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Review #1, by dart87 I Got Peter

8th February 2008:
update update UPDATE! this is a great story so fare i cant wait to read more

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Review #2, by Wolf 25 I Got Peter

14th December 2007:
Wheres the rest man im really enjoying this story

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Review #3, by kyoshi I Got Peter

29th November 2007:
Great story, wish it would have continued. Have you quit writing now? Best regards

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Review #4, by wohe I Got Peter

21st July 2007:
yay the lord is back love the stories and as a note after most of my reviews i say

long live the dark lord nedved

what can i say im a bit of a fan^^

Author's Response: I have risen, my faithful. Roar! Yeah and thanks for reading too lol!

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Review #5, by Dark Oblivion I Got Peter

21st July 2007:
Great story, excellent work. Just one question, could you please finish your other stories? 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks man! Respect

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Review #6, by Dark Oblivion Laid to Rest

21st July 2007:
Very,Very Good.

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Review #7, by Redthorn Laid to Rest

18th July 2007:
I just realised that I haven't sent a comment yet; but even so, how am I to add something to a perfect story? I only hope this encourages you to update more frequently :)

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Review #8, by Wand of Llewelltn I Got Peter

18th July 2007:
Welcome back Dark Lord!! You have been sorely missed. Excellent chapter - keep the stories and updates moving.

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Review #9, by Concerned but hopeful Legacies fan Laid to Rest

14th April 2007:
As much as I like the idea of Harry training in monastic solitude, I don't think you stayed true to the characters. In his interactions with his aunt and uncle and in his interior monologue, Harry doesn't sound like himself. I think in general you have the characters taking themselves too seriously. Harry has never thought about himself or his task in such epic terms, and that talk with Petunia didn't seem genuine either.

All that said, Harry's training does show that he is buckling down and taking things more seriously, which is appropriate, given Dumbledore's death.

I also like the start of the plot you're cultivating with Snape.

I'm a huge fan of your Legacies series, and I know better than to write off a fic after only one chapter (particularly since you're the author), but these incontinuities with the canon characters does make it hard to get into it.

Best of luck. I've still got faith in you.

Author's Response: This fic is nowhere from finished. The intro may come across a bit different, because if i wer ein his situation i'd be pretty antagonistic and scared as well, and would try to clutch to any idea that even gives me a glimer of hope...thats why he's so focused on this scroll...

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Review #10, by adiready Laid to Rest

5th April 2007:
heya TDLN !

wat r u doin now its a long time i havnt seen any new chaps in this fic n BIB !

this was simply fantastic...the scene with voldemort was gr8 i loved it !

please write more chaps and fast coz the wait is killing me. n ya 21st july i cm fast so u better hurry up(i m serious)...lol

hope to read more n more as soon as possible !


Author's Response: Voldemort is definitely going to be a bad dude in this one. *ahem*

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Review #11, by siruis_lady Laid to Rest

24th March 2007:
Good, a ton more believe able then others.

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Review #12, by Anne Laid to Rest

2nd March 2007:
YAY! I was wondering when you would give the post HBP a try - and here it is! This is Anne - you probably don't remember me but I used to be an avidly reader and reviewer of your work. Somehow you lost me; I think it was after the Grim. Not because I didn’t like your work anymore. I think I just gradually slipped away from fanfiction generally. I never did leave it entirely, and I have been checking in once in a while to see if you would write a post HBP – and here we are!

I think it was a great first chapter - nice twist with the whole Snape-issue. Harry training himself is always (by my opinion) quite difficult to pull off since it's been done so often, but I really enjoyed your go at it - especially with the push-up/levitation thing – I always were a sucker for the Harry-without-shirt-working-out thingie, but ahem – never mind! Back to the point. I’m looking forward to the next chapter – can’t wait actually. So in the meantime: catch you on the flipside ;)

- Anne

Author's Response: Hey anne, i remember you well during Halo and 'The man who triumphed" before those stories were removed from the archive. About Harry 'Training himself' is a strong term, he's just trying to get back some revision in...and the physical/ magical challenges of doing silent spells and splitting concentration is like basic training..something a military unit might do...do something repetitive while at the same time try something new.

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Review #13, by goldfish demon Laid to Rest

25th February 2007:
Seems decent so far, all depends on where you go with it though.

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Review #14, by Vedder101 Laid to Rest

30th January 2007:
hurryyy up

I wanna read whats next!

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Review #15, by llaa Laid to Rest

28th January 2007:
Good start, it is an interesting opening.

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Review #16, by curvebreaker Laid to Rest

15th January 2007:
this is a good start for a new series! leaves a lot of questions for me, but i can guess that they will be answered in subsequent chapters.

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Review #17, by Auror_Elite Laid to Rest

14th January 2007:
Very interesting. I can't wait for the next installment.

