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Review #1, by jenna I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

17th February 2009:

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Review #2, by symphonyofwords I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

25th January 2008:
this was fun to read after Deathly Hallows came out.
Albus Severus. you must be partially psychic.

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Review #3, by JLHufflepuff I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

10th December 2007:
This is a really amazing story. I like that you took the It's a Wonderful Life concept and applied it to the HP cast of characters. Remus is a really good choice for the one to put through that experience. It was a horrifying scenario that would have taken place if Remus had never been bitten. This is a very, very clever story! I love it!

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Review #4, by AndrinaBlack I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

10th December 2007:
Wow, that was really cool!!! The story held me in its grip through it! It was really enjoyable to read and your writing has a good flow to it. This was a really good idea with a lot of action and all. Anyway it was the sweetness of it that I liked the best. Everything with the people Remus loves and all that. It was a nice fairytaleish image that came from all those people standing on the edge of a cloud or something. I would maybe not have changed that much for his life if he had not been bitten, but this worked very well. I liked the first ending better, but that could also have been because I read it first and accepted it.

There was one thing I wondered about. When Remus has asked about McGonagall Snape says something about how he enjoyed seeing Potter's face when he saw her die. That wouldn't work with this would it? As James is evil and Harry is not born.

Thank you for the lovely christmassy feeling you gave me. I really enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review-- I'm glad you liked it.

The Potter he was referring to was James. James was a Gryffindor, and McGonnagall was his head of house. So to see James commit a crime against her and smile about it made him happy. Does that help? ~~juls

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Review #5, by angelrosieMD I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

5th August 2007:
ok, um i don't really get the second ending. how did Severus and Remus become friends, would Severus have become a DE if he were friends with Remus, James and Sirius ?

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Review #6, by Prince Of Darkness I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

10th June 2007:
I thought this story uses the original It's A Wonderful Life very well in the retelling. Another wonderful story.

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Review #7, by andharrywokeup I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

15th May 2007:
Woah. It's no christmas but I still feel inspired. Is it bad that I prefer this to old Dickens's tale? What an excellent piece, it really made me feel less sad for Remus. He had really made a life for himself. Watching the ghosts all look down at him was bittersweet, but still beautiful, and I think it fit a lot better with the ending you decided to use in the end. Simply fabulous. 10/10.

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Review #8, by Frenchie I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

2nd March 2007:
First, I would simply like to comment on your beautiful banner. It's so pretty! Especially since I'm pretty sure I own the purple ornament with the swirls. ;)

Second, It's a Wonderful Life is the best movie ever, and it makes such a cute fic! Thank you for basing your story on it.

Third, this was a very well written story, and I enjoyed it very much. 10/10 and beyond!

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Review #9, by Angel Of Darkness I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

7th February 2007:
Aw, Juls that was awesome! I'm sure Jackie loved it!

Author's Response: MoM-- err Angel-- errr JESS!!! Omg thank you. And she said she did =) huggles juls.

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Review #10, by Arithmancy_Wiz I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

17th January 2007:
Ta da! I have arrived at last. So far my plan to become the slowest reviewer in history seems to be working brilliantly :) I’m so sorry I didn’t get to this until after Christmas, but better late than never, right?

So you have done it again…written another interesting story that showcases your vivid imagination. Though this had very dark undertones, it was still fun in its own way. A Wonderful Life is such a great Christmas classic and you really made the idea work here. I absolutely loved seeing Dumbledore as Clarence. Such a perfect fit! Even after he has been gone for years he still has lessons to teach. How very perceptive of you. And putting Remus in the lead was also perfect. You needed someone who already had a lot to be thankful for (as opposed to say…Snape) and Lupin was the perfect choice. I think my favorite part was the appearance of Tonks in Lupin’s “vision”. I don’t know if it is just because I like her character or what but it added another great layer.

Though this made for a pretty long one-shot, it didn’t drag at all. In fact, it seemed to fly by. This is definitely another one of your one-shots that could be expanded into a full story, though it was effective as is. I only have one question. Snape mentions the look on Potter’s face when McGonagall is killed. At first I thought you meant Harry, but then later you say he was never born. Does this then refer to James, and if so, was the look on his face happy, considering he is a Death Eater? Hmmm…anyway, what a lovely birthday gift you have here, and what a very sweet thing to do.

