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I agree that if he does survive it's not gonna be all happy happy joy joy with him and Ginny riding off into the sunset.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by iviera_vangelisti I'll Never Forget Them

7th January 2007:
oh my goshes! i loved this story! you liked mine? pffft.your's is way better. but really i loved it. this is going on my favorites!

Author's Response: yours was AWESOME! what are you talking about? it's been on my favorites for so long.
i'm glad you liked my story though.
thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by magic29 I'll Never Forget Them

7th January 2007:
That was brilliant, but it's so grim! But I wouldn't put it past Harry to get up and o like that, anyway good one.

Author's Response: Grim, you say? I guess it is. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #20, by Loveable Punk I'll Never Forget Them

6th January 2007:
Wow. I must say that I really, really enjoyed this story. I felt that Harry was extreamly IC, and your descriptions of what happened to the others were inspiring and thought provoking. I don't know about Cho going Death Eater, but everything else I saw as possible.

Some formatting stuff with major spaces between single lines detracted from the story a little, but other than that, it was very, very well done.

10/10, and an add to my favorites.

Author's Response: He was IC? *Whew* I'm glad. I was so worried that I'd gotten him all wrong. I don't usually write from Harry's perspective because we know SO much about him, that it's really easy to make a mistake when you're trying to write your own story.
Ehhh, Cho becoming a death eater I know was a stretch but I knew I had to have someone betray the DA and since Marietta already did it in the fifth book, I used her again only with the help of her friend. Plus, the betrayal was so much worse *because* Harry once liked her and thought he knew her.
The major spaces...yeah I don't know what happened with that. And then when I tried to fix it HPFF was closed to managing stories unless you were a trusted author. But I just went through it all and fixed it so it's done.
I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #21, by wild4harryp01231 I'll Never Forget Them

3rd January 2007:
Alright, though it's a little late (ok, not that late, but still), you asked me to review, so here it goes. I like the title. It makes me think, and I think, if I just came across it randomly, I'd probably read it.

"To their face" should probably be "to their faces". This has great description, and I love it. I love how you describe people thinking they knew him even though they didn't, and even that Ron and Hermione's actions had been the same way at first. It's true, and it's cool how you included that he thought it was creepy that people would read that much about him. That's how almost everyone would feel, and is great.

That was such a great transition, with Collin (I think it's spelled C-o-l-l-i-n in this case; I'm not posotive, however. I'd suggest checking the Lexington). It was really great, and I really liked that. I teared up at the "good-byes". That was awesome. I almost never tear up. Also, the "death wasn't ready for me" was phenomental.

Neville and Luna...that's so sweet. You described this perfectly. I'm sorry, but I love how you have Cho and Marietta turn to the dark side. Ok, sorry, I'm done. :) Alright, the sentence "And then there were the last four members – my best friend Hermione Granger, living with her boyfriend and our other best friend Ron Weasley. His sister and my ex-girlfriend, Ginny, studying to become a Healer at St. Mungo's; and last there was me." really confused me. Maybe it's just my caffine buzz or lack of sufficient sleep, but I had to read it five or more times before it clicked. The part that really confused me was the Ron part. I thought for a second that Hermione was living with another boy, and...I was confused. So I think that bit needs re-phrasing.

"Then anyone" should be "than anyone". Omg, I love how you have Harry meet Anabella. (Georgeous name, by the way. It goes with the last name perfectly. Nice choice.) I love Annabella. She's wonderful, one of the best OCs I've seen in a long time. She's so spontaneous, and sounds so cute! I love how she just breaks out into the Barney theme in the middle of the Leaky Cauldron, and how she calls Harry "mister Harry Potter". She's awesome. :) The one thing is that "mister Harry Potter" should probably be "Mister Harry Potter".

Aww, the stamp collection was a sweet touch. Also, the Quibbler, and Luna, and...that's so sweet. I loved this whole thing. I love the premise (I can't spell; caffine does that to me) of this. It is something that is really awesome, and I think that it's one of the best one-shots I've read. I loved how long it was, and I think this was brilliant. Great job, 10/10. This is most definatly going on my favorites. Happy Holidays, and I hope this may have assisted you a bit.

Author's Response: Wow.
That's a long review -- which I adored completely.
Thanks for all the grammar corrections -- I really needed them. I just finished going through the whole story and fixing it up.
I'm glad you liked this story so much and thanks for reading it!

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Review #22, by 0MFGZshes__DEADLY I'll Never Forget Them

1st January 2007:
Oh Merlin. That was one of the best stories I've ever read from Harry's perspective. And I'm saying that honestly. I've pondered that same question, too. How would he feel? Would he blame himself? What would become of him? And I must say, your story has answered them all.
I love the emotion you put in every one of your words. I love how you describe how he feels towards the world. How awkward it is for him to have random witches and wizards to come up to him, just looking at him, thanking him for everything he'd done. Even though it really wasn't much [or so your story goes]. And Draco. That was perfect. He treated him different. Although, I'm sure it was Draco's way of thanking him for a second chance, it made Harry feel normal.
Harry's getaway was nicely done, also. Vancouver. Muggle University. It just suits everything. I can't think of anything but great things to say about this work. Bloody Marvelous.

10 for 10.

Author's Response: yey!! my first reviewer! i'm glad you liked it so much. i was worried i wouldn't be able to get it right. i never really right from harry's perspective because we know so much about him and i'm worried that i wouldn't be able to capture him correctly.
i'm glad you liked it!

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