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Review #1, by ChironIII Winter's Influence

3rd April 2011:
Very nice. Well Done!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by speaknow Winter's Influence

7th December 2010:
i love this story! so cute! its going on my favorites list!

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Review #3, by Harrypotterfanforever Winter's Influence

18th July 2009:
The last line is pretty funny.But that was really good as well as your other stories are. You're a great writer, keep it up!

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Review #4, by morningdew Winter's Influence

13th April 2009:
Seldom you find a piece of work which not just narrates the plot, but rather captures the moment with all the hues of its emotions. I call it breathing life energy into words.
Marvelously written. Presented even better. The effort you put in (esp. going into the etymology to create the spell), makes me feel sure that theres a lot more besides fan fiction you can do.

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Review #5, by Snagglepuss Winter's Influence

2nd January 2009:
O.O that was amazingly adorable!
beautiful story, might try the whole kiss as a preset for my boyfriend some time :D saves me money! haha

Author's Response: Oh hello Snagglepuss! Such a nifty penname!

So nice to hear you enjoyed the story! Oh, a kiss for your boyfriend . . . well, who knows, he may just really like that! :) Oh, but you're just thinking of saving some dough!

Thanks SP for your comments, and that score!

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Review #6, by Gondegoogoo Winter's Influence

20th December 2008:
Awesome story! Keep it up!:D

Author's Response: Hey Gondegoogoo,

Thanks for the nice words! I am still into the writing business, though it's slow going as of late! Perhaps reviews like yours are what I need to get back on track eh? :)

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by Lady Emerald Winter's Influence

23rd November 2008:
That was so cute! God, I wish it snowed where I live, but we only get 1/2 - 2 inches every year. Thank goodness I'm moving soon! Lots of snow this year for me!

Author's Response: Hi there Lady Emerald!

I'm glad you liked the story! Yeah, I wish I got snow here like back at my home in Canada. They have feet there right now, but where I'm at, it's just raining all the time. :(

Snow at this time of year does rock though. Winter is the best time of the year!

Thanks for your comments!

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Review #8, by Vlacroix Winter's Influence

30th March 2008:
Lol, I love the ending. Ron loved the keeper gloves, its so random! Anyway, a very good one-shot! Don't you just love H/Hr? It's just so right! I love your story! You keep up with your awesome stories! :D

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Review #9, by magicinthemoonlight29 Winter's Influence

30th January 2008:
Oh that was such a wonderful story! You reviewed one of my stories and I decided to look you up. You are such an amazing writer, I can't believe it! There were no cliche's or any cheesy parts, just wonderful, thoughtful writing. Thanks for a well-written and enticing read!

Author's Response: Hello there moonlight! Nice to see you here!

Glad you liked this story of course! Yes, I did review one of your stories, and made your banner! :) It's great that you decided to come by here.

Glad you enjoyed this story. As to cliche's, well, there are always cliches now aren't there? But it's good that you didn't dwell on the little ones I indulge in. :)

Thank you for the awesome review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #10, by Jaely Winter's Influence

2nd January 2008:
very sweet story thanks for sharing :)

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Review #11, by something random Winter's Influence

2nd December 2007:
i love it, it seems so real. i would like a sequel please please please

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Review #12, by Hermionejpotter Winter's Influence

29th September 2007:
great story

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Review #13, by hanoverpretz01 Winter's Influence

5th August 2007:
cute. keep it up!

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Review #14, by Ginny953 Winter's Influence

17th July 2007:
Wow, can you try to do a sequel to this, or another chapter? Its really good. Just one question, what's the last sentance mean? Ron loved the keeper gloves? Just wondering. You should really make a second part. If possible.

Author's Response: Hey there!

Glad you liked this nice little one-shot! As to a sequel, perhaps in a few months with Christmas coming again. :)

Ron loved the keeper gloves, just a random line to bring the story back to the original purpose; that it's Christmas. :) Just something to make you smile at the end.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by hprwhggw_hogwarts Winter's Influence

30th June 2007:
thats is so romantic. love it

Author's Response: Hey there hprwhqqw! Wow, that's a hard penname to write. :)

Glad you liked this one-shot of course! Thanks for reviewing, and I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #16, by Dragonette Winter's Influence

28th May 2007:
That first scene, where you wrote about winter outside of Hogwarts? You have some of the most beautiful descriptive writing I've ever read. It was amazing, and it put me right there, at the school, in the days before Christmas. Kudos on that – it was very well written.