Thanks for sharing, juls. A pleasure as always :)

Author's Response: Thanks A_Wiz-- your reviews are always appreciated. I love seeing them, and I know how busy you are. Yeah-- James had a happy face, though it was meant for Lupin to take it as being upset (and Harry's face.) There was so muc I know I could have added, but I didn't want to make it chaptered, with Tonks appearance and the treatmet she recieved was enough of a jolt to kick Remus back into wanting reality. Along with all the others (James and Sirius, and Snape's treatment of Tonks.) I would have left Snape out totally, but then we would not have had the 'experiance' or horror. I wrote 2 ending because one was for Jackie and one was (selfishly- and first written) for me.
When I actually started this, I had no clue where I was going with it. But once I found out Jackie's love of Remus and Tonks and made the decision to write it for her-- It all flowed so easy. I was amazed it actually for the most par came out as I desired. I guess I was not meant to write a fluffy lovey type story. I wish I could.
Ever since I joined HPFF and posted my first story, I have fallen more in love with writing, and with reviewers of your ilk.. I have improved and have been challenged to go farthr than I have even gone. I am grateful for this. Seriously- from your first review to ow this one, I have been challenged.
Thanks you oh so much-- huggles juls

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Review #11, by DJ I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

14th January 2007:
I liked original ending best. Name really sucks, sorry. Albus James Sirius Lupin? I prefer James to Albus- the kid'll never survive school as Albus.

Author's Response: For the Wizardry world he will growing up in, I think the name of albus will be warmly accepted. I'm one for not so common names (named my own Dennis.) I think lil Albus will do ok.. And thanks for your review. Huggles ~~juls (alt ending is original rofl)

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Review #12, by tiffers I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

20th December 2006:
JULS, I finally made it to this story! It feels like forever since I have left you a review, oh wait, it has been forever! Forgive me! What a wonderful present to give to somebody, and even better, it was an amazing story. I will not lie, I did get confused, most likely because I was impatient and had to ask questions instead of reading on. Now that I have finally finished though I can say with 100% honestly, that it was a fantastic one-shot.

I love this idea of Remus never wanting to get bitten, and I love that it changes everything about his future. I find myself wondering from time to time how different my life would be if I had made different choices, I'm sure everyone has, and this story really made me think. I was in shock at how different his life would be though, you are so inventive, a creative genius if you will. I love that Albus is the person who takes him around, I miss good ol' Albus.

The whole death eater scene was amazing and *gasp* Remus kills Albus, how heartwrenching! I love that this future has things like James' and Sirius, things that might sway Remus, but of course in the end he makes the right desicion. I love the scene in heaven with everyone, it made me tear up, I am not ashamed to admit. I love the first ending Juls, it fits perfectly!

Overall a wonderful story Juls, a very sweet Christmas story, perfect for the season! Fabulous, as usual, not that I am shocked, everything you write turns to gold my dear! I can't wait to read all of you other wonderful work that you did while I was away, I'm sure it's just as fantastic! Happy Holidays my dear!

Author's Response: Huggles and welcome tiff!! Yes you were gone way too long! I'm sorry I made you cry =/. I tried to stay as true to the movie storyline as well as twist the HP elements in. Thanks so much for a) coming home b) reviewing and c) loking my story. HUGGLES ~~juls

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Review #13, by ronspoiledeverything I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

20th December 2006:
This story is so good! I love the "It's a Wonderful Life" theme, and the Tonks and Remus stuff just made it better.

Author's Response: Thanks hun. ~~juls

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Review #14, by ginnyp I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

15th December 2006:
Mmm. I like the first ending. This is a really good story. I love It's a Wonderful Life, and I was working on a fic with that premise in mind, but now that I've read this, it would be like copying. That's okay. I'm glad this is on here, and it's really good. I liked having Dumbledore as Clarence- it worked really well with the story.

Author's Response: Write your story hun.... NEVER let a plot line hold you back. (and PM me with the link) Huggles and thanks for the review. ~~juls

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Review #15, by ElissandrAnne I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

15th December 2006:
Good story! I like Lupin - he's such an interesting character. And you wrote him very well. Oh, and I loved the end, Albus's note.


Author's Response: Thanks Anne ~~hug juls

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Review #16, by dracoslover1 I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

14th December 2006:
This is a very story. It was a little confusing with the second ending--why would Severus be there with Remus at the birth of his son? I like the first ending much more then the second ending.

Author's Response: I have my own views on Snape... rofl I still think he's a good guy. Thanks for th review hun ~~huggle juls

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Review #17, by Moony_1986 I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

13th December 2006:
This is a really good story. It helps that It's A Wonderful life is my favourite Christmas film.

