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Review #1, by Fireball Nymph Bad Day

8th May 2009:
I so know that the guy who said Ryan at the end is Sirius. I'm smart like that. I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope Ryan and Sirius get together now. I'm glad that she and Remus broke up. They were cute, but she and Sirius will look even better!. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: thanks so much, haha hm, you never know.. hahaha it might not be Sirius :) and ive got plans for Remus and Ryan in the future... mwah hahah :)

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Review #2, by Shoot For the Moon Bad Day

1st November 2008:
hey there, it's been a while. haha, more like a year?
i still check out your stories from time to time. thanks for the new ones, i am reading all of them. Update soon? cause i love this story still and i am wondering who that voice is still. lawl
how are you lately??
talk to you sometime

Author's Response: ugh, i know, im sorry. ive been OOBER busy with a new school, and sprots and everything. im not sure when i'll update. but in the mean-time, go to Little_Miss_Padfoot 's story, its beastly good. thanx for sticking wid me :)

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Review #3, by hjplover A Perfect Life Comes Crashing Down

26th April 2008:
hmm interesting. this seemed a bit rushed to all put into one chapter. I think it could probably have been a bit more spaced out. also, you might want to go back and read it over because there were a lot of spelling errors. other than that though, this was a good chapter!

Author's Response: lol, thanx. yea, its been awhile since i wrote that. and a while since i updated it and made changes. thanx for telling me! i'll change it later.

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Review #4, by binki333333 Bad Day

26th February 2008:

bloody awsome. it is the essence of awsomeness.


Xx- Summer -xX

Author's Response: thanx so much!

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Review #5, by Shoot for the Moon Bad Day

23rd January 2008:
update soon
i haven't been on in awhile, i am so busy
but i missed your story and had to check it out again!! nice chappy, i love the cliffy

Author's Response: lol, thanx, im trying to update, really, but its hard with basketball getting out so late and everything, but i will soon, promise :)

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Review #6, by Shoot for the Moon Bad Day

10th October 2007:
HEY!!! I haven't talked to you in AGES! I still luv ur stories!!! Thanx for writing more, I'm reading ur ltest: Save the last Dance. NICE! GOOD JOB! Luvs, SFTM PS: UR MY FAVE WRITER ON HERE STILL!

Author's Response: lol, yay!!!!! im so glad. yea, we havnt talked in a while. i wondered where u went. thanx for being faithful and reviewing! love ya!

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Review #7, by Shoot For The Moon Bad Day

30th August 2007:
Hey!!! I just wanted to tell you that me and some friends are writing a fic together and the first chappie is now posted. Check it out sometime! It's called "Obscure the Moon (Count the Minutes)" under the username ignorance_is_bliss! Thanks and I'll talk to you later! UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: sweet, thanx for telling me. i'll check it out as soon as i can!!! :)

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Review #8, by Saree Bad Day

24th July 2007:
SO GOOD!! SUGH AN EVIL CLIFF HANGER!! I just love the song you chose:) you really have a knack for those things don't you. mwah!

Author's Response: yes, yes i do saree.

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Review #9, by malfoy_go_bleh Bad Day

8th June 2007:
"what are doing"? you may want to fix that, ra. cuz it would be a good cliffy if it was "what are you doing" unless it was supposed to be like that... DUN DUN DUN!

Author's Response: oh, go away JaJa

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Review #10, by shoot for the moon Bad Day

7th June 2007:
oh, the sunset sounds so pretty! if i were ryan i would've conjured up a camera. so what is sirius gonna do now, huh? the voice is him right? anyhow, i love it, as usual and i hope you update soon or i'll die! I shood make FAVE AUTHOR DAY! then i could just read ur stuff all day!!! woodn't that be cool? I'm in skool right now! How do you write so much? I can't get a story past 4/5 chappies without completely screwing up the plot! any advice?BYESES! ~SFTM

Author's Response: yeah, i love those types of sunsets! i see them every once in a while and try to snap a pic of them with my camera phone, but all i wind up getting is the back ground. like McDonalds. eh. anyway, im not telling who the voice is yet. lol but it'll probably be Sirius ;). your so sweet! thank you! i have a lot of time on my hands usually, so i just write, but i enjoy it. sometimes its hard for me stay on the plotline i've picked out, but when i mess up, i start over again. lol, if you want any more advice on writing or something, not that i pretend to be an expert, cause im not, but if you do need some help, feel free to email me at :O)

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Review #11, by I_love_Sirius Bad Day

5th June 2007:
Poor Sirius is always the perfect guy to be the nice jerk. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh yea, if it helps I estimate that the year is around 1975.