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Review #18, by AJ Potter Laid to Rest

8th January 2007:
I'm surprised, but pleased to see this new story from you. Always one of the best writer's, reading your stories are a real pleasure, and I look forward to more of your take on the final hunt for the horcruxes.

Author's Response: It's not going to be as "fall into the lap" as DH, believe me on that. It should be more intense and less riddle solving like Dumbledore's take on confusing people out of their minds.

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Review #19, by Art Laid to Rest

8th January 2007:
Welcome Back! Enjoyed the start. Looking forward to more!

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Review #20, by lockiejroc Laid to Rest

5th January 2007:
more more you are a very talented writer love to read your fanfiction exp. the series you made up. little said it was not finished

Author's Response: cheer up mate, Brothers isn't dead as yet. Dont give in to the light. Commit tot he dark side. So says the Dark Lord nedved!

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Review #21, by Harry Gryfindor Laid to Rest

5th January 2007:
Not much to say. It was pretty good, but in my humble opinion I think that the Legacies are better. Since this is cannon, I don't expect to see too many cool sword-fighting action scenes. Hopefully, this story will match up to the Legacies series. By the way, what is your 'cool idea?'

I'll give it 7/10 (no offense).

Author's Response: Yeah, come on, Legacies was cool, and this is different so i guess..yeah..I know what you mean, "this isn't Legacies so it's going to suck' and all that, but remember i wrote legacies a long time ago, I think i'm a little bit more experienced now, so when the Hallows Hype is over, this story is going to kick ass. Trust me.

Well, i hope it does, lol.

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Review #22, by Harry Potter Laid to Rest

28th December 2006:
I have been reading the legacies series for god knows how long and I've never found a single chapter that I disliked.
I don't know if it's simply that you had trouble breaking into the new story, but the beginning of the this chapter simply sucked. I kept reading and found that it got better, but the dialogue and events of the beginning left a really bad taste in my mouth. Harry just didn't feel like Harry (which is odd because I always felt that capturing Harry was something you did well in other stories.)
But, my main complaint is not that this story had a bad beginning, (i know you'll fix it, you're a good writer and i look forward to reading more) but that you left me hanging with the Legacies series. I mean come on, you can't introduce a character like the Dark Lord Azrael with an empty ten years in between plots that is expected to be filled up and then just leave it for a completely different story. It's a terrible cliff-hanger.
Whatever, I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing, you're the only author I read in this website anymore.

Author's Response: Well, I appreciate the honesty. Haryr doesn't feel liek Harry cuz in my opinion, he should be pretty messed up about now, the people who are really caring about him are getting murdered left right and center and his penchant for humour and tolerance for bs has gone out the window. Brothers in Blood isn't completely out as yet, so don't give up hope and that one. I have a lot of wirting to do if i want to get that up to the status of another epic from TDLN, but the base is there. It's the actual integrating of the new characters is going to be the hard part. I have more enthusiasm for Scroll because I can't go out of the norm for that fic, but i am going to make it very eciting none the less..with some more canon magic in it. Respect!

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Review #23, by adj7 Laid to Rest

25th December 2006:
absolutely remarkable. So much how I hope people act in the seventh book.

Author's Response: Well, i'm going to continue this story because even though Deathly Hallows was an excellent story, i didn't like the premise that Haryr himself didn't need to do much other than find the blasted horcurxes.

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Review #24, by GryffindorsMage Laid to Rest

25th December 2006:
Greetings, My Master. I have managed to infiltrate the foolish brood of Gryffindors and have managed to follow your work as well. Your estimation of Potter's abilities seems a bit far-fetched, my Lord. I assure you that though he may find some reason and a sense of urgency, he wouldn't have the power to work wandless spells, and his mind is too blunt for such a sudden increase in his nonverbal work. I will continue to gather what information i can from my informants and resources, My Master, and report to you anything of relevance to the young Potter's rise. I will not fail you in this. Your start to this plan seems to say this will be a fromidable task...i will serve until the end. Until later My Master, i bid you farewell, and good luck implementing the rest of this plan.

Author's Response: Your information gathering ability is uncanny as awlays. We must not underestimate him, the boy has thwwarted numerous attmepts on his life, and the death of his mentor will give him added purpose. Do not forget that I once captivated the attention of many followers at such a tender age, do not undermine the follies of youth, for it is then we make the largest leaps and bounds in out ambitions. Potter is dangerous.

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Review #25, by steven Laid to Rest

24th December 2006:
hey great story. i was just wondering what the ships were gonna be. i am kinda looking foward to another hp/hg. plz let me know when you make your decision.

Author's Response: The ships may be more one sided, but most probably both girls are going to like Harry...but we'll just have to wait and see huh?

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