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Review #1, by hooobajube say goodbye

10th April 2007:
I am not trying to diss here but there could have been a lot more to it... you have a good idea but its really lacking a lot. it kinda felt like i was reading something a kid threw together in like 20 minutes... i think you do have talent but you REALLY need to work on it. Keep it up... i did like it even though it was really REALLY difficult to get throught...

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Review #2, by SnitchSeeker say goodbye

12th January 2007:
There was nothing to do with Harry and Hermionie actually getting together. All you have is that Harry Cheated on Ginny! You should have had some type of thing with Hermionie and Harry. There should have been more STORY TO IT!! If you were going to copy the music video you should have copied it more thoroughly. And don't forget that you're dealing with HARRY POTTER!!! MAGIC COULD BE INVOLVED!!! You could have done so many things with the song and magic and also with the characters. You played it safe, take some risks and be more creative.

Author's Response: uhh dats why they call it FAN FICTION nd why r u sayin this to me if u want to do a story like dat u do it den SO DUECEZ

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Review #3, by jayde_evans say goodbye

10th January 2007:
the story line was good but i dont think it was put together all that well. one thing that it really needs is punctuation when the characters are talking

Author's Response: thnx i guess wellz im not dat crayzie wit writing stories nd im kinnda lazy nd i waz really sad da day i wrote it but still im not gonna change it cuz i gotz otha things 2 do well duecez :P

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Review #4, by robbiejarvisluvr1 say goodbye

24th December 2006:
Love it. So sad, though. I'm listening to Say Goodbye right now. I love the song. 10-10

Author's Response: aww thank ya mami dat song is pretty rite so thank ya duece!

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Review #5, by stephanie74 say goodbye

23rd December 2006:
Grammar? Punctuation? Never heard of them?
You have to work a bit harder on your writing. And please, don't use netspeak! And ThIs WaY oF WrItInG is absolutely annoying!

Author's Response: well baby dats fo u not fo me n but thank ya reviewin c ya

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Review #6, by fadeintoreality say goodbye

23rd December 2006:
Holy crap. First you look like you can write, when I get to the point of the actual story, but you and I both know, it honestly takes longer to TyPe lYke Dis, Than to actually type in real English. This site usually harbors more intelligent people and they like to read things that seem a bit Educated, so if you fix that, it may make people want to click on you're story and actually read it, I guarantee the reason most don't read you're story, is because you're spelling, and grammar and the way you type turns them off before they can even see the wonderful work you can type turns them off before they can even see the wonderful work you can do.

I am not trying to be mean, after all these reviews are here for a reason, hopefully you do not take it wrong.

Author's Response: im not takin it wrong n i waz gonna change it but i went somewhere else n i forgot to change it so thank ya fo reviewin n t/c duce!

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Review #7, by mrs_potter_13 say goodbye

22nd December 2006:
John Cena is very hot. VERY. No, there isn't a word to describe John Cena. All I know is that if he's ever near me, he'll need some protection. Cause I'll attack him.

Author's Response: hell yeah baby thank ya fo reviewinur ma first review dem 2 down there dont count there just ma friends havin fun but thank ya mamas love ya duece!

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Review #8, by AlIa say goodbye

15th December 2006:
hey aww ur sweet (yeah right) i do miss chirst he waz nice but u need 2 finish dis story cuz u know how i am. but ur story is cute i like it
bye flaka! luv ya

Author's Response: hey swettie thanks fo readin ok look ya need 2 leave some real reviews ok but thank u c ya check ya myspace bye shygurl

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Review #9, by 214LAPRICENSSAMEXICANA214 say goodbye

14th December 2006:
hey mami watz up I like ya story i know alia is goin 2 like u know how she is o well c ya lata bye bitch o yeah miriam says if ya not scared meet her at robets house call me bye
ya gurl lali

Author's Response: hey mami wat it do!$ ! who told u about dis i only told alia dat bitch told u didnt she o well thanx 4 readin bye o tell miriam i aint scared so ill see her there n dat its only one on one so tell her dat if she jumps me n its goin 2 be worse so bye love ya mami c ya ! o n i need 2 finish dis story i couldnt cuz of at happend with ana n stuff so bye

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