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Review #1, by theblacksisters Meeting in Knockturn Alley

5th November 2013:
What made you make Lucius so OOC?
By the way, you misspelled his name.

Author's Response: I started writing this story before all the books were out, and thank you for pointing out the spelling error.

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Review #2, by slytherangoddess Meeting in Knockturn Alley

6th August 2011:
I think you had a really good idea going into this :) The story could use some detail though. I do, however, like that we don't get to meet the woman who turns Draco into a vampire. It leaves it open for maybe a companion piece where he maybe has to fight her or something.

One thing I would suggest to you is to leave your Author Notes till the end or right at the beginning. It distracts the reader from continuing if they are taken out of the story by clarifications.

Also, when you write an AU fic, you don't *need* to explain that you made something up. AU means Alternate Universe/Author's Universe. what ever you decide is canon for YOUR universe, the reader must accept as true.

Good story :)


Author's Response: Thank you very much. Looking back at when I wrote this, I was 16 and didn't have a lot of writing experience so I'm happy for any constructive feedback that I get.

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Review #3, by Spicky Meeting in Knockturn Alley

22nd March 2009:
LOVE it!!!

Author's Response: Why, thank you, Spicky!


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Review #4, by Melefante_Malfoy Meeting in Knockturn Alley

28th April 2008:
I love this, I will read the continuation with glee. Thanks for writing. If you know anymore good d/hr vamp stores lemme know.

Author's Response: Melefante_Malfoy~

thanks so much! one story i recommend is "the taste of blood".


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Review #5, by dobbysgirl Meeting in Knockturn Alley

26th April 2008:
Very good! I'm glad you're making it longer, it feels a little to coincidental and chansy as it is. It reminds my intensely of a book (well series) I've been reading lately. I wonder if that's where you got the idea? The book's called Twilight, then New Moon, then Eclipse. Heard of them? If you like to write about vampires then you might want to read them. They're excellent anyway good job and I'll be sure to check out your continuation.

Author's Response: dobbysgirl~

I LOVE THAT SERIES!!! but i only just read them about a month ago and i've been working on this fic long before that. thanks for reviewing and reading on, though!!!

edward has ruined me for other men ~.^


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Review #6, by willy Meeting in Knockturn Alley

29th March 2008:
OH MY GOSH! I normally don't care for one-shots, even though I write a lot of my own, but this is really good! I love it! Keep Writing!

Author's Response: willy~

thanks so much! i love reviews like this!


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Review #7, by groteskq_fatality Meeting in Knockturn Alley

14th March 2008:
haha. :]

Author's Response: groteskq fatality~

LOL, thanks for reviewing, and going on...LOL


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Review #8, by xxSorcereSSxx Meeting in Knockturn Alley

13th March 2008:
Wow, that's a really intriguing idea... Hermione and Malfoy, vampires, no longer considered real human beings, but forced to live with each other forever.
That's really romantic, in an interesting, slightly unnerving way. Now they have forever to strengthen their similarities and work out their differences.

Author's Response: xxSorcereSSxx~

first of all, thanks for reviewing so avidly! i feel so special!

i love the comments you give me! ^.^ there's no other word to describe it, so in OvergrownEden9's way of saying it, i'm absolutely chuffed!

i try not to be too cliche and this was my way of trying not to be...i guess. O.o


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Review #9, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Meeting in Knockturn Alley

1st January 2008:
“Since two weeks ago.”

"Ah," she said lamely.

ah xD
such casual - ness.. .haha :]

Author's Response: StepUpx_Gryffindor~

well, she's kinda out of it, but yes, it's still funny!


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Review #10, by Narniababe Meeting in Knockturn Alley

3rd December 2007:
this rocks!
its setting is kinda like the twilight series..

Author's Response: Narniababe~

lol, thanks so much!


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Review #11, by bubbletea4me Meeting in Knockturn Alley

16th November 2007:
cool this one is really good too
you have really good i deas
but maybe you could do one that maybe has a bit more comedy in it???

Author's Response: bubbletea4me~

i do have one coming along, but what with a lot going on in my offline life right now, well, everythings been slow.


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Review #12, by whichwitchwillitbe Meeting in Knockturn Alley

12th October 2007:
this is interesting can't wait to read the next one!

Author's Response: whichwitchwillitbe~

thank you so much! please read on!


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Review #13, by dragonluver Meeting in Knockturn Alley

20th September 2007:
ew stupid

Author's Response: dragonluver~

hey, thanks for reviewing. i know it's not my best, i didn't really know how to start it or whatever, but could you read on? i promise that it gets better, though as soon as the last chapter is up (which is only a few more) it's going under construction to be a whole lot better....

thanks anyways!


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Review #14, by vampirelover Meeting in Knockturn Alley

10th September 2007:
beutiful awesome start i think its sexy! don't know probably because I'm obssesed with vampire stories=)

Author's Response: vampirelover~

lol, i love your penname! this review made me feel really good, thanks!! i hope you read on!!


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Review #15, by TrogDorLuver Meeting in Knockturn Alley

7th September 2007:
I love vampires, I love Draco/Hermione and I loved this story. I'm glad you're continuing it because it doesnt seem like a one-shot. anyway, Great Job!

Author's Response: TogDorLuver~

thanks for this brill review!! yea, it was a one-shot, until i edited it. leave 'em wanting more, like.


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Review #16, by Rose Aleera Meeting in Knockturn Alley

5th September 2007:
I love vampires!
This story about Draco and Hermione vampires is fantastic!

Author's Response: Rose Aleera~

lol, thanks for the review!! it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!


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Review #17, by the_critic Meeting in Knockturn Alley

4th September 2007:
i've read one too many vampire stories. ever since the twilight series came out ppl seem to make more and more.

might i make a suggestion. change this sentence:
"Things had happened that had changed things forever."

it sounds quite.stupid

Author's Response: the critic~

you're living up to your penname's sake, at least. thanks for the suggestions and review. they're both appreciated, and i'll check out that sentence and revise.


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Review #18, by Tigermusic Meeting in Knockturn Alley

3rd September 2007:
awsome..keep it up..there will be an sequel right??

Author's Response: Tigermusic~

thanks, and it is continued!!!


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Review #19, by TheHerioneHermione Meeting in Knockturn Alley

28th July 2007:
Pretty good.

Author's Response: TheHerioneHermione~



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Review #20, by SlytherQueen16 Meeting in Knockturn Alley

23rd July 2007:
WOw, I never thouht Draco Malfoy woulod do such a bold move as to actually agree with THE Hermione Granger!! Oh. and GREAT!! I knew the bastard was to die sooner or later!! I so hoped it would b Draco, Too!! Great chapt, I am now to start reading the sequel!! Good luck on finishing it!

Author's Response: SlytherQueen16~

thanks so much for the awesome review, sq16! ^.^

and yes, we all knew he had to die...teehee. thanks for reading on!


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Review #21, by taffy0823 Meeting in Knockturn Alley

20th July 2007:
I like this and I'm glad you decided to add to it.

Author's Response: taffy0823~

thanks for that! i was wondering when someone would notice the tweakings!


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Review #22, by gangsta_lOver Meeting in Knockturn Alley

16th July 2007:
O_O vampires? COOL!! hehe off to read the novella XDD

Author's Response: gangsta_lOver~

thanks so much! keep on reading!


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Review #23, by darkangel13 Meeting in Knockturn Alley

1st June 2007:

Author's Response: darkangel13~

thanks so much!


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Review #24, by nads Meeting in Knockturn Alley

21st May 2007:
Aw you recommended me aint you a sweaty. neways loved the chappie and i cant wait to read the novel it sounds really cool

Author's Response: nads~

glad to see ya again! and it really irks me, just so's ya know, when people spell SWEETIE as sweaty, you know, like B.O.

just thought i'd save you from further mistakes.


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Review #25, by manic_rage Meeting in Knockturn Alley

24th April 2007:
nice. now i am going to go read the thing that comes after this. well actually that might have to wait until tomorrow, House is on in a few minutes. nice work.

Author's Response: manic~

i understand, House is a good show. g'head and watch it. then come back...please? rofl


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