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Review #1, by visionary dreams Poser.

6th June 2009:
A nice insight on Lavender Brown. :)

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Review #2, by pink_hair_anyone Poser.

26th May 2008:
i loved the story, and ur new look on Lavender. But u really really need to proof read ur stories for spelling and grammar. please:)

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Review #3, by Kate Poser.

18th January 2008:
I like this story. The style is very much to the point, and if anyone else had written it, I think it would sound like one of those horribly written stories you have to proofread in class that think isn't very good. In this case however, the simplicity really accentuates the emotions and the message you are sending. There are an awful lot of grammatical mistakes, for instance, numerous cases of mixing up the various "there", "their", and "they're"s, some sentences are worded awkwardly, and there are some runon sentences as well. With some work in that aspect, this story would be close to perfect. Good luck with your rewriting. If you need an editor, I'll be happy to help. :) My email is katgirl21(at)

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Review #4, by georgie_greenie Poser.

1st January 2008:
Aw, that was so sad! I saw this story awhile ago, but didn't read it, but i loved it! really sad. The way she didn't bleed made me feel like she wasn't alive in the first place.

I really really like that fic and i don't think it really needs to be re-written!

Great work! 10/10. now i'm off to read more of your fics. (if you have any more)

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Review #5, by Hermytwin027 Poser.

16th July 2007:
It really sounds like you've taken this stuff from the heart...I hope the anguish and despair here don't belong to you! If they do, make like Lavender didn't, and talk about it!
I like how you have removed the stereotypical version of miss Brown...where all she is is a tease & totally blonde about everything, and a bit of a gossip! Perhaps you have removed her just that bit too much from where JKR stands her, but I admire your originality :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much.
I'm really glad you liked it and the originality of it. And yes, Lavender is a bit too much OOC, i agree. But thanks for the tips, and im glad you liked it.

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Review #6, by soulchica Poser.

4th May 2007:
I dude. I totally agree.
We all are posers no matter what. We exaggerate things, we hide feelings, we want to be someone we're not.its all there. And I love you for writing this.
Once again, you are one of the brilliant minds that this world lacks in quantity.
Props to you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.
You made me smile.

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Review #7, by Ydnas Odell Poser.

21st April 2007:
It rare that you can define a story via one word. Tragic is this stories word. This was well done. A little but to muggle an ending perhaps considering there was a wizarding war going on at the time and Lavender is a 'mud-blood' most likely.

But excellent story.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #8, by PinkRose Poser.

15th April 2007:
I like this story I think it was nice of you to show the more emotional side in people and the defintion of a "Poser" I agree with your defintion and think it's really hurtful when someone is called a poser or something close to that. Good story though it really made me think...

Author's Response: Thanks!
I'm glad you agree!

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Review #9, by Lady Marauders Poser.

10th April 2007:
Good background story to a character no one appreciates enough. :]] The poem was good, or was it a song?

And I completely agree with your author's note! Everyone is fake. No one is original. We are all people, made up from other people, and we can't change that. Poser is so hypocritically used.

Anyywayy, I'm babbling on and on, baha. This was really good! =]

Author's Response: Thanks a lot.
And I'm glad you agree.

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Review #10, by KCchizzie_chiznit Poser.

29th March 2007:
Wow. you really are an amazing author... but i shouldn't have read your story tonight. i was already depressed as it was... but i should heeded your warning so whatever... amazing writer... are you ever going to finish writing your next chappie? ^-^ just kidding... talks lata


Always say I love you and try to make friends with everybody cuz you never know who might not be sitting there the next day...

KC chizzie

Author's Response: Thank you!
A lot!

Yeah, I'm finishing my chapter right now.
Yeah. It took forever. And I'm glad you liekd it, but I'm sad your depressed.
Don't be sad.

I liked you little note at the bottom. It made be smile.^-^

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Review #11, by _Lexi_ Poser.

20th February 2007:
wow that was pretty...depressing. the ideas pretty different as well, i mean whod have thought that maybe there might be sumthing more to lavender? definatelly not me. anywayz i think its a brilliant story!! 10/10! =D

Author's Response: Thanks alot!

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Review #12, by fredfanlol Poser.

17th February 2007:
i dont know... it was alright but not really detailed... a bit on the rushed sid e is all im saying

Author's Response: Yeah; thanks for the review, but this story is totally being rewritten.

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Review #13, by Demon_Darkheart Poser.

