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Review #1, by bonnie_russell The Strike

1st September 2009:
lol that would be a very weird title,you know THE EVIL CLIFF HANGER OF DOOM!lol.

Author's Response: Hey, if it works... Thanks for your review!

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Review #2, by bonnie_russell Saint Mungo's Hospital

31st August 2009:
how is a half-dementor created,i mean who would want to...you know...with a dementor!?! lol luv the story so far,10/10!

Author's Response: *chuckles* Thanks for your review!

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Review #3, by thyme_frost Rodolphus Lestrange

8th June 2008:
Its been so long since I've read this and I swear the story is still interesting to me... How I've miss this fanfic of yours!

Author's Response: Thanks! My exams are starting tomorrow *insert scream of terror here* so updates will be...not as frequent as I would like.

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Review #4, by Minervas_soul Rodolphus Lestrange

12th May 2008:
Poor Harry. *sigh*
great chapter though. can't wait till you update again.

Author's Response: More is coming...once I figure out what order to put the chapters in...and once I figure out how to write certain scenes.

Thanks for your review!

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Review #5, by Kagura101 Rodolphus Lestrange

12th May 2008:
i though fang was a wimp?
or is he just acting ooc for the sake of yourplot?
sacrificing wonderful characters now are we.

Author's Response: I lost the game...and Fang IS in character. Page 365, OotP. Fang defends Hagrid and gets stunned but the Aurors. HA!!! You think you know Harry Potter better than I do!?! YOU THOUGHT WRONG!!!

Umm...thanks for your review, Lisa.

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Review #6, by 001anonymous Rodolphus Lestrange

11th May 2008:
Oh gosh, what a way to end the chapter. I can almost feel the enormity of the situation. (Almost coz I haven't experienced anything like going on to a war lol) But really, the way you had their goodbyes to Harry was..perfect, if you could call it that. Well, we really can't expect Malfoy to go all sappy over Harry even though they're already going to a war, can't we? I just shudder at those kinds of fics. But anyway, even though the situation's serious, I can't help but laugh at Snape's statement about Harry taking after his mother. I can just imagine Harry's and Lupin's expressions when he said that, haha. Hope to hear from you soon. This is one of the few fics I keep an eye on even though DH's finished. (Sorry, I really only stick to canon. But your story's too great to let go.) It's one of my all-time faves. :) Good luck with your exams!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!

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Review #7, by hanoverpretz01 Rodolphus Lestrange

8th May 2008:
so sad i started crying
amazing story
wanting another chapter NOW

Author's Response: *hands tissues*

The next chapter is coming...but I need to finish my homework first. Don't you hate that?

Thanks for your review!

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Review #8, by harry_125 Three Death Eaters

8th May 2008:
now i have to reread the story cause ive forgotten most of it
oh well

Author's Response: My bad... well I rewrote part of the first chapter anyway.

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Review #9, by harry_125 Rodolphus Lestrange

8th May 2008:
good chapter
i cant wait till the final battle and the outcome

Author's Response: It's all in my head... I just need to get it out.

After I finish studying that is. *sigh*

Thanks for your review!

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Review #10, by BatSEnecal Rodolphus Lestrange

8th May 2008:
Man, that was pretty sad too. Maybe even worse than the end of the previous chapter. Especially that last scene. I have a great image of them all disapperating without Harry, but looking at him as he did so, their faces revieling their true emtions. I love it. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks again!

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Review #11, by BatSEnecal Fallen Giant

8th May 2008:
Oh, thats so sad. Granted I thought he would kick the bucket in number 7 but that doesn't make it any less sad, now does it! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!

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Review #12, by Miraandaa A Revelation from Petunia

24th March 2008:
*so confused* *tries again*

'In a lot of sentences like that (erm, not with John =D) you didn't have a comma before "John". I especially liked Petunia's characterisation, though! Yeah, she was a *tiny* bity OOC but not enough so that it disrupted the flow of the story or really disturbed me. Everyone in this chapter was so ANGRY, though, which I think was a good thing as it showed how little shards of the War were starting to leak through into everybody's minds and make them irritable and scared and War-y. "War-y"--too cool, hahah.'

Author's Response: Thanks Miranda! I shall fix up 'John' when I can.

