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Review #1, by Meg_ A New Edition

5th January 2008:
I'm still really curious, but then again I still feel like I've missed another chapter. I really feel like there needs to be some explanation as to what is going on. I give it an 8 though. I really like this DeMarron lady too by the way. You keep describing her with using Hermione as a base which is starting to make me think that you are going to make them related or something. Like very distant cousins or something. I don't know. Anyway I give it an 8 because it's still good writing and I'm still quite interested. I just need some explanation for something to string together.

Author's Response: Ah, the unveiling of Thera. I'm glad you like her, as I was a bit nervous introducing my first OC. I'm surprised you view her having an affinity with Hermione, but I can tell you that I haven't considered them distant relations...I already gave Herms an aunt in Italy, that should be enough for now. :)

Looks like I need to go back over these chapters, doesn't it? You make a good point on the connections, but this is going to be a long story, and I promise not to leave things hanging in the end. Thanks again Meg!

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Review #2, by Meg_ Setting the House of Cards

5th January 2008:
I feel like I missed a chapter to be honest. Some things are not connecting for me. The writing is good and everything seems all well. But whatever happened with Harry opening that box from Luka at the Hollow? Or what about those memories? Harry's a curious fellow. Normally that stuff gets opened and explored the moment he gets it. Especially with it being from his parents I don't see how he couldn't be looking through all that stuff. Anyway so it makes me feel like there's a chapter that I'm missing. Anyway I give it an 8.

Side comment: it's the seventh chapter and we just got to long are you planning this story for?

Author's Response: I know how you feel. When I was writing this chapter, I realized that it was a 'filler chapter' and that I really needed to hunker down and write a story line. Because honestly, this story is mainly in bits and pieces.

Good point about Harry being the naturally curious type, and about the box. I decided to address that in the upcoming chapters, since there are still a lot of answers that need to be given for what exactly it is.

Hmm, it seems that it is a bit long, isn't it? Well, things will definitely speed up now that we're in Hogwarts, but I can't say the same thing for my writing unfortunately. Thanks for all of the comments!

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Review #3, by Meg_ Protection Pie

5th January 2008:
Nice cliffhanger. Luckily I can read on. Your really progressing Harry and Hermione and I'm wondering when it's finally going to happen! I really liked this chapter. I'm going to give it a nine. I have a feeling though that this next one is definitely going to be much cooler than this though. This chapter was like the prep for the next.

Author's Response: Yay! Nines all around! Thanks for the kudos. So you want some H/Hr huh? Just between you and me; it'll be awhile. ;)

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Review #4, by Meg_ When a House becomes a Home

5th January 2008:
You have me interested in this Luka character quite a bit. Anyway I was wondering about the whole Ron/Hermione date. I'm glad you kind of filled in because I was getting quite confused. I feel like Harry's party was too happy. I was totally expecting something terrible to happen. But it didn't. I really hope this next chapter includes what the heck Luka gave Harry just now and also what was in that secret chamber. Anyway I give it a 9!
p.s. spacing is fine in this so I guess you got it.

Author's Response: Hmm yes, you can tell that I don't spare much time for R/Hr. I need to work on that. Consider it a new years resolution. I'm acutally working on the chapter now that's going to explain a lot of memories and such, including that mason jar. I haven't forgotten! Thanks again Meg.

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Review #5, by Meg_ Luka of the Sea

5th January 2008:
Hmmm Luka of the Sea... I'm interested. I really liked the way that you had Hermione and Harry discover that hidden room. I've read other fanfics that have had stuff about a hidden room at Godric's Hollow, but yours I thought was cleverly written. Anyway I'm off to read more. I obviously only read like the first two chapters of this because I don't know any of this. Anyway I give it an 8. There's a few typos and also the spacing is kind of weird in between paragraphs...just a side note.

Author's Response: Huh, I guess I need to get out a bit more and read some more year 7 fics, I was hoping that the hidden room would be an original. Woe is me!

Typos! Bad Spacing! Good Grief, I'm off to fix it. I must be doing something right though, with all of your wonderful reviews. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Meg_ From Alley to Hollow

5th January 2008:
Loved it. I really liked Ron asking Hermione out very awkwardly. It's funny how smart and clever she can be, but I don't think she really got it that it was a date.

Oh I almost forgot to mention this. I thought Hermione would be turning 18 in September going into her seventh year. I think she's the oldest one. I think it's her in September and then Ron in like March or something like that and then Harry is obviously July before they get into their seventh year. I think she was 18 in the last book. I could be wrong. But whatever. Simple details doesn't really matter.

Anyway still enjoyed it and I'm off to read. I really don't remember this part so I'm thinking that I only read like the first two chapters. Anyway it's still great. I give it a 9!

Author's Response: Yep, I think you've got the age thing right. If I got paid to this, I'd consider caring about all of the small stuff; apparition, Bill and Fleur's wedding, Kreacher... but hey- it's fanfiction. And we all know the king of keener's is CircinusPhoenix, right? ;)

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Review #7, by Meg_ The Changes

5th January 2008:
So I was looking through my favorites and I was like "Hmph...what's this one about?" I really couldn't remember, but yeah so I'm reading it. Anyway so this was a great chapter. The Harry/Hermione moment was good. Definitely friend type but also just enough to recognize that something else could be there. I thought the whole fire blazing brighter when Hermione was like, "Don't you say that." was quite cool. Anyway off to read on...

