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Review #1, by Foxlilly5 Lights Will Guide You Home

26th June 2007:
aww I really really enjoyed the story! It made me feel so sad and depressed but in a good way because I knew that meant the story was working its wonders on me. Then only thing I have to say is that in some spots there are alot of spelling and grammar mistakes that take away from the mood. But other than that I really enjoyed it! (I saw the link to this story when browzing the 'Dobby' awards lists and figured it was worth a read. Great work! =)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you did! Ah, strangely.. I always seem to write sad stories. Hm.. haha. I went back to read it, and there aren't any spelling mistakes ._. I don't know, I hardly ever use simple sentences, so maybe there was a semicolon in the wrong place or something. Anyways! Haha. Thanks for the review (and letting me know I was nominated! That was a pleasant surprise. :D)

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Review #2, by andharrywokeup Lights Will Guide You Home

20th May 2007:
What I like about your Ron anf Hermione's is that you really play up on voicing the sort of 'mutual understanding' that they appear to come to after Lavender in HBP. There is no grand gesture in a kiss but simply voicing that they both know what has been obvious for so long. I think with Ron and Hermione having denied it for so long, this kind of things works very well - taking small steps, you know? After all in the war I think they need support as much as they need passion. In my opinion that trio don't hug enough! Very well done!

Author's Response: I do believe you're the only reviewer to tell me that. [: For that, I appreciate this review greatly. Most people told me they wished for more "action," but you're completely right; it's not necessary. The communication is there, and the way I saw it was... there wasn't a need for something like a kiss. Too true about the trio ! Hermione's always the one to initiate--but they ARE boys, haha. Anyways, thank you very much for this lovely review (:

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Review #3, by dreamgazer220 Lights Will Guide You Home

7th March 2007:
Awww! That was cute!! I didn't know you had this story up! *glares* Thanks for telling me :) Haha, it's okay, though. And I LOVE your info icon. It's basically amazing. Anyway, back to this story. I liked how you kept everything in slow motion and how discriptive you were. Great job!!!

Author's Response: *holds up a R/H flag* [: Oh, HAHA. I'm sorry, next time I'll let you know, FER SHUR. :D Heck yesss. Voldemart, I'd shop there [; Slow mo, eh? And descriptions! I'm such a retard when it comes to that, so I'm glad I at least hit it in this story [; Thanks, Jilly! :D

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Review #4, by MagnumMysterium Lights Will Guide You Home

3rd March 2007:
Good song, and good story, too. Its short but memorable. Keep up the good work lol! =^.^=

Author's Response: Amazing song, right? Haha. I'm always told my chapters are short. I never tire of it, :D Anyways, I'm very glad you liked it and I'll be sure to keep on keepin' on [; Thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #5, by silver phoenix Lights Will Guide You Home

10th February 2007:
Aw, this was so god! Shai, this was pure you. I loved it! ^^

Author's Response: Awww! This made me smile (: Thank you very much, Manda! :D Yaay. Haha. Thank youu.

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Review #6, by moon_sprite Lights Will Guide You Home

10th January 2007:
This is great! I love all the details about the rain...and the "civil conversation" as Hermione puts it. It's a terrific lil one shot.
BTW - Fix You. great song!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. [= I'm glad you like the little tidbits [first time I've used THAT word, haha] Ahhh, I love that song dearly. :) Thank you !

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Review #7, by _WeasleyIsOurKing_ Lights Will Guide You Home

7th January 2007:
Awwwe that was cuttee

Author's Response: [= Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it! +

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Review #8, by circinusphoenix Lights Will Guide You Home

30th December 2006:
Hey there, great story! Really wonderful one-shot! No romance, of which some R/Hr shippers would have liked to see, but you don't need any, and I personally think it's great you kept it out of this story.

Of course, the highlight for your story, is the rain. You spend such a massive (and yes, wonderful) time explaining the rain, and everything it's doing, both to other people, and to Hermione's thoughts. You do a great job at showing the parallels with the two, and your use of the clouds and the war, the rain and the despair, and the trio and change; all of them were really well written.

The car ride home was really good too I thought. What was that line . . . the endless road, like her endless thoughts? Something like that; really well done! Just showing us in so many ways how Hermione, for a change (and a rather un-nerving change) is worried and scared (although she doesn't use that word, which is again, good). It's so Hermione-ish to be thinking over the same things, over the same problems in different lights, trying to make things sound less dismal, and heartbreaking.

