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23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by CannonsFan Chapter 16: Explanations and Recriminations

24th August 2009:
hahaha this was great.
i read it to my little sister and she loved it just as much as i did

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Review #2, by xchs_sophyx Chapter 16: Explanations and Recriminations

7th March 2008:
that was SO cute and amazing!!! =]]


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Review #3, by Silver_Pheonix Chapter 4: Good Idea

23rd October 2007:
‘So You Want To Be A Tyrant,’


i dont give out a lot of tens but you earned it here...

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Review #4, by harry_and_ginny_4ever Chapter 11: In Her Eyes

6th August 2007:
its totally luna! the small boy!

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Review #5, by harry_and_ginny_4ever Chapter 2: Lead, Follow Or... Nock

6th August 2007:
GO GINNY! SHE IS SO AWESOME! this is the most random story i have ever read. i love it!

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Review #6, by LillyGranger001 Chapter 16: Explanations and Recriminations

5th July 2007:
i gtg but i think it is FANTASTIC!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #7, by midget Chapter 6: Who Let Him Preach!?

11th April 2007:
Love this chapter it was soo funny

Author's Response: hehe, glad to hear it!

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Review #8, by dramion Chapter 3: Dresses and Nitwits

2nd March 2007:
He!he!he! ON to the next story!

Author's Response: Okay, I hope you enjoy it :-)

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Review #9, by dramion Chapter 2: Lead, Follow Or... Nock

2nd March 2007:
ha!ha! aww,malfoy!*tsking*

Author's Response: :-D I loved doing that to Malfoy.

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Review #10, by dramion Chapter 1: The Begining

2nd March 2007:
More pls. More!he!he!

Author's Response: hehe, okay

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Review #11, by dramion Prologue: Words Can Trap You

2nd March 2007:
This is an excellent beginning! You got my curiousity!On to the next page!10/10

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #12, by _alechia_ Chapter 16: Explanations and Recriminations

18th February 2007:
ue, very cute. not to mention absolutly hilarious

Author's Response: hehe, thank ya

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Review #13, by Ginny Lupin Chapter 16: Explanations and Recriminations

6th February 2007:
Greay Story 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

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Review #14, by Andy Chapter 10: Oh To Be The Adult

1st January 2007:
A good story so far, you have got most of your facts right, coming from Nottinghamshire, I've heard the stories of Robin Hood. I've been to Nottingham castle and sherwood forest a lot of times, even visiting little john's grave in Derbyshire, so if you need any help with any facts then ask my brother, his username is prongs_potter.

Author's Response: I wrote this story over a year and a half ago but thank you! I'm glad to know that I got the facts correct and all that! :-)

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Review #15, by Strawberryz Chapter 16: Explanations and Recriminations

17th December 2006:
That was a really good story Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it and thank you for reviewing to let me know :-)

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Review #16, by lina239 Chapter 16: Explanations and Recriminations

15th December 2006:
next book now I want to know what happens next

Author's Response: They live happily ever after? Uh... bk7 happens? :-D I have no idea... I ran out of inspiration.

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Review #17, by lina239 Chapter 15: The Battle That Wasn't

14th December 2006:
cliff hanger people with their mean cliff hangers

Author's Response: I know... sorry about that. I hate cliffs. I actually submitted it, but it isn't through being validated yet. Really, I am sorry! :-/

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Review #18, by justme Chapter 15: The Battle That Wasn't

7th December 2006:
Oh, great story, sorry I don't write a longer review, I promise I'll do that tomorrow, but I have to go, sorry!

10/10 ! :)

Author's Response: Nope, it's fine. There's one more chapter waiting to be validated for this story. :-)

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Review #19, by justme Chapter 9: Changes and Confusion

7th December 2006:
Oo, the story's not jsut comedy now, but with a real plot connected to JK Rowling's Hp! Please, do not missunderstand me, I looove your comedy, lol!

Keep up the good work!!! I like where this is going to.


PS: Is there something EVER going to happen between Ron and Hermione in this story???

Author's Response: I know! It's sad that it had to have plot, but I went all unfunny for about 2 chapters and then that was it. You'll just have to wait and see for R/Hr

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Review #20, by justme Chapter 4: Good Idea

7th December 2006:
hahahahaahahah, Your book titels and chapters made me laugh sooo much!!! Excellent characterisation too, lol!!!


Author's Response: :-D Thanks! I love those books but goodness, they have to have one for everything!

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Review #21, by justme Chapter 2: Lead, Follow Or... Nock

7th December 2006:
Lol, Ginny's got a real nice temper, hasn't she? hahah

I'll keep on reading then. Great job!


Author's Response: Oh yes, well it's fun to make Ginny tempermental, so I went with it.

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Review #22, by justme Chapter 1: The Begining

7th December 2006:
Hahahahahahahhahaah! Your "dressing" descriptions were funny, but I specially enjoyed Malfoy's, lol! Keep it up!

PS: How on earth are they going to learn to hunt and make their houses in a FOREST!?!?!?!


Author's Response: The answers will come soon, I promise. The clothing was fun... just think, Malfoy in tights...

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Review #23, by justme Prologue: Words Can Trap You

7th December 2006:
Lol! i've just began reading your story. Hahaha, I laughed so much when I read that "if you are a Death Eater, the Voldemort will be notified that you were kidnapped". Snape's right, he wouldn't believe it, but it was funny just the same. :)

Author's Response: hehehe, yeah... I tend to crack myself up. I figure, if I find it funny, hopefully someone else will too!

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