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Review #1, by aharrypotterobcession Unraveling

3rd September 2005:
dude your going to leave me there? no way! ok this story rox! i love it. but poor poor ron. nothing ever goes his way, im starting to feel bad for him but i felt bad for draco too. ron will just have to get over it. as you can tell you've gotten me very into this story. so update soon i love it! <3

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Review #2, by stew_pididiot Mix It Up

10th June 2005:
i like ur story so far! =-)

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Review #3, by DracoFan892 Mix It Up

26th July 2004:
okay...after what seems like years of no reviews-someone has submitted one to this story. DracoFan89 and DracoFan892 are both me (Bianca G.) however u see...last time wanted to update something went wrong and when i inquired about how to fix it-no one replied therefore, i'll continue this story on DracoFan892, okay? sorry for the delay :)

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Review #4, by Blue Malfoy Mix It Up

21st July 2004:
you really really need to update i HAVE to know who the father is!!! but u know wat?? if it was draco as the father it would be more interesting to see what happens!! hurry and update soon!!!

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Review #5, by Blue Malfoy Unraveling

19th July 2004:
i love it hurry and update!!

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Review #6, by Bianca Unraveling

5th March 2004:
Hiiiiiii, my Bianca! LoL. Well, I just decided to drop a line, since you asked me so nicely. Hehe.. I really did enjoy the story, and I would love to read more of it when you do complete it. Oh, I love my little Bianca! Lol! See you around!! Bye, bye ! Oh, if there was anything higher than a 10 rating, I'd choose it! Hehe..

Author's Response: TY, my Bianca! lol! That was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sweet of you! I love you too! lol! Glad you liked the story! See u at school! lol!

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Review #7, by ObSeSSed wit HP Not a girl?!

23rd January 2004:
Wow! Totally intense! I like! Continue the story, BG! Hehehe!!!!

Author's Response: Thanx Nayda! Wuv you!

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Review #8, by meg His return to Hogwarts

7th January 2004:
aaww that was a good chapter,,maybe you should make ron walk in or something

Author's Response: Thanx again for the reviews! Sorry I'm taking so long to update the story, but I'm really busy! Studying for stupid Mid-terms, moving, new baby in teh family, etc, etc! I'll really try to update ok! I will never neglect my fans! lol!

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Review #9, by Claire Mix It Up

6th January 2004:
This story is soooooo good! PLease keep writing!!!

Author's Response: THanx! I will! Glad you like it! Enjoy!

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Review #10, by meghan He loves another

4th January 2004:
hey this is a great story,,im mad no one has been readin it and revewing but you need to add antoerh chapter please and maybe make draco and hermone run into each ohter by accident at diagon alley or something

Author's Response: Yeah, I was pretty upset too. But thanx for the review! I know you'll love chapter 12! I'll keep updating, whenever, I can! Keep reading, and tell your friends!

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Review #11, by Paige He loves another

4th January 2004:
AWESOME!!!!!!! This story is great so fare!!!! Add more soon!!!!

Author's Response: Thanx a bunch! I'm really glad that everyone likes it. I plan on updating it, so keep an eye out!

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