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Review #1, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT The Truth...

12th June 2007:
ok so i stopped reading half way through.truth is it was getting a bit dreading and hermione was too out of character and so was ron, i think ron should have acted like hermy and hermy like ron ya no?

sorry mate but it didnt make my fav storys.not many do ):

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought they should have been switched but I kind of made it so that Ron already had time to get over it. Because I figure they share a dormitory and with Harry being gone there would be questions. Idk. Anywho, thanks for even giving it a try!

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Review #2, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT Secret Lovers

12th June 2007:
plzzz make these chapters a teeny weeny bit longer!!! please sir can i have some more???

Author's Response: Sorry. I will try to make the next one longer. I am going to make that one a HarryXDraco love interlude before he tells Ginny. Just a little more naughty.

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Review #3, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT Slytherin Scarf

12th June 2007:
i think this is good so far

keep up the good work x x x

Heather (:

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Review #4, by ILoveLost1888 Secret Lovers

9th May 2007:
Hi!! I like it. Is Harry and Draco gay? When is Harry and Ginny going to be together? 10-10! Bye Jackie or Jacquelyn

Author's Response: Right now in the story Ginny and Harry are together, but Harry is having an affair with Draco. Harry just needs to find a way to tell Ginny about it. So yeah they are Gay.. Sorry if it bothers you. Thanks for the Review, thanks for reading^.^

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Review #5, by Princessinfinity Secret Lovers

27th April 2007:
oh man i am really not a fan of slash but I figured I'd try reading it...ok so need a proofread though.also how could ginny get into Harry's room if the girls and boys dorms are seperate?

Author's Response: I said in an authors note that I needed a beta. And if you have read the Harry Potter books you would know that Hermione goes into the boys dormitories more than once. She brings crookshanks in there in the PoA. The boys just cant get into the girls. Which they tried to do in the OotP I do beleive.

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Review #6, by dracosfavorite87 Slytherin Scarf

15th March 2007:
I love it!! Update soon! I love slashes too.

Author's Response: I have updated. Thank you for the reveiw!!

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Review #7, by queenb_jan Slytherin Scarf

11th February 2007:
o this is do good

Author's Response: I have updated. Thank you for the reveiw.

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Review #8, by harryginny Slytherin Scarf

17th December 2006:
oooh i like it update soon yea? good stuff

Author's Response: Hey Im so glad that you read my story. I put a different one on FFnet and noone did. But I will be responding soon I am just trying to get a few kinks worked out. Thank you so much for the reveiw.. Tell your friends

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