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Review #1, by LizMalfoy Eighteen

4th July 2014:
That was really cute. I liked it.

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Review #2, by Ladybug371 Eighteen

10th January 2014:
Funny. Romantic. Sometimes absurb.wonderful writing!!

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Review #3, by dramione_luv84 Eighteen

21st June 2012:
absolutely one of my favorite d/hr stories on harrypotterfanfiction i loved it! :) I'm going to be reading the sequel soon. haha when i have the time after the weekend. :] you really are detailed with draco / hermione scenes, love that! amazing writer! you should make one where harry finds love! lol aww

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Review #4, by dramioneinevetable Eighteen

31st May 2012:
That was brilliant i loved it. I laughed i cried and did everything in between. What can i say? Superb.

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Review #5, by hpfangirl Eighteen

7th April 2012:
i loved the story so much

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Review #6, by hpfangirl Chapter Two

7th April 2012:
draco is acting like a little stalker and creeper
i like this story and i intend to finish reading it

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Review #7, by suzey Eighteen

2nd June 2011:
seriously the ending just sucks to to the core.i mean like its so dramatic.draco says a few good words and everybody just falls for it and turns good.its pretty my opinion.the rest was great though

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Review #8, by Rauthaz Eighteen

14th September 2010:
One of the best draco/hermione stories I've ever read. His standing up to his house at the end was perfect and believable. The whole story arc was wonderful and natural. An incredibly plausible turn of events. *sigh* If only the real story had turned out this way. I love it.

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Review #9, by rainbowsocks Eighteen

8th June 2010:
that was amazing!!
i loved it just as i love all your other stories!!
xoxo ~

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Review #10, by rainbowsocks Chapter Fifteen

8th June 2010:
omg that was just so sweet of him
i adore this story
xoxo ~

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Review #11, by hp4life Eighteen

27th August 2009:

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Review #12, by Canadian Chapter Eight

22nd August 2009:
are you a terry pratchett fan? was that a reference to a golem? if that sounds like utter nonsense, just disregard this review :D

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Review #13, by Lala320 Eighteen

17th August 2009:
Wow this a great story! Keep writing!

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Review #14, by Luiance Seventeen

27th July 2009:
The "Seriously, who is it?" phrase described Ron's personality perfectly, I can't stop laughing. :D

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Review #15, by nikka Chapter Four

28th May 2009:
"Draco was a quick study, mostly due to the fact that hed been watching her for weeks. He was also naturally graceful."

- Great two lines. Very funny. I am enjoying the story so far. Look forward to reading more. :)

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Review #16, by mbstargirl123 Chapter Nine

16th May 2009:
Okay, so I am reading this story super fast, but that comment at the end of the chapter concerning our favorite Head Lemur (btw, the word "lemur" cracks me up everytime you use it) totally made me stop and review. This cannont be anything but a Dramione- I mean come on!- but still, that was a low blow! Mione's cranking up the viciousness! But I am really loving this story, and I'm sorry I haven't left a review for every chapter, but I simply have to continue reading! It is simply too compelling for its own good!

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Review #17, by Little Rebel Eighteen

6th January 2009:
this is like, one of my FAVORITE stories. It's one that I can go back and read over and over again and never get tired of it. (this is like, the fifth time I've read it.) keep up the good work!

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Review #18, by Samantha Eighteen

30th December 2008:
simply fabulous. amazing. wonderful. spectacular. indescribable.

very realistic too. and i love how Hermione finally got a chance to tell harry and ron before the slytherins did. and that ron was just dumbfounded. and that she admitted to harry and ron that draco didn't love her back. and the bit about harry falling in love and what he needs and who he needs to do so with. and the slytherin confrontation.

although it does seem to me that there is an opportunity for a sequel? (pucey's stewing rage perhaps?)

but then again no, it was concluded perfectly with the epilogue (there's too much about it I love to write)

and the end bit with pansy and ron? priceless. :D

the only correction i would have is that sometimes you use the wrong words (ex: once you used regime when i think you meant regimen. stuff that sounded the same but was a bit different). but only a few times, and more so in the earlier chapters.


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Review #19, by Samantha Chapter Fifteen

30th December 2008:
absolutely AMAZING!

perfect perfect perfect perfecct PERFECT!

more. (i'm so glad there is)

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Review #20, by Samantha Fourteen

30th December 2008:
CUTE! :) i can't wait to see more!

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Review #21, by Artemis Eighteen

19th December 2008:
That was fantastic! I just read the entire thing in one go and wow! Malfoys little speech to his slytherin chums was great: I was wondering how they would react! And that was probably one of the best endings I have ever come across!

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Review #22, by me_? Eighteen

2nd December 2008:
hahah! VERY good endding. congrats on that. they are rarely found, you know.
I LOVED the story. just one comment: teh summary. I nearly didn't read the story because of it.
but the rest was simply A-MA-ZING!
hope you write other good stories.
10/10 (wanted you to know I don't usually give that mark)

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Review #23, by Blue_PhoeNix_Rose Chapter Two

29th November 2008:
i'm still not quite used to this dancing stuff, but i really like seeing some of Hermione's muggle-part:)
oh, and i like your Draco :)
moving on...

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Review #24, by late bloomer Eighteen

6th November 2008:
This story is touching and heartfelt. I love the way you carefully concoct the plot to gradually lead to draco/hermione romance instead of apparating straight into it. Your a fabulous writer, consider me your loyal fan.

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Review #25, by _xDraco Eighteen

10th June 2008:
aww. thats a well good ending!
i loved this story, it was properly good! :)
11/10 ;)

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