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Review #1, by MoonyLuvr1456 My Last Breath

27th January 2008:
This may seem like odd advice, but DO NOT, under any circumstance, read this story after you watch Titanic. Trust me, you'll be crying for hours. I, sadly, made this mistake, and I am crying much more now. I love the story, and Evanescence, but I don't love the fact that I am now sobbing, and I will be for several hours now. So - 1o/1o!

Author's Response: As odd as this may sound, I've never actually seen the movie Titanic and I don't own it so I will make sure to follow your advice. I'm glad you liked the story and I'm sorry for your sobbing! :]

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Izzieluv My Last Breath

22nd January 2007:
THAT IS SO SAD! Why did you kill Ginny? Thats not very nice!

Author's Response: Sorry! I just started writing and that's how it turned out.

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Review #3, by julie My Last Breath

1st January 2007:
omg thats is such a sad story
beautifully written but so sad
it should have been 2 chps and ginny shouldnt have died
u should make another saying how she comes to him in a dream

Author's Response: Well, there is a second chapter coming - I just have to write it! XD
I'll think about the dream thing, it just might be in the second chapter! :-D

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Review #4, by Emma My Last Breath

30th December 2006:
WHAT! i'm am like way over confused! help me understand!~Emmy

Author's Response: Ok. Someone shot Ginny with a spell that made her start dying. She was talking with Harry about how she knew she was dying. Then she died and her soul looked down on a saddened Harry before the spirit disappeared. Hope that helps!

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Review #5, by StoryLover3095 My Last Breath

26th December 2006:
It is really good. Is she really dead? Please update soon.

Author's Response: Unfortunately, yep. Ginny's gone. The next chapter(s?) will go over all that.

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Review #6, by tarataratara My Last Breath

24th December 2006:

that was great

Author's Response: Thankyou! I'm glad you liked it. The second chapter is on its way.

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