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Review #1, by Bumps and Kisses

22nd February 2009:
haha this story is amusing. I feel bad for pool george
nice job

please email me when you write more

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Review #2, by FreddieKat Bumps and Kisses

20th March 2008:
poor Hermione =P
doesn't know who she's kissing

do you plan on updating this story like...ever?
if not abandon this and i will write it myself =P
and are you going to write a sequel to "Will of the Sexes"?

Author's Response: I do indeed intend to update this story, i've just had a huge block with it so i'm waiting til it decideds where it wants to go because i don't want to spew out something that doesn't sound any good. I've been thinking about it, as other people have mentioned a sequal. I'm considering it, but i'll get back to you on it. I'm currently working on a new story, a Marauder era one so i'm focused on that at the moment. I hope to update this asap, i'm just waiting for the right words...Thanks for the review though. I appreciate them a lot :D

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Review #3, by Slywolf9 Bumps and Kisses

28th October 2007:

I've been thinking about writing a story like this, but I'll have to finish my other ones first! Sigh. I's hilarious! :D Bit weird to see Mione doin those things, but yes, just gorgeous. I love it. HAHA! Honestly, loved it. :] I do hope you'll update again soon, tho I guess I'm not one to beg

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I know it's a bit out of character for Hermione but i thought it would be fun to try it out :D

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Review #4, by AxelCooke Bumps and Kisses

15th May 2007:
A hilarious read. I really enjoyed reading this. I think it's an ingenious idea and shall make me burst out laughing a few more times before i'm through reading the story. Oh and the brain argument had me in fits. Keep it up and get the next chapter up asap

Author's Response: ahh, thanks. i really like this story too. i've actually had a bit of a mind block at the moment so i've been consentrating on my other stories but i promise i will finish it. Thanks again :D

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Review #5, by AxelCooke Confessing

15th May 2007:
Good beginning, I've been left wondering how fred's going to extract his revenge and also wanting to see how the relationship between Hermione and Fred pans out.

Author's Response: Thanks. It's a strange coupling isn't it but interesting to see how they would be together :D

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Review #6, by himynameis05484 Bumps and Kisses

12th May 2007:

Author's Response: Only interesting...have to do something about that. Thanks for the review :D

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Review #7, by Nagini_Strikes_Again Bumps and Kisses

2nd May 2007:
I'm actually surprised noone came up with this sooner. This could get a lot more conflicting, though, you know? I'm not saying it's not doing just fine. You make me miss my days at school, before ...homeschool. *hiss* I hope there's a good prank coming along, though. What's a WeasleyTwin fic without good old pranking?

Have a good day,


Author's Response: Hmm...a pranking, didn't think about that one yet...Thanks though, i shall try...just for you :D

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Review #8, by Phoenixgrl_94 Bumps and Kisses

18th April 2007:
HI. I loved this story! Can you please write another chapter. I think it could be even better if you carry on with it. xx

Author's Response: Thanks, it's great to hear such positive support like that :D

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Review #9, by Whitby Bumps and Kisses

10th April 2007:
Very funny I love your writing I hope you continue this and all your stories

Author's Response: Thanks, that is the general idea, to entertain :D

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Review #10, by Whitby Confessing

10th April 2007:
This story looks like it's going to be good. Keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks, keep reading and i will keep it up :D

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Review #11, by Beautiful Phoenix Bumps and Kisses

29th March 2007:
I have to admit it is rather interesting because Hermione thinks its one person but its two, it will prove interesting if the twins ever find out.

Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thanks, i hope you continue to find it interesting :D

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Review #12, by allyr Bumps and Kisses

23rd March 2007:
oooh my laptop doth buzz with anticipation .. write another chapter plz... and make it as confusing and fantasticaly frustrating as this one

Author's Response: Thanks, yes the only problem with this story is trying not to get confused myself, lol! :D

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Review #13, by anonomous Bumps and Kisses

3rd March 2007:
I NEED MORE! keep writing its awsome luv how mione acts in this story

Author's Response: I know, i wanna write more but i'm currently busy starting a new uni semester and so it's hard to find some time at the mo. but i will strive to do my best :D

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Review #14, by saberwolf Bumps and Kisses

3rd March 2007:
In response to what you said to my last comment, i can't read anymore until i find a new chapter to read, lmao. you have 3 stories posted and a total of 8 chapters and i've left comments on each, so i can no longer read any more of your stories until another chapter is posted on one, which i seem to recal i have asked when that will happen a couple of times now, lmao. so, any idea how much longer until i can read another chapter of these stories of yours that i love so much?

