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Review #1, by soccerchick The bonds of love

12th October 2010:
OMG that was SO CUTE!!! i loved it!

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Review #2, by greeneyed_gryffindor The bonds of love

3rd April 2010:
That was so great! Good work!

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Review #3, by snpismyhmie The bonds of love

30th January 2008:
I love this poem It is so good you should think about writing a fan fiction

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Review #4, by Ron is my hero The bonds of love

22nd January 2008:
AW that is so sweet!! amazing poem! its just great I LOVE IT!


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Review #5, by HannahGranger The bonds of love

26th November 2007:
so good! prob. the best poetry ff ive read to date!

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Review #6, by Smiling Ghost The bonds of love

25th May 2007:
omg. That is incredible! Wow, i need you to do me a favour and write a book -ok? I'm going to pretend you said ok. Wow. That is really highly brillinanly incredible!! Your like a scarifully talented person

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Review #7, by angel007 The bonds of love

21st February 2006:
It's very good but how did you post it? they usually don't allow it.

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Review #8, by Danny The bonds of love

7th February 2006:
Reely good but who?!?!?!

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Review #9, by gabzi27 The bonds of love

10th January 2006:
summs it up qutie nicly

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Review #10, by maggiedalena The bonds of love

7th January 2006:
Wow, that was very touching. *tear* Actually, I'm serious.

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Review #11, by amanda The bonds of love

30th December 2005:
that was a great poem and i loved it

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Review #12, by Pink_Princess12 The bonds of love

15th December 2005:
wow, i really liked that- like really really realy! I will totaly like read more of your stuff and in a week or two i will hve a story up so you casn write back to me on that

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Review #13, by adri4 The bonds of love

8th November 2005:

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Review #14, by allie The bonds of love

4th October 2005:
wow that was awesome u r really good write more

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Review #15, by oyea The bonds of love

19th September 2005:

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Review #16, by Weasley Freckles The bonds of love

23rd June 2005:
Well that pretty much hits the nail on the head! ^.^ Good job!

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Review #17, by punkrockfrog The bonds of love

29th April 2005:
omg that was such a good poem! it fits perfectly!

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Review #18, by k The bonds of love

15th April 2005:

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Review #19, by Korey *to lazy to log in* The bonds of love

21st March 2005:

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Review #20, by I_Love_Me The bonds of love

12th March 2005:

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Review #21, by Ash Black The bonds of love

10th January 2005:
>> Oh, thats so sweet! :D One love... I think I feel tears coming on. I love how you made it vry vry chronological. :D

Author's Response: Awwwww thanx so much!

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Review #22, by Kait Hobbit The bonds of love

9th January 2005:
I've never read a FF poem. So this was really cool and out of the ordinary. I absoulutly loved it.

Author's Response: Thanx so much, I'm glad you liked my poem too! If you like poem FF than LadyLestrange wrote a really good one. Its a parody of OotP. Thanx for reviewing!

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Review #23, by strength The bonds of love

24th November 2004:

Author's Response: Awww thanx!

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Review #24, by harrypotterishot The bonds of love

28th July 2004:
Will you read my stories too? *pouts lip* I'm working ou a R/H poem. Your's has given me a bit more inspiration. Don't worry, I won't copy you.

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Review #25, by harrypotterishot The bonds of love

28th July 2004:
*sigh* Once again, I love love poems. YOu have such a beautiful way of writing out the R/H story...

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much and in response to your other review I'll definitely check out your poem too! Thanks a ton for your reviews!

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