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Review #1, by Tori Multi-Colored House Elves

1st March 2013:
Is this the end of the story?

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Review #2, by ScribbledTruth Multi-Colored House Elves

4th August 2009:
I'm really enjoying this story, Draco is a mix of what I see him to be and the disease that comes with having a male child for the Malfoy fmaily is a good twist which I assume we'll see later on.

Onto Jace, one I love the actress Sophia Bush you've chosen to potray her, and second I love her name. I've always loved the name Jace but never seen it on a girl so you've opened my eyes to that. Her personality is good and consistant most of the time.

The plot of the story is well written and I look forward to more.

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Review #3, by FoxStarE SH! Madame Pince! This is a library!

23rd January 2009:
*jaw drops* HOW did Malfoy know that?!?!?! And how can Carter be upset about Malfoy when he himself is head over heals for a Slytherin? Not all Slytherins are bad though I guess... and Carter wasn't really upset just shocked and concerned... hmm...
In some ways I don't like really good stories, I never get anything else done because I'm reading and then I get in trouble cause I haven't done MY homework (just like right now... so I should go...)

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Review #4, by FoxStarE Muggle Jokes

23rd January 2009:
Okay, Malferret has to be the best name for Draco I have ever heard! I love it! Great job with that. At the end of this chapter though, things got a little confusing. It just didn't flow very well. But the rest of the chapter was good, oh, why didn't Jacey push Malfoy away when he kissed her?

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Review #5, by FoxStarE Suprise, Suprise

23rd January 2009:
Now it's really getting interesting... hmmm... o_0

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Review #6, by FoxStarE A Dare She Couldn't Refuse

23rd January 2009:
Okay, good. He was lying. But she what now?!?! And what exactly does he mean by "date"??? And I wonder what Hermione wanted to talk about-- oh, probably Malfoy's rumor. Or is there something else?

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Review #7, by FoxStarE Encounters with the *removed by staff* kind

23rd January 2009:
Pftt... Malfoy didn't your mother tell you not to lie? Oh, wait, considering who your mother is... she might not have. =D

Although I do actually like Narcissa, Malfoy is lying, right? If he isn't... well, I won't make any guesses for now.. ;-]

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Review #8, by Stargirl27 Multi-Colored House Elves

12th June 2008:
this stroy is awesome!!! i wish you would update!!! :D

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Review #9, by xCali_Gurlx Multi-Colored House Elves

9th May 2008:
This is by far my favorite story! hopefully you update it soon =]

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Review #10, by me_? Multi-Colored House Elves

24th March 2008:
I know it´s not a cliffhanger, but anyways I want to know what happens next!! I love the story :)
I swear that my family is going to call the hospital to do me a check up cause I was laughing my head off and crying like a lunatic!! hehe, :P
Please update ASAP

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Review #11, by Kathleenx Multi-Colored House Elves

11th March 2008:
You are very talented at writing :)
I Love your story
Please keep it up
Hope you update soon

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Review #12, by inspiredl Multi-Colored House Elves

1st March 2008:
Really good! please carry on soon!

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Review #13, by Laci Multi-Colored House Elves

29th February 2008:
Updating any time soon?!?!

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Review #14, by Cousin!!! Multi-Colored House Elves

10th January 2008:

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Review #15, by Rebecca Multi-Colored House Elves

5th January 2008:
I love the story so far!!! I can't wait till next chapter. I'm a little disapppointed that Harry and her aren't together or haven't been in the story alot but besides that it is great!!!

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Review #16, by stereotypically_insane Multi-Colored House Elves

5th December 2007:
Hahaha whoa, I love this chapter. =P This is such a cute story! ^-^
cookie for you -hands you a big cookie-

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Review #17, by Wizardress Multi-Colored House Elves

3rd December 2007:
Oh, wow... draco dies his hair pink. Tres interesante.

I have no complaints, as usual, but I will say this-- I should be the one making out with Malfoy, and daring him to dye his hair pink, not Jacey! ME! JASMINE J-law!

Author's Response: lmao. No way! ME!!

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Review #18, by JerseyDreamerx123 Multi-Colored House Elves

14th November 2007:
That was a great chapter. I loved it. I can't wait until you update again. Keep up the fantastic writing! :)

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Review #19, by HermioneRules Multi-Colored House Elves

10th November 2007:
gahhh so short!!! great chapter, im loving this story!!! please update soon!!!

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Review #20, by kittyscouldron Multi-Colored House Elves

10th November 2007:
dude, this is awesome. heres a 90. add with the number given below

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Review #21, by dhfanatic2011 Multi-Colored House Elves

10th November 2007:
haha. i loved this chapter.
great ending, made me laugh.

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Review #22, by twinkies Multi-Colored House Elves

10th November 2007:
Good chapter, why the delay in an update? Hope you can update the next chapter soon. I love this story. 10/10

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Review #23, by Laurel Multi-Colored House Elves

9th November 2007:
This story is so cute. I love Jacey.

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Review #24, by Larisia Multi-Colored House Elves

8th November 2007:
Omg, that's so awesome!!

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Review #25, by moonshineprincess Multi-Colored House Elves

8th November 2007:

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