I really don't remember where I left off in this story so I'm just rereading everything! P.s. I gave you a 9 for this chap.

Author's Response: Hey meg, good to hear from you. I get that a lot when I'm reading long fics too...have to go back and refresh myself. I've been keeping in touch with 'If Only...' btw. ;)

Well I'm glad you like Last Door so far, although when I look back on it and it seems like I coddled this piece. Hopefully that will change in the upcoming chapters. Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by miinganharmony A New Edition

15th November 2007:
I am delighted to see that you've updated! I am still following this story and enjoying it very much. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks again miingan!

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Review #9, by fanatic1 A New Edition

14th November 2007:
great work! I'm loving the new character. I can't wait to see what happens next! Keep up the great work and update soon!

Author's Response: Oh goodie. More love! Don't worry, I'm working on it.

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Review #10, by gwenog_jones Setting the House of Cards

4th November 2007:
Good Chapter! Your an excellent writer with a unique style! I love where this story is going i can't wait until the next chapter. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Hey thanks, I've started to notice my writing style developing more as I go through this story. I'm glad your sticking with it, and hopefully the storyline will turn out to your liking.

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Review #11, by miinganharmony Setting the House of Cards

31st October 2007:
YEAH! I am sooo happy you updated! I have seriously checked this story every day since the last chapter went up :) Great job, a good bridge chapter. I look forward to the rest of the story! Keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: Man, I'm happy I updated too! I've been lackidasical in getting this story moving again, but things should go smoother. This chapter, although I think it's my weakest, needed to be plowed through to get anywhere with the rest of the story. Thanks for your support!

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Review #12, by fanatic1 Setting the House of Cards

30th October 2007:
great work... keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll try. :)

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Review #13, by dennisud Protection Pie

24th September 2007:
So far a good story, but I want to see how that cliffy goes!


Author's Response: Oh ya do, do ya? ;)

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Review #14, by miinganharmony Protection Pie

18th September 2007:
Okay... You were right, chapter five's ending was hardly a cliffhanger compared to this... Grrr. I want to keep reading!!! Well, a good chapter. Too short for my liking, but that is just because I really like this story and your writing and I want to know what happens! Thanks for updating, and I really hope that you update as soon as humanly possible!

Author's Response: Lol! Sorry Miingan, I don't mean to torture you. I agree it is too short, but it's leeway into coming back to hogwarts and all that jazz. Soon as humanly possible? We'll see. ;)

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Review #15, by faerieall Protection Pie

10th September 2007:
OMGWTF. :O cliffhangers are soo last year. :D

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Review #16, by Luna_sakura Protection Pie

10th September 2007:
I've read this fröm the first,and this have been one of my fave
I like the way you wrote the sweet ìnteraction and chemìstry between harry and hermi,
Can't wait for the next,how many chapter you've plan for this story?

Author's Response: Well thank you, and for the review as well. I'm glad that you like the chemistry, but I fear that it's getting a bit too schmaltzy for my the story is picking up from here, and H/Hr will take more of a backseat so that other characters can develop. But never's categorized as Harmony for a reason. ;)

As for length, I would say it's looking to be around 20 - 25 chapters. But it's too early to really tell.

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Review #17, by faerieall When a House becomes a Home

30th August 2007:
Oooer. Update ASAP! :D

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Review #18, by Meg_ Grimmuald Thoughts

29th August 2007:
Great chapter. I'm really enjoying it thus far. You have a typo for Madame MaxiMe not Maxine. Or at least I think that's her name. Anyway I really enjoyed the story. The whole Hermione's aunt being in Italy and dying was actually a great backstory. I feel like more should come of that later. It's very interesting that you have her find a book that belonged to a Parselmouth who created the Horcrux spell. That's awesome. Anyway well done and I can't wait to read on.

Author's Response: Hi Meg, thanks for the notes. So your are right about Maxime, I checked the HP lexicon. If I ever get around to updating the chapters again, I'll make a note.

You like all the elements? Well that's good! Don't worry, there's more backstory in the future...but these days I'm finding it harder and harder to come up with original ideas. Thank you for your review meg! Hope to see you're comments in the future.

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Review #19, by miinganharmony When a House becomes a Home

26th August 2007:
A cliffhanger... Gr. Well, this is definately a terrific story. You have great talent as a writer and the story is developing wonderfully... I hope that H/HR happens soon, and I really hope that you'll keep up with the story and continue writing. I have thoroughly enjoy all of the story thus far and I truly hope that you update very soon!

Author's Response: That was a cliffanger? Geez, I can't wait to see what you have to say later in the story. Thank you for the compliments, and the review!