Okay. I don't ship Harry/Hermione, but that was absolutely amazing. I have to say, I really liked it. The length seemed to fit just right, however, I think that it could stand to have a bit more of Harry and Hermione both opinion wise, that Christmas eve. Don't get me wrong, the way you have it written is lovely. And I liked it a lot. But it might make more sense (if you think it needs to) to get some thoughts from both of their sides.

I also think it'd be interesting to see this story from one POV or the other, told in first person, or switching POVs. It might be a way to get into more depth in the story, or, more than you already have. Plus, it might get more personal, and I think what you were trying to do with this story is capture both of their unsure emotions. We see from Harry's side, mostly, but what was Hermione thinking?

I think my favorite scene by far was the snowball fight, if you can call it that. It was very cute, and very nicely done. The way Harry went to “protect” her, and they couldn't stop laughing – that scene just made me laugh along with them.

All in all, very nice job! 9/10. It was very cute. And it definitely got its point across – some of the best gifts really can't be wrapped!!


Author's Response: Hey there Dragonette!

Great to hear you enjoyed the beginning there with the descriptions. I felt with this story, it was needed to put the reader right there.

It's great to hear you enjoyed the story, even though you're not a H/Hr fan. As to more of Hermione's side, I just wanted it to come from Harry's PoV. But you're probably right, it could do with more stuff on Christmas Even night.

Again, as to PoV, from another would be nice, yes, but I usually stay in one-person's PoV, so that there isn't any hopping around.

Glad you liked the snowball scene for sure. I liked it too. It was fun to write, plus a bit of a mini-climax, since they almost kiss. :)

Thanks again for reviewing Dragonette, and for that score, wonderful! :)

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Review #17, by brrrrrrrrr Winter's Influence

26th May 2007:
i loved the ending that Ron loves the keeper gloves. *wink*

Author's Response: brrrrr eh? Must be cold I guess. :)

Glad you liked the ending. I thought it would be a bit of a funny ending to it all. Ron is that part of the story usually (comic relief), and I thought it would do to leave people with a smile at the end. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by ladyemma Winter's Influence

22nd May 2007:
Sorry it took me so long to get to this! It's LadySophieKitty from the forums. I'm the one with all the questions. Anyway, I think I've said this before, but just in case I haven't, I'll say this again. When I review, I like to give some good things, then some CC, good things, CC, so on.

Good thing (besides it being hhr of course ^_^)- As the snow fell in its harmonious and quiet way,

I LOVE the harmonious part. It is, after all, a Harmonious Christmas. Lol.

CC (by the way, my CC is usually very small things, especially with an author as talented as yourself. Feel free to ignore it)- Hagrid's Hut should probably be Hagrid's hut, seeing as it really isn't the name of the hut. The explanations of winter was quite enjoyable, though almost to the point where it was a bit too much. Here and there you also had a couple run on sentences.
"Harry did not plan to walk the whole day, no, just to the lake."

the wording in that sentence seems a bit odd.

I believe I've pointed this out in your other fic, but 'Hogsmede' is supposed to have an 'a', therefor becoming Hogsmeade.

'What could he get for Hermione that would both be a good gift, but he meaningful as well?' I think you mean 'be meangingful', not 'he meaningful'.

I have always been taught that (and several things are taught differantly, so it's not necessarily wrong, but I thought I should mention it anyway.) "" is used when someone is speaking, and that '' is used within quotation marks.

‘Umm, Hermione?’

Er would probably be more like something Harry would use.

There were a couple more grammatical errors, but I think the CC area has gotten large enough. If you want, I could always beta this chapter. I don't change the story at all, I'm more of a spelling/grammar/wording beta. If not, that's okay.