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Review #13, by Miraandaa A Revelation from Petunia

24th March 2008:
'To complicate matters a certain, red-haired somebody was also in the same compartment.'
Oh, HARRY. I didn't know you felt that way about Ron. *shakes head*
Siriusly? Actually, that reminds me of an icon I have... "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Harry realised he was only attracted to Ginny because she reminded him of Ron." Hahah. It's brilliant, even if I am absolutely DISGUSTED at the idea of Harry/Ron. Anyway. Don't worry, my favourite icons (none of which I made... :tear:) are:: "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Ginny wanted to name a kid after HER relatives and Harry divorced her." "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Snape's ghost demanded that the middle name of that little Potter brat be changed." "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Harry realised that he named his son after two people who'd been willing to see him die." "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Harry got really drunk one night and woke up next to Aberforth's goat." "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Dumbledore and Grindelwald's mpreg love child killed everyone for the greater good." "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Harry found out Colin Creevey was the author of seventeen highly-reviewed Harry/Colin fics." "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Scorpius, a nice little boy, was tormented by Harry and Ron's kids and cried every night." "ALL WAS WELL... ...until Harry and Ginny had a fifteenth kid and were out of dead people to name him after." and... er, anyway. :flushes:

I'm not really keen on it switching from Harry's POV to Ron's, but that's kind of irrelevent to what you're writing; it's your style so you have every right to choose it. So. =]

'She looked at Harry when she said this but he would not look at her.'
Not sure about this. "Looked" and then "look"--the two uses seem like they're done by accident; I'm not sure if you meant to use them like that or not? Perhaps it could be something like, 'She looked at Harry when she said this but he would not return the stare.' I don't know.

'“Do you want to play exploding Snape?” asked Ron.

Ginny frowned.

“You mean exploding snap, right?” she asked.'
Hehehe. I adore Snape, but that's too funny. XD One thing, though: I think Exploding Snap has capitals. *think* Not sure, but it would make sense and I think the Lexicon and whatever gives it capitals. Too lazy to check my books right now. :ashamed:

'The seconds past and he did not move.'
I think you mean, "passed".

'He could just imagine the vein in Uncle Vernon’s temple throbbing furiously when he arrived at the Dursley's doorstep.'

'“They’re going to the Dursleys with you?” said Ginny, her voice shaking.'
Ooh. I like the way you portray Ginny's anger. And she should have a LOT of it. XD Again--possessive noun after Dursleys'? It would depend on whether you were talking about the Dursleys as people rather than going to their PLACE, though.

'“Forget it, Potter.”'
'Potter'? Ouch. Poor Harry.

'“Harry,” growled Ron. “You’re my best mate…but she’s my sister. What hell did you do?”'

Tee-hee. Caveman talk. (Actually, I just read a Harry/Draco fic where everyone in HP were cavepeople. Harry was 'Haggy' and Draco was 'Drago'. It was funny. ^ ^) I think you mean, "What THE hell did you do?" Unless he literally meant Harry did something hell-ish?

'Lupin frowned. Harry glanced Ginny.'
AT Ginny?

'“Aunt Petunia?” said Harry. “Was Snape the one who told mum about the dementors?”'
I think "mum" should have a capital unless he really meant to say "my mum". (:

:claps hands: I liked it! I really did. That was totally how the Deathly Hallows should have started off. I also think you should have more commas in, especially when people are talking to each other. "Where's the garbage, John?"

Author's Response: *stunned silence*

How do you do it? How do you twist the most innocent of sentences into... oh never mind.

Thanks so much for the review! They're delightfully long and full of detail! (I feel loved.)

Special thanks for checking my atrocious spelling and silly mistakes... I think I'm just going to re-write the entire thing again. *sigh*

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Review #14, by Miraandaa Three Death Eaters

28th February 2008:
Voldemort was delightfully in character. xD He reminds me of a little kid sometimes, with all that screaming and whatnot. Makes you wonder how he became Evil Overlord of the Universe sometimes--did he just stand outside the Ministry's base and scream and stamp his feet until they handed themselves over? Part of the reason I prefer Tom and Snape--much more subtle. Subtle characters are amazing. =D

'Malfoy winced as he felt the cold tip of Voldemort’s wand at his throat.' ::giggles childishly:: ::claps hands::

'Azkaban had taken its toll on Lucius. There may be no more dementors inside its walls but Azkaban could still break a man. It just took longer. His face, one previous of a shrewd man, was now blank and gaunt.' Gaunt. Wow. If we were analyzing THAT, the symbolism, the symbolism. ::goes into dreamy thoughts involving Harry's relatives and an AU where Harry is born to Merope instead andtheygetmarried::

Hmm. Snarled. You used it six times, all rather close together. Did you realise? Snarling is quite beautiful. ^ ^

'“That is your master theory?” he sneered. “James Potter’s wife…and me? Rita Skeeter couldn’t have though of better.”' Though(t)?