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Review #20, by taylorj828 When a House becomes a Home

13th June 2007:
Hey Ripley! So sorry I haven't reviewed sooner! I don't know how long this has been up, but here I am!

hehe! Hey, Great chapter! I can see why you like this one better than four. It was alot of fun. By the way, I, er, might have liked your character Luka, and I might have used the name for an OC of mine. (o:

Anyway! Wow what a fun chapter, talking to Luka, hehe the awkward moments with Hermione, the birthday party! I love your explainations of Harry and Ginny, and also Ron and Hermione. I just like that it was sort of, subtle, not these HUGE dramatic things. I do find it interesting that Hermione didn't tell Harry. Also I liked the moment where Harry feels a tingling from Ginny's kiss but, nothing else. And he wonders if that's it.

Aw, and I love your slight Ron and Luna scenes. I adore Luna. But the awkwardness of his admitting he showed her around, and the 4am conversation, haha!

Fishing, that's fun! And the box! AH, I guess you'll tell us next chapter. (o: Quite enjoyable! Hey so next time you update, feel free to let me know, in case I forget or take awhile to come 'round. (o:

Author's Response: Hey thanks TaylorJ! I'm glad you think all of the awkwardness is working out...I had to think back to high school to remember how I would have been in those situations.

I did notice that you had a Luka in your story! Good name, isn't it? ;) Congrats on having a featured story btw.

I hope the speed of the story is ok. I noticed that since I'm always trying to move the story along, that I tend to sacrifice some details that I had in the beginning.

Ron and Luna! I love writing Luna; she's a mystery that I still haven't worked out...quite like Ron. I hope they fit well together in the future.

That box...honestly that's something I have to brainstorm.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by bdrman Grimmuald Thoughts

11th June 2007:
Hello there. I love reading Harry/Hermione stories and I had to check this one out when I was looking over who has read your story and it included my three favorite authors- Hermione_Crookshanks, taylorj828, and circinusphoenix.

Grimmuald Place is one of my most favorite places in the HP universe and I think you use it to good effect here. I like the idea of the Weasley family moving there because of the extra protection it offers. That is a neat idea. I felt bad for Hermione that she lost the aunt in Italy but the information that she obtained from her research will certainly help Harry's quest.

The idea I liked best was the Horcrux book and how it was written in Parseltounge. I suppose that means that Harry will be the only one that will be able to read and understand all that it says. Once again, Hermione to the rescue! I am not sure why Ron went off to work with dragons. Did I miss something? I will keep reading to see what happens.

Author's Response: Well hello! So you like how it's going so far? Great! Grimmuald place is just a starter, and yes you're is the safest place.

Hermione's aunt in Italy was a bit of backstory that I wanted to give the character. A lot of time when writing fanfic, I've noticed it's HarryHarryHarry. I couldn't fall into that pit. As for Ron being in Romania, you didn't miss a step; I did. I would call it shoddy storytelling on my part. But don't worry, Ron's summer with dragons will come of some use in the future. ;)

That book. Arg. It's giving me problems. I'm glad you think it's interesting, but I'm having a hard time placing it's meaning within the story...I'm sure it'll come to me. Thanks bdrman.

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Review #22, by Skylar33 When a House becomes a Home

11th May 2007:
This is really good so far! I'm already excited where this story goes. Thank you!

Author's Response: And thank you for reading! Yes, I am excited to see where it goes too. Sometimes ideas pop into my head at random times (especially at work when my mind is trying to entertain itself) and unfortunately, I never have enough time to write it all...

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Review #23, by ruv When a House becomes a Home

11th May 2007:

Author's Response: Well, I did want a time-turner for my birthday. Maybe that would help me and my speed. ;)

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Review #24, by griffindor500 When a House becomes a Home

11th May 2007:
Hey, great story. As good as the real Harry Potter books itself.
Harry's mature and its a H/HR fic, my most preferred choice.
Well any way awesome story and nice ring to the story too.
I give you 10.

Author's Response: Well thank you. I think we have something in common. What do you mean by a nice ring to the story? You like the style in which I write?

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Review #25, by taylorj828 Luka of the Sea

28th March 2007:
Hey again! Well, great chapter. I think you have some good descriptions and it really seems like you took some time to paint pictures for us. I think the references to Mrs. Weasley portray her reactions accurately. Harry and Hermione together - well it's always been quite natural there too. Very good. And we meet Luka - briefly. Who is he?!! hehe.

Oh yeah, and nice detail with the mermaids and the muggle jewelry box. I like details like that, that are often forgotten. (o: Good work! Oh also, I like the poem at the beginning, for Lupin being the secret keeper. And the Memora charm - very cool. I'm guessing like the house changes depending on how it's remembered? Anyway nice work!

Author's Response: Wow, I'm surprised at how much people like this chapter! My personal favorite is coming up, actually. But then again I shouldn't say that, I still have a lot left to write! Well I'm glad you see things are working out better. And don't worry. Luka plays an important part coming up. I suppose this is the part where the story really starts...

The memora charm is kinda vague, I suppose. It's supposed to act as a sort of refurbishing charm- wizard insurance I guess? ;) But I suppose that some things also appear out of necessity, but not quite like the room of requirement. Make sense? Thanks for reading!

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