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Review #1, by jezzy Commence Testing!

31st October 2007:
thanks for the easter egg (a bit late, it is Halloween at my place) lol...just the type I needed as I am watching my figure

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Review #2, by SereneChaos Commence Testing!

17th August 2007:
*huggles* Nick, thanks for coding!!!

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Review #3, by tycoon34 Commence Testing!

17th August 2007:
I must say, this was an original, and great fic. I love your writing style, and I hope you keep writing. Good luck!


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Review #4, by dragonlovesh2o4eva Commence Testing!

13th June 2007:
wow, great plot twist! didn't see that one comming ;p * giggles*

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Review #5, by Timechild Commence Testing!

13th June 2007:
*shakes head* Easter Bunny?



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Review #6, by gmk_rci93 Commence Testing!

13th June 2007:
AMAZING! I love your style of writing, i want more!
you need to write more! please? *gives the sad pouty face*

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Review #7, by deej Commence Testing!

23rd March 2007:
i loke the twist

Author's Response: I Loke to Poke

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Review #8, by PrincessPotter Commence Testing!

10th March 2007:
Ooh! Nick! I love the green box...don't you think protection would look just amazing if all the chapters were in a pink box with a dark pink outline??? just a thought...*bats eyes* ;)

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Review #9, by Jessi_Rose Commence Testing!

23rd January 2007:
Absolutely utterly amazing, Nick! I think you did a fantastic job bringing the basic plot to the surface and showing your readers exactly what you want them to know. Terrific beginning, middle and end. And the originality was top notch!! Cheerio - 10/10! *giggle*

Author's Response: Thanks for the Review!

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Review #10, by Sugarquills23 Commence Testing!

4th January 2007: didn't I think of this? I was just looking around and noticed you had a story posted, so thought I'd check it out. Completely original and inspired!! Let me know if you decide to do a sequel, or take my lead and start revising! ;) Sugar

Author's Response: Thanks for the Review!

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Review #11, by claireabella Commence Testing!

22nd December 2006:
If this got any better I think I could be crying, It was deep and I really didn't see the ending coming. To think, It did reach being 500 words. And I do quote the best line in the story 'This story needs to be at least 500 words!'.

It was beautifully written, with perfect grammar and descriptions.

It kept me thrilled and entertained.

*Wink, Wink*

Yours faithfully

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Bibbs Commence Testing!

1st December 2006:
Brilliant plot developement and characterization. I love the subtle humour, it really helps to break up some of the seriousness. And this part: This story needs to be at least 500 words! The ending was perfectly executed. You have potential, I think you should do a sequel. 10/10. =)


Author's Response: Braking up the seriousness of the story is something that was important to me. Sure, the characters have been hardened by their experiences, but that's no reason to be stoic.

I'm glad you liked the ending, I was pretty happy about it. I was considering writing a sequel which was at least 600 words, but frankly that's a bit too cliché for my liking.

Thanks for the kind review ;)

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