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Review #1, by ForbiddenBeauty A Night in the Tower

19th February 2011:
It's so cute. I really enjoyed how you built up to the end without leaving any major hints. It's hard to write a story and not leave any spoilers within the story. So good job. Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by miaa A Night in the Tower

26th June 2010:
also if u cant

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Review #3, by Paige_____Quirks A Night in the Tower

10th September 2009:
Absolutely brilliant, first one you've ever made, first D/Hr I've ever read.
Wonderful, passionate and deep.
Paige,, x

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Review #4, by cmedina2002 A Night in the Tower

9th May 2008:
Oh, God! I'm happy for them. lol

Great work, I had my doubts about reading it, I guess I like more "Mature" fics, but I took the chance and it was worth it.
Keep writing like this! Loved your descriptions!

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Review #5, by magicinthemoonlight29 A Night in the Tower

22nd March 2008:
Wow I loved that! I was totally not expecting Harry to come bursting in. I really like how you didn't rush the story, even though it's a one-shot.

Just a few little suggestions: a small amount of typos, but trust me, been there, typed that. There really wasn't many, so I wouldn't worry. And I really would have liked to see Harry freak out maybe a bit more. It was probably all kind of over his head, not being able to comprehend that his best girl friend was kissing his archenemy, but I thought that maybe he would get a little more surprised or angry. And that's really all I have to say about that.

You did a really great job, and just so you know I responded to your review on my story. I originally came here to paste it, but it's very long so maybe you should just go and read it. ;) Lucky I'm a fast typer or I may have been there for hours.

Again, thanks for a great read! How do you do it? I mean really? :)

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Review #6, by Beci A Night in the Tower

14th October 2007:
Wow for your first one that was great. You have to write some more for me to read. lol.


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Review #7, by AussieAnatomy627 A Night in the Tower

21st August 2007:
That was pretty good considering the fact that D/Hr isn't your most favorite ship. Actually, it was really good!

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Review #8, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius A Night in the Tower

14th June 2007:
Well... I don't like D/Hr either, but if it was YOU writing it...

It was AWESOME!!! 10/10


Author's Response: Hello there!

Man, you're on a roll! :)

I'm not a fan of D/Hr either, but thought to try it. Great to hear you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #9, by Duncan McGonnagall A Night in the Tower

4th May 2007:
I liked it. This would be a really good story if it didn't move so fast. You seemed to jump the gun on it because of it being a one-shot. I think you could rewrite this as a novella and really get a good story moving. Great job!

Author's Response: Hey there Duncan! Nice to hear from you!

I'm glad you enjoyed this story! It's not my best, I'll admit. I'm totally alien to D/Hr stories, and just thought to try writing one for a change.

It probably does seem to jump the gun, 'cause yeah, it's just a one-shot. Probably if it was longer and more drawn out it would work better, but for the moment I won't be starting any other D/Hr stories.

Anyways, again, thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by liandhate A Night in the Tower

18th April 2007:
loved it! very unique storyline.

Author's Response: Hi there liandhate! It's nice to see you!

Glad you enjoyed this D/Hr oneshot! It wasn't that grand of a storyline, I'll admit, but it's great to hear you enjoyed it! :) A 10 is wonderful, thank you!

Thanks for reviewing li!

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Review #11, by Hermione3106 A Night in the Tower

16th April 2007:
Wow 10/10 I love it. I was surprised that 'Hermione turned on the spot, and slapped Harry hard in the arm' hehe i don't think she would do that, but who knows it is still amazing for a first try. I especially loved the ending... Well done you! I'm now going to read your 7th year fic... I personally think you're a great writer, and this was alot better than others i've read.

Katie-Jayne xx