"Everytime a bell rings, an angle gets its' wings!"

And I named my cat Clarence.

Back to your fic, as I said it was great, well written good plot you didn't make the characters OOC, which is always good. Loved the fact that our Remus chose his normal life. Well done!


Author's Response: Thanks Gemma~~ I got to one of your stories and will wander back again.
I'm glad you like the story, and I'm beyond happy finding someone else who loves the the movie. Huggles ~~juls

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Review #18, by almost_witch I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

12th December 2006:

Even though this is an extremely long story I have to say that I forgot about how long it was and was glued to how great the plot was, now that is a good thing!

I have never come across a story and plot like this, sure, I have seen the ones about the life if someone had not have lived, but this is a great idea. Really, I never would have thought of a story like this but it is brilliant! Honestly, I don't know where you pull your ideas from!

It looks like you put alot of thought and a massive imagination into this story, and I have to say that it has really paid off because this is one great piece of writting that deserves alot more reviews than it currently had (12! C'mon, you can do better than that!).

Your ideas for what would have happend if he chose the different path were brilliant, I personally would not have thought of half of them. When I first figured out that he was a death eater I would not have though James and Sirius would be there too. A big shock for me! Well there were alot of shocks but that is one that stuck with me.

Also giving reasons for why these things happend were very true too, all very understandable, and it opened my eyes onto how much one person can change things for people.

Great plot and story, a really well written piece and your spelling and grammer is fine.

Again, well done on this, Almost_witch

Author's Response: I am honored you read through this story. Seriously cause I knew the length was long for you. I am so very happy that you enjoyed it and that the plot erased the length in your mind. It actually took me a month to plot out because I got stuck on the first paragraph, then I had him slip and fall... and **lightbulb** the idea came. I have always loved the movies "It's A Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol" and those 2 and probably a bunch rolled into one and created this story. (Plus writing this as a gift to my friend padfootandprongs 91-- jackie helped spurr me on to finish it.) James and Sirius demanded the walk-on, honest. Guess they wanted to shock and prode Remus as to how truly wonderful he had been to them. I love your reviews hun.... And if I didn't say it before (or enough) Thank you. Huggles ~~juls

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Review #19, by Abi I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

12th December 2006:
I definately like the ending you decided on better, but both are good!

Aww...that was sweet! I love it! It's so's like the butterfly effect, the smallest things change everything. I'm happy he's decided it's a blessing, rather than a curse. *sniffles*

Poor Lily! (in the alternate future) I can't believe canon too.that would be the world without love, if Voldemort took over.

*grabs banner and waves* "GO HARRY!"


Author's Response: Thanks for the review hun... and yes I guess the words 'butterfy effect' does apply. ~~juls

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Review #20, by Lupin4Tonks I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

11th December 2006:
I like the other ending. More forgiving. Sweet

Author's Response: YAY!! someone likes my chosen ending =). Thanks for the review. huggles ~~juls.

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Review #21, by xElusive Memoriesx I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

10th December 2006:
After reading that absolute MAMMOTH one shot, I had to review. It was pure lovely. I like the first ending better, as the second was a little confusing about the 'Severus' name. Also, the first seemed more in character for Remus. On to faves and 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thanks glad ya liked it ~~juls

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Review #22, by lionsgoRAWRx I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

9th December 2006:
That was lovely.
I liked the second ending better, 'cause then Snape's not evil.
Not that I particularly like Snape or anything.

Author's Response: Thanks =) 1st ending was for my friend jackie... second was for me. ~~juls

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Review #23, by SiriusLives222 I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

8th December 2006:
LOFF! LOFF! LOFF! This is a great story, you got Remus perfectly!

Author's Response: Thanks hugz ~~juls

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Review #24, by ValhallaAdonisSnape(Skyris-too tired to sign in) I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

8th December 2006:
Woots! I love both endings *hugz them* I feel really warm and fuzzy after this fic. Good job! -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: Eh, warm and fuzzy? Lol Ags thanks ~~juls

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Review #25, by delta I Wish I Had Never Been Bitten

7th December 2006:
Awesome, juls! I absolutely love it. This was such an amazing and unique idea here and portrayed beautifully. I love the Remus you have characterized and how you made him understand how being bitten could also be a blessing. Absolutely amazing. Happy Holidays! :)

Author's Response: Thanks Delta, when I got this plot bunny I wasn't sure I could pull it off. Hugz ~~juls

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