But the rain . . . it's the rain that drags her back down, and forces her to remember what has already happened, and what will inevitably happen. Again, you do a wonderful job in this department.

Ron coming . . . it's great how you introduce him, sort of dissolving out of the rain, but I kinda wonder why he's there in the back of my mind. Of course, you don't have to explain it really. It's obvious why he's there (to see how Hermione is). Saying "there's something about the rain" is great about why he Apparated farther away. It's not just Hermione that's effected by it.

The ending scene I think is good too, although Ron is really mature. Ron to me was never the most mature person, who always said the right thing; but I like that you've done that here. It's great to see that reversal, with Hermione needing the support. Using that change again, and Ron telling her how their relationship has not become worst like everything else, it's great. You can tell Hermione would take great comfort in that.

Alright, so, wow, I've said a large amount for this one-shot. I just really liked it, which is surprising in a sense, because I like H/Hr stories more. Want to know why I read this? Honestly, because I have my own story called "Fix You", which is inspired by the song. It goes H/Hr, and is a few chapters long, but I'd really love to hear your thoughts on it (funny enough, there's loads of rain in my story too). You do such a great job on this here, your thoughts on mine would be wonderful to hear! :)

So yes, great job! Really, very well done.

10 / 10

ps - oh, and congrats on your 2yrs here at hpff!

Author's Response: Now THIS is a review! Thank you very much for all your kinds words, they are greatly appreciated. Really! I just adore reviews like this. I do think that this is one of my best-written one-shots simply because I actually took the time to develop it, if you know what I mean. I'm incredibly glad you enjoyed it so much. I will surely read your story. Ah, two years already? Thank you kindly. (:

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Review #9, by HermioneWazlib Lights Will Guide You Home

20th December 2006:
Wow...I can say no more, You're talent is amazing, and your writing took my breath away. The piece was detailed and VERY Amazing, fantastic, bloody brilliant job.

Author's Response: I cannot express my appreciation [: Thank you very much for your kind praises. I am simply glad that you enjoyed the story at all. Haha. Thank you ! [x

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Review #10, by chick_fic_luver_erin Lights Will Guide You Home

17th December 2006:
this was great. you write amazing imagery. i love how you used raain as a metaphor and a reason for everything. i also really liikedd how you used change and i felt you explained how some things change, yet through the change, some things never change. it was great

*adds to favorites*

well done!

Author's Response: An author truly appreciates a great review like this [: Thank you very much for your words, they are greatly appreciated ! I'm very glad you liked this story, after all, I worked a lot on it. Thank you ! +

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Review #11, by angel007 Lights Will Guide You Home

14th December 2006:
Awww, that was a beautiful story...sad but beautiful, especially the ending. I loved it!

Author's Response: thank you very much ! i was starting to think no body liked it -_- hahahaha. anyways, thanks again, for reading and reviewing. means a lot ! [:

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Review #12, by Cathryn Potter Lights Will Guide You Home

12th December 2006:
I love Fix you by Coldplay!
You did a excellent job!!

Author's Response: Me tooo [: Hehe. Thank you very much. I'm so glad you liked it [x

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Review #13, by hplvr92 Lights Will Guide You Home

11th December 2006:
Cute and well written

Author's Response: Thank you very much ! [:

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Review #14, by canadian_dreamer Lights Will Guide You Home

11th December 2006:
I LOVED THAT SOOO MUCH it was utterly beautiful...
I can not describe why i loved it so much, it's something about the rain... :)
I loved how you described everything and how u wrote about hermione's confusion and how she just wanted it to stay the same forever.
OMG i loved it so much!! It was so beautiful!!
100/10 and in my faves :)

Author's Response: Yay ! :D This review made me really happy [: I'm so glad you liked it; it's probably one of a few one-shots I actually like, baha. Ahh I'm so happy ! [x Thank you so very much !

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Review #15, by ron_hearts_hermione Lights Will Guide You Home

10th December 2006:
Cool :] Not a lot of action (r/hr) but that's okay :]

Author's Response: Thanks ! Alas.. I didn't want it to be too.. well, you know. [: Thanks for reading & reviewing ! +

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Review #16, by pens82 Lights Will Guide You Home

10th December 2006:

Author's Response: thanks ! [:

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Review #17, by ronsbiggestfan09 Lights Will Guide You Home

10th December 2006:
that was really good! it made me sad though. but still, very good!

Author's Response: thank you ! sorry about the sadness, but i'm glad you liked it [: + +

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