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Review #1, by angel007 Looking Back

3rd December 2006:
Very sad, a wee bit rushed but well thought over...

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Review #2, by ThestralRider92 Looking Back

3rd December 2006:
short but sweet...I like it quite a said have a tissue ready but it's nice, I reminds me a bit of gandalf (i know, not really...but the whole next great adventure thing adn all)...but i may not have found it sad becuase I was reading it while shaking a test tube for a science experiment (takes forever to mix) and listening to the Trans-Siberian orchestra playing Carol of the Bells (they are awesome1) but I really like how you wrote made me happy were you aiming for happy-sad? or did it just turn out that way for me? (rhetorical questions, i cant read your replies...)

sad about Harry, but I dont like him (ignore my grammar, sorry, my review-grammar is always totally atrocious) that much...and the whole Hermione miscarrraiging made me sad...but she got to be with Ron, so it made me feel better.nice little fic...I think I may check back on your other fics (right now the other ones Draco and I really don't care for him...Neville is my man...)

Well, I give you a ten out of ten...and good luck with your writing!

Author's Response: WARNING: BOOK 6 SPOILER AT END!!!!!!

thankyou sooooo much for your review. i love that you enjoyed it. i completely agree with you about Neville. i have this thing for the underdog, but... everytime i try to come up with a fic for him i hit a block and it refuses to come out of hiding.

i'm hoping that it wasn't just you because my aim was for more of a happy-sad ending. it's sad that she dies but it's happy because she's finally reunited with family and friends, as well as Ron. i killed Harry that way because i really loathe the character.

sorry but the next fic is based on harry, and your mention of gandalf is really freaky cuz that's sorta how i describe Dumbledore. i tried to put a bit of humor into it and i think it's a bit funny. also nobody dies that's not already dead, in canon. (sorry if your not up to speed with the books.)

the next fic is called you can do it, and it is also a songfic. it's going to say that it's not complete but it really is.

good luck in the future and hope to hear from you again.


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