Overall, I liked it. XD Your dialogue is super, and I love the way Narcissa and Snape are written. Lucius... not AS much, because I like to know that he *does* *occasionally* put his family first, but it's better than when Lucius gives w00by eyes to Draco and Nar-nar and hugs Draco and calls him son and buys him lollipops and tells him he's 'the best thing that ever happened to me; I'll love you no matter what, Dray'. ::shudders:: True quote. ::nods ferverishly:: Shall read more later or 2m0z; I should probably complete some homework, or, uh, at least finish that Snape/Dumbledore. ::blushes:: Or the Harry/Tom. XD

Author's Response: *shudders* Sometimes the stuff you read worries me. *clears throat*

Anyway... Thanks for your review Miranda! (And for checking my spelling) *hides away in shame*

I like the world "snarling"...but do you think I used it too many times? Hmm... I could do sometimes about that.

Lucius should be a bit more...family man? Well...I think he does show a bit of father-ness...at some point. Vaguely...

PS. Why did you giggle? Do I want to know? Probably not...

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Review #15, by harry_125 Fallen Giant

20th February 2008:
awesome story
but where is the rest?

Author's Response: Half is on my usb key (finished) and the other half is in my brain trying to arrange itself into chapters that makes sense to people other than myself... but it's getting there. Thanks for your review!

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Review #16, by BatSEnecal The Strike

28th December 2007:
I love that. The Evil Cliffhanger of Doom seems like a good name for this chapter, because, you know, it's true. But that its so terrible. Why can Harry never get a break in these stories? 10/10

Author's Response: We like torturing Harry...thanks for your review!

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Review #17, by BatSEnecal Death Eater

23rd December 2007:
I hate Death Eaters. They don't see how good of an asset she is. But I am not so sure that the Order should totally trust her. I think that if she is pushed too far, she could join Voldy for real. 10/10

Author's Response: She could...but is anyone going to actually push her that far? Thanks for your review...and Merry Christmas! (Well, it's already Xmas here...)

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Review #18, by BatSEnecal Confrontations

18th December 2007:
You were right. The conversation between the trio when they were talking about the Snapes seemed a bit rushed through. But everything else ran very smoothly. I'm starting to like Kit a bit more, but she's going to take a while to grow on me. 10/10

Author's Response: It was supposed to be more of a glimpse into the conversation instead of the whole thing... but yeah now that I look at it...it's kind rushed. Will see what I can do with it.

Thanks for your review!

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Review #19, by BatSEnecal Recruiting Katherine

16th December 2007:
I don't like her either. She's just as biased as the others. I completely expected her to be the person that would show them not to judge people based on their family, but, man, she's just as bad as the members of the Order. 10/10

Author's Response: She has her faults...she was brought up in a pretty tough place. All she has ever seen is Tonks' relatives being evil and all she has ever heard is Snape going on about Sirius and Bellatrix... but yeah. She can be highly unpleasant when she wants to be.

Thanks for your review!

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Review #20, by BatSEnecal A Revelation from Petunia

16th December 2007:
It's still pretty solid. But it is just taking me a while to get into it. But I bet that the fact that it is 12:43 in the morning is not helping matters. 10/10

Author's Response: Don't worry...I'm responding to this at 12:08 in the morning. Oooo...It's officially Xmas eve now!

Thanks for your review!

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Review #21, by BatSEnecal Three Death Eaters

16th December 2007:
This sounds pretty interesting thus far. Keep up the good work. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #22, by bunnies hopping etc.... Fallen Giant

10th December 2007:
you stupid mole
you can't kill haggy


Author's Response: lol...I'm getting there. Thanks Lisa. (If that is indeed you)

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Review #23, by bunniegirl The Final Ultimatum

10th December 2007:
there is no ultimatum in this chapter.

Author's Response: Yes there is...An ultimatum is a statement, especially in diplomatic negotiations, that expresses or implies the threat of serious penalties if the terms are not accepted. If Harry doesn't go and fight Voldemort...he'll murder Ginny.

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Review #24, by bunnies hopping through meadows Three Death Eaters

9th December 2007:
interesting, except for one ooc section
voldemort physically drags draco to his feet?
not likely

Author's Response: ... Lisa is that you?

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Review #25, by Snapegirl Fallen Giant

26th November 2007:
Really awesome chapter . . .but oh that cliffhanger!!! Is Hagrid dead? Please no!

By the way, my new one-shot, A Friend In Need is posted, it's about Snape and his dog. Check it out when you've got time.

Author's Response: I promise I will...I just need to unbury myself from homework...thanks...

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