17th February 2007:
hmm yeah i guess ur right i hate being called a poser yet i call people posers because they're trying to be like me or my friends...i am a poser... im called goth...i hate every minute of it u are so right in saying we're all posers in differnt ways.this was reall y good and i enjoyed ur twiest on lavender even though it was horribly depressing...ur a good author and i m read ur other fic right now
rOcK oN!!
~Desdemona-The Poison

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
Yes, the would 'Poser' should not be used when directed to 'labels' makes me sick.
Im glad you liked it, but sadly I am rewritting this story, making it a bit longer.
thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by Elysian Poser.

16th February 2007:
And its another semi-angsty, real-worldish fic from The Dementor. Fitting name, actually--but in an entirely good, angstyish sort of way. Very interesting idea to write about Lavender. Usually the depressing Magical World fics involve Ginny, Hermione or Lily having some dreadful experience over the summer. Its rather nice to see Lavender in the spotlight, especially when she's given depth and made into a real person like this. Have you ever heard the song "Fire coming out of a monkey's head" by Gorillaz? Because the way you wrote this story seems somewhat similar to that, for some reason. The style of writing wasn't so much fixed on emotion, but on the cold, hard facts of Lavender's life. It was told from an entirely non-personal point of view, and that gave it a sort of harsh feeling of, well, reality I guess. Congratulations on a story well written.

Author's Response: Thank you!
Yes, I am re-writing this story...soon?
Yes, I kinda like writing stories about characters no one really notices.
Thanks for the wonderful review!

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Review #15, by robbiejarvisluvr1 Poser.

12th February 2007:
Okay. Not exactly the way I would imagine Lavender to live. But I still like it. As soon as I am done with this review, I will add it to my favorites. The way JK Rowling talks about Lavender, I would imagine her to be, well, preppy. But I kind of like this Lavender better, because she is a little more normal and has faults like us. Well, at least faults other than being clingy to Ron. Normal faults. I kind of wish that she hadn't died though. BAD DRIVER! Tsk tsk. They should know better than to drink and drive. I feel that I would have enjoyed this a little more if it was a short story, but I still love it nonetheless. 10-10

Could you possibly read and review my stories please?

Author's Response: I sure will.
Yes, I am soon going to rewrite this story.
But thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Vatina Poser.

30th January 2007:
I actually read this a while back, and than my dad kicked me off the computer, so I had no time to leave a review, and I have been searching for it ever since.

Anyway, I think it explains some missing details about Lavender's life, like why she never really spoke of her family in the books.

Keep writing stories, you really are very good.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, this was awhile bakc when i written this.
I'm thinking of rewriting, but thanks for the review anyways!

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Review #17, by holly bergman Poser.

13th January 2007:
That's pretty angsty...a bit abrupt really. The ending just came out of most cars do anyway. It was a good story but I though it could have done with a bit more emotion. I just didn't feel anything.

I totally agree with your author's note though.

Author's Response: Yeah. this story was a bit off. xP thanks for reviewing though!

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Review #18, by TomFelton_Malfoy926 Poser.

29th December 2006:
That's sad dude.
I liked it though.
Off to the next story.

~Sizzle ;)

Author's Response: =D
i have another story coming soon too.

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Review #19, by Laugharama_llama Poser.

26th December 2006:
wow. It's very good. 9/10 just cause I noticed a few typos. =]

Author's Response: mmhmm typos haunt me--they love me. i dont love them. Its just my good looks.
just kidding.
thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by LovelyMioneWeasley Poser.

26th December 2006:
That was a wonderul story, but I saw small gramatical things like spelling and the wrong 'there' being used in places, but keep up the impressive work.

Author's Response:


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Review #21, by Radcliffe_PotterFan319 Poser.

16th December 2006:

This story was pretty good. Not exactly like I imagined Lavender's other life, but it was awesome all the same. Sort of. . .twisted. You made her freakin' die. Hahaha. Not a laughing matter, I know.

Hmm. . .pretty sure there weren't many errors thanks to me! Not really. It was really you. Yes. . .it was all you.

Um. . .
good job on your second story.
*sigh* i remember my second story.


Author's Response: MY SISTER! and thanks, haha.

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Review #22, by Wynter Poser.

7th December 2006:
Well that was a happy story. It's a nice punchy little piece. I like the matter of fact tone but it would have been nice to have some descriptions in there whilst still keeping that tense atmosphere. It was good though. I'm not sure about the song on the end. I thought it was more dramatic with that last final line: Lavender Brown, was dead.

Author's Response: yeah. I really think i may delete the song part. the song came up on the radio so i thought it related a bit. But thanks a lot. =)

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