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Review #1, by SABRIINNAAA The Third Pain of Christmas is...

7th October 2007:
when are you going to post more?? or you're done with it

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Review #2, by werebear The Third Pain of Christmas is...

11th January 2007:
i like it!! Bravo!! Two thumbs up!!

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Review #3, by harry_is_da_bomb The Third Pain of Christmas is...

8th January 2007:
very good. i love the word it normal to have strange affections for particular words? but it is a very funny word. i love fred and george. very funny and keep writing. im guessing there are gonna be 12 chapters?

Author's Response: I plan on having 12 chapters, one for each 'pain'. Hopefully I will finish it soon, since the season has come and gone. It's at the top of my list to work on!

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Review #4, by J a s m i ne The Third Pain of Christmas is...

28th December 2006:
I read the all 3 chapters...its sooo swet!!!...makes me wanna

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Review #5, by potterfa89 The Second Pain of Christmas is...

15th December 2006:
This kind of reminds me of the film Deck The Halls. Personally I don't see the point in trying to outdo someone with lights, and the perfect tree? Well, I gave my opinion on that last time.
As a story it's great, you have many of the good elements in it. Just one question, did you deliberately stick a bit of present tense in among the past tense? I notice it when Percy appeared.

Author's Response: Percy is kind of telling the story... I guess... but yeah, it is supposed to be like that...

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Review #6, by potterfan89 The First Pain of Christmas...

15th December 2006:
It's a great story so far, though being british I can't really see the point in going looking for a specific tree to cut down, I guess it's an american thing.

Author's Response: I guess it is an American thing... I personally have and artifical tree, so I don't go cross-country to find a tree either...

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Review #7, by harry_is_da_bomb The Second Pain of Christmas is...

10th December 2006:
Ah another excelent chapter. Correct me if i'm wrong but the narrator is percy...wait no percy wrote the story but it is being told by an announcer boy. yes thats it.anyway love you story and ive added it to my favorits. UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: Thanks for adding it to you favorites! That makes me sooo happy!!! And yeah... Percy is narrating the announcer boy was just a one time thing. Percy actually doesn't have that big of a part, but I wanted to put him in the story... so yeah... I promise to Update soon!!!

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Review #8, by XxangiexX The Second Pain of Christmas is...

8th December 2006:
oh jeez, why is harry putting up dumbledore and the hogwarts staff if he has muggle neighbors? He's like "Adrian, we can't use magic, there are muggles around. Let's put up the most powerful wizard of all time and his friends!" lol! besides that, i really like the story line, even if it is a little GRINCHY! lol jk jk jk


Author's Response: Well, I'm not trying to be Grinchy... but Yay, Harry is supposed to be full of himself, it helps later on, so does the Hogwarts staff lawn ornaments... thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by werebear The Second Pain of Christmas is...

8th December 2006:
man harry...when will people learn to check the lights before hanging them up.

Author's Response: my dad does it every year!

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Review #10, by harry_is_da_bomb The First Pain of Christmas...

5th December 2006:
Ah...i love it. Guys are so useless at remembering stuff...aniverseries...birthdays...the day we get dragged out to pick out chrismas trees...why christmas trees have "simbolism" because thats where he proposed. Very funny. I especially like the opening scean where draco is presedent and i quote OVER MY DEAD BODY. Music to my ears. Anyway love the story cant wait for chapter 2!

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Review #11, by werebear The First Pain of Christmas...

4th December 2006:
that is a pain...finding a christmas tree

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Review #12, by moii The First Pain of Christmas...

4th December 2006:
haha that is SO TRUE!! i hat eshopping for Christmas trees... its boring! lol can't wait for more!!!
The one and only

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