Good thing- I rather liked the inside joke presents, as well as how you wrote the relationship between Harry and Hermione. I love how he can still talk to Sirius. So sweet. (don't mind me. Sirius is my favorite character, so I can get emotional over the tiniest things when it comes to him). Ah, that was so sweet how they ended up getting together! If I was either of them, that would probably be the sweetest gift ever. Okay, so I admit, I'm a hopeless romantic. Sue me.

Wow, now that I look back at it, by CC section was rather large. Sorry about that! As said before, I tend to be picky about the smallest things. It doesn't mean I didn't like it, because I did. I loved it a lot! In fact, I'm adding it to my favorites.

So, just let me know what your answer to my betaing offer is.


P.S.- 9/10 (9 because of the few grammatical errors)

Author's Response: Hey there Sophie! Wonderful to see you back here!

Yes, the "harmonious snow" thing is a play on it being a Harmony story. I had to put it in there. :)

As to Hagrid's hut, it probaby should be put that way, but I just feel "Hagrid's Hut" is a place, like the Forbidden Forest, and thus, caps on both. As to descriptions, I know, I've been told sometimes I over-do them. I dont know, I just want to make sure people see what I have written I guess. And the grammar, it's a bit rusty, I know, but I'm hoping to get all my stories beta'd soon. :)

The Hogsmeade thing, you're entirely correct! I was quite surprised by that, and I'll be going through and changing them all over sometime soon.

The use of '' instead of "" is from HPOL. In the British version of HP, single quotes are used ('') for speech, and doubles aren't used (""), so I've always used single ones to keep with canon in that respect. I know, it can sometimes get confusing when you have things like 'Aren't you sure that can't happen?' with the extra ', but it's the same in the books.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the romantic parts, and yes, the gifts and such. Sirius, yes, he's mentioned for a second there. He is an awesome character, and it was sad to see him go.

It's alright about the CC, I'm always looking for good advice. Beta'ing is an idea for sure, so I might get a hold of you soon about that. :)

Thanks for the 9, that's wicked, and thanks for reviewing Sophie! :)

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Review #19, by Lostmyheart Winter's Influence

25th April 2007:
Aww, cute =D
I really liked the story :]


Author's Response: Lostmyheart? Oh, that doesn't sound good does it? :)

I'm glad you liked this story! I rather like this one-shot of mine, 'cause there are a lot of nice moments in it I think. Thank you for the 10, that's awesome!

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #20, by The_Other_Minister Winter's Influence

23rd April 2007:
Well, I can see Harry certainly likes those walks. =)

This seemed a tad bit on the predictable side...falling on top of eachother in the snow, gift you can't wrap, etc. But it wasn't boring, not at all. I actually really, really liked it. Just wished those parts could have had a bit more creativity, thats all.
However, the orginization of the piece was awesome, and I absolutely adore your style =)

This was great!

Author's Response: Oh, back again! Great to see you again The Other Minister!

Yes, well, reading these two stories back to back might reveal some clear parallels. I know some parts are predictable, like falling in the snow, but I wanted some nice moments like that. The gift you can't wrap, I honestly had people wondering what it could be. Falling in the snow, at least they didn't kiss right? That would have been a bit cliched I think if that happened. But I am sorry you found those two parts a little on the uncreative side.

But of course, I'm glad you enjoy my writing style and how things are put together! :)

Thanks again The Other Minister for reviewing! I hope to see you back again!

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Review #21, by _twilight_star_ Winter's Influence

22nd April 2007:
One word: amazing! I loved how you wrote it, and that it was more than just one couple on a great Christmas Eve. The way you described it made me imagine it perfectly- I could see the amber lights and the dozens of snow balls. I smiled practically the whole way through it, and I loved how Harry made a riddle out of his gift.
There were a few spelling mistakes, like 'were' instead of 'where', but other than that, it was a great story. I enjoyed reading it. =)

Author's Response: Hello again twilight! You read another of my stories, wonderful! :)

Oh, amazing is a great word for a writer to see, so thank you! This Christmas one-shot, I wanted to be about more than just Harry and Hermione, though focused on them. Having the other couples I felt would give a nice roundness to the story, and make the H/Hr not seem so surprising in a sense.