Author's Response: Ahh, Saberwolf... you're awesome. I'm really sorry about the wait. You see, the new semester has started now and i'm just getting going with all my new uni classes. I didn't realise you have read anything i've written, i'm very appreciative of that. So just for you i will try extra hard to get another chapter out :D

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Review #15, by saberwolf Bumps and Kisses

2nd March 2007:
Oh Jesus tap dancin' Christ, this is going to lead to disaster between the twins isn't it, lmao. of coarse your the only one that knows but i just have a very strong feeling that i know where this is going.

Author's Response: lol, oh do you know? Lol, so you like it then? i hope you do. you're one of my best reviewers. Have you read my other story? you need to just continue reading and find out if your suspicions for this story are true :D Cheers Saberwolf! :D

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Review #16, by saberwolf Confessing

2nd March 2007:
well, this was certainly unexpected, fred fancying hermione, but very interesting i must say. and yes ron is a big wuss, lmao. one surprising thing though is how nervous fred is, the twins being nervous is something that's supposed to be unheard of, lmao.

Author's Response: I know. That thought came to me initially too but i thought some more about it and as you'll see in the next chapter that he gets more comfortable with her. But it's just because this is Hermione, you know? She's different. But anyone i see where you're coming from. I hope you continue to read it and like it :D

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Review #17, by Ana Bumps and Kisses

3rd February 2007:
This is so cute. And funny, I couldn't stop laughing. Very much looking forward to the next chapter, gotta see which trouble Hermione is gonna get in :)

Author's Response: Lol, yes yes. Dear Hermione, what ever will she do when she realises. Lol, thank you for the review :D

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Review #18, by Loving Draco Malfoy Bumps and Kisses

30th January 2007:
this chapter was hella funny!!

i really liked it!!

fred and george are pretty damn fine! lolxz

u gotta update my dear!!! post a new chapter!!

i can't wait!

luff muah alwayz


Author's Response: Lol, Antoinette my dear, you are right...Fred and George are damn fine! Lol. Thanks :D

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Review #19, by Loving Draco Malfoy Confessing

30th January 2007:
awe that stor was hella sweet!!! but when hermione said: You wouldn’t be you if you couldn’t pull pranks Fred

i though she meant that she didn't belive that fred really did like her, like i though she thought it was a joke

the plot is really interesting

im on my way to reading the next chapter!

hope its just as good!

luff muah alwayz


Author's Response: Thanks, i hope you like it too. I'll have another one on the way as soon as i can :D

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Review #20, by ronfanforever Bumps and Kisses

25th January 2007:
I really enjoyed reading was quite funny...I can't wait to read what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you, i hope you continue to enjoy it :D

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Review #21, by xxSTARxx Bumps and Kisses

19th January 2007:
i think that this is a very interesting and original story, i do hope that you will be adding to it soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks, i liked the plot when it sprung to my head so i want to keep it fresh and original, thank you :D

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Review #22, by draco_4_lisa Bumps and Kisses

16th January 2007:
this story is ace

Author's Response: Thanks very much :D

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Review #23, by Ronsnewgirl Bumps and Kisses

14th January 2007:
Hehehe Thats Awesome ... Write More I Cant wait For The Next Chappy !!!

Author's Response: Thanks, i will be writing some more soon and updating as soon as possible. :D

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Review #24, by xHPx o xfanx Bumps and Kisses

14th January 2007:
so lemme get this straight
hermione thought george was fred
lucky her, two hott twins
LOVE the story!

Author's Response: I reckon! I love the twins. She did indeed think George was Fred. Thanks for the review, i hope to update soon. :D

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Review #25, by Kristina Bumps and Kisses

13th January 2007:
Haha, I loved this chapter... xD
I mean, poor Hermione. Don't know who she is kissing.
Can't wait until the next chapter!! ;D

Author's Response: Thanks, yeah i can't wait til Hermione finds out!

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