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Review #1, by nat A Broken Heart Should Be An Illness, But It Only Hurts When I Breathe

19th April 2007:
by far the best chappie to date!!!

Author's Response: Thanx I agree. *big head :P* but yeah I read back the story and I can see how I have changed as a writer (end of cheesiness)

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Review #2, by starryDAZE Kissing Shouldn't Hurt So Good

21st March 2007:
YAY DEDICATION FOR *points to self* ME !

my chest is swelling with pride. haha, and joe is quite mischievious now isnt she?? dun dun dun!

haha, poor george! :]

Author's Response: lol Me thinks me has a plan. George wont be upset 4 too long

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Review #3, by starryDAZE Mr Playboy

4th March 2007:

haha just keeding. love it !!!

10/10 !

Author's Response: lol. My No1 reviewer. You'll find out in the nxt chapter lol

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Review #4, by Sparky_Amez Mr Playboy

4th March 2007:
Ok...You reviewed one of my stories so i figured i'd read and see what you had and dang!! I'm lovin' it..Ok so maybe that sounds like a mc-dee's commrcial but it's funny and interesting needless to say unexpected(though to be expected from expecting the unexpected right?)..can't wait for the next one

Author's Response: lol. good thing i LuV McDonalds

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Review #5, by starryDAZE Wolf Whistles and Cat Calls

23rd February 2007:
aw poor george. =\ but man oh man.. joe (isnt it cho ?) .. ha; you go ahead - seduce cedric!!

Author's Response: Joes an OC lol
The arguemnt happened for a reason.

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Review #6, by starryDAZE A Hug Can Make It All Seem Wrong

2nd February 2007:
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ! keep it coming and i completely understand how you had to make Cedric sound ... well ... male. =) haha i was about to cry when Cho was crying on the steps. =\ i love it !!

Author's Response: lol thanx im so glad u like it! lol
Soz 2 any guys I offended but it seemed like a boy thing to do lol
(btw its Joe not Cho lol)

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Review #7, by nudely Ease An Aching Jaw...Eat A Chocolate Brownie

31st January 2007:
great chappie. and i hate you for your cliffhangers!!! jks i really love your story

Author's Response: thanx! Soz 4 the cliffies but ive read so many wiv em so I just wanted to see wot its lyk to be on the end of 'em

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Review #8, by fate_ina_bottle 1) Meetings and Misunderstandings

24th December 2006:
is there gonna be more???

Author's Response: course but my computor is being crappy at the mo so i hav 2 w8 till my computor is working properly GRR

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Review #9, by nuDely 1) Meetings and Misunderstandings

23rd December 2006:
really cool story, hopefully this turns into the cliche teasing/hating=love thing, i love that. keep it up

Author's Response: thats sort of what i was hoping to get 2 (eventually)we'll just see how it goes!

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