Wonderful to hear you liked my descriptions of things. The scene in the Common Room at the end I liked personally. See, I'm a visual thinking, and I have a visual memory, so when I'm writing, I'll picture the scene, and then try to describe it.

Was Harry's gift a riddle? I guess it was, I don't know! :) I just thought he wouldn't know how to give it without having Hermione guess it. I mean, just kissing her all of a sudden would be a surprise, wouldn't it? :)

Sorry about the spelling mistakes. I'm terrible for the where/were sometimes, and I'm also known for worse/worst. But I'm getting better! :)

Thanks again twilight for reviewing! I do look forward to hearing from you on some of my other stories! :)

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Review #22, by HeavenLeigh123 Winter's Influence

21st April 2007:
Very sweet. Great, detailed descriptions!

Author's Response: Hello there! It's nice to hear from you!

I'm glad you liked this one-shot. I think out of all of them, this one I like the most. I really enjoy the scene I made, and yes, some of the descriptions that come out of it. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Wizardress Winter's Influence

11th April 2007:
aw... so cute and romantic... y cant real life be like the books (or in this case, fanfics)?

Author's Response: Hi there Wizardress! Nice to see you! :)

Glad you liked this one-shot. I like it alot, 'cause of the scenery and just the simplicity of it.

And I know, believe me, I wish so much real life could be like this. I have a visual mind, so I can easily picture this scene in my head, and I know exactly who I'd want to be with in a situation like I wrote here. Sorta sad when you realize it's like impossible to happen.

But, we can all try right? Just hope that when a moment, such as sitting in front of a fire during Christmas holidays as the snow falls outside, that the person you love will come up, and the two of you will just sit and bask in the glow of the fireplace, and snuggle up together warmly, and give soft kisses to each other.

. . . wow, getting too much into the story there eh? :) Thanks for reviewing Wizardress! Feel free to try out another of my stories if you'd like. :)

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Review #24, by sectumsempra12 Winter's Influence

8th April 2007:
It's Sectumsempra again, just taking the time to review another one of your stories. I read it earlier, but I didn't have time to review, but I wanted to make sure I found time to do so.

This story is really cute, and I like it a lot. Just like in HPOL you don't make Harry and Hermione fall madly in love and then rebel againt everyone who doesn't agree with their being together. It's done very tastefull, if that's the right word.

When Hermione told Harry that she'd gotten him the same thing, it made me smile for some reason. I also like the Ron/Luna shipping in this, just like in HPOL. It's not the main focus of the story, but it's there. They make such a cute couple! Another thing that I wasn't sure I would like at first is Ginny and Neville, but it's like Ron and Luna, not the main focal point, but it's nice to see it there.

I am not the best critic in the world, trust me. I don't always pick up on everyone's mistakes, but I do know this story deserves a 10/10, and that's what I give it.


Author's Response: Hey there sectumsempra! :) It's nice to see you again! Well, back again I guess right? :)

I'm glad you liked this little one-shot. Yeah, again, I don't make them fall head-over-heals in love. Tasteful is a good word to use, so thank you there. :)

Made you smile eh? :) That's a good thing for sure. And yeah, at first I wasn't going to put the other pairings, but thought it would be a nice addition. They're nice little backgrounds pairings to make the H/Hr feel a bit nicer I thought.

It is wonderful to hear you liked this one though. :) I like it myself, 'cause I just thought the scene in the common room in front of the fire was just amazingly picturesque.

Thanks again sectumsempra for reviewing again! :)

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Review #25, by HPlife Winter's Influence

6th April 2007:
awww so nice. Yeah i know that it sounds cheesy but its good work. 10/10 and i'm wondering if you can stop by my page and read my storys? and keep up your good writing.

Author's Response: Hey there HPlife! It's nice to see you again! :)

Yeah, this is a bit of a fluffy one-shot, but I thought it would be a cute story. Glad you liked it.

As to reading your stories, I would be happy to, but at the moment I'm trying to catch up with an over-due essay, so I can't in the next while. I'll try sometime soon though, I promise. :)

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