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Review #1, by kat potter Dudley's Advice

18th December 2008:
please update soon as this is a great story beginning. 10/10

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Review #2, by a potter po Dudley's Advice

12th March 2007:
Hi! I've finally got around to reading your story and writing a review. Are you still writing it?
This story's full of little brilliant ideas, which is what I love about it. e.g. Dumbledore's diary, which Harry can only read a day at a time; Harry using a muggle camera; Ginny and Arthur Weasley being confused about movie pictures etc. I also love the friendship between Dudley and Harry, it's rather cute, and their conversations are funny.
Some constructive criticisms ... I think it's too sudden the way Harry has just decided to get back with Ginny. I'm also guessing Ginny, with her temper, may not be as lenient as she was in this story either.
A small point is if you want to re-do the spacing, switch to the simple editor and edit your story there.
The idea of this being the story of the heirs, and that there are chambers corresponding to each heir, is interesting... I wonder who'll be the heir of Hufflepuff?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I love people who critique my story. :D

Anyway, the spacing is a real mess. It was posted back when the editor was all glitchy, and I never got around to fixing it. Maybe, if I have time, I'll get around to that.

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #3, by babygohan Dudley's Advice

22nd December 2006:
SEE!!! I told you I'd review! I think it sounds interesting!!! Definately better than my first one!!! :P But I think you should really keep this one going!! It sounds great!!! ONE QUESTION THOUGH! . What's up with the spacing??? haha! ok lady bye bye!

Author's Response: haha thanks! and with the spacing, i have no idea.. it made me do it before i could submit it... it drove me crazy...

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