U rock.

Author's Response: yeah, but i pormise he gets a bit better, then worse, then better again! aww, thanx! and thanx for the year, i'll change it when i can!! lol, i was way off. i was thinking like 1986 or something!

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Review #12, by MoonlitTwilight Bad Day

4th June 2007:
Haha. The cliffy wasn't too bad...I'm suspenseful! Update soon please!

Author's Response: lol, next one will be up soon, hopefully. glad u think so. i need to go back and change some things later though. lol

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Review #13, by FFlUvEr Bad Day

4th June 2007:
love love love it.

Author's Response: glad you love love love it! lol :O)

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Review #14, by Wand Maker Extraordinaire "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

2nd June 2007:
I love this story! i laugh a minute! please oh please update soon! and you'll be my best friend forever!

Author's Response: chapter 9 is in validation and should be up tonight

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Review #15, by shoot for the moon "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

29th May 2007:
Sorry bout that, but in the first one i meant to say friggen, not figgen, and I just had to fix it!!! But at least it's your lucky day!!! You got 3 reviews from me!!! =P

Author's Response: yay! reviews! something to answer because im bored!!!

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Review #16, by shoot for the moon "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

29th May 2007:
hi silver! Great story! I still love it! Also, I love run and so cold, and you're doing a fantastic job, my friend! Update soon! pretty please.with a friggen cherry on top! ^^

Author's Response: :)

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Review #17, by shoot for the moon "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

29th May 2007:
hi silver! Great story! I still love it! Also, I love run and so cold, and you're doing a fantastic job, my friend! Update soon! pretty please.with a figgen cherry on top! ^^

Author's Response: okey dokey, i know, i have to update soon. so i will but im just so cunfuzzled on what to do next. i dont know how to write the brake up scene for ryan and remus...did i just say that? ah well. i will update really soon, promise!

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Review #18, by shoot for the moon "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

28th April 2007:
Oh my god hi! I just randomly decided to check for the net chappie, (your story is really compelling) and BOOM!!! There it is! Great chappie, BTW. ^^ Now just get the next 80 up and I'll be extra happy!

Author's Response: lol, glad u liked it!

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Review #19, by malfoy_go_bleh "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

24th April 2007:
Yay! i finally read it!!! aren't you so proud of me? One day we need to have a girls' day. like this summer or something. but not just us a bunch of people. like india and jd and kristen and tim yes i'm including tim on girls day. :P

Author's Response: lol, yes, im proud. lol, what do u think i was planning to do for my birth day? hello, girl's {and Tim's} day! im sure tim wont mind, he is a playa after all. lol.

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Review #20, by SpellBound "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

19th April 2007:
ok well i want the next one like now soo hurry it up =)

Author's Response: lol, ok. got to get over my writers block, like now. lol

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Review #21, by Saree "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

18th April 2007:
o i love it! i especially love how their outfits always match so perfectly:) teehee. can't wait for WTCOT! and for my banner to go up, yay!


Author's Response: lol, i know, they like to match. banner will be up soon, just got to talk to Camie24 first, lol, so soon, yea

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Review #22, by MoonlitTwilight "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

18th April 2007:
Perfect chapter title! Update soon please!

Author's Response: lol, yea, im thinking chapter 9 will be something funny too. but im not sure, kinda on a writers block with it, lol. thanx 4 reviewing!

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Review #23, by Saree Who Knows?

15th April 2007:
ugh I still can't see the banner!

very annoying

Author's Response: grrr, can u see the other ones? if so, which ones?

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Review #24, by shoot for the moon Who Knows?

3rd April 2007:
hey, you!!! ^^ just rereading!!! I love your other stories, by the way...

Author's Response: lol. glad u like them!

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Review #25, by malfoy_go_bleh Who Knows?

26th March 2007:
hey! i don't have skool today! (teacher workday) yay! and i tried calling you this weekend but you weren't there! :( w/e just so you know. k?

Author's Response: well duh i wasnt there, i was at my grandparents house this weekend. i told u but u just dont listen. well, ur just wacky, and ur skipping skool too. shame shame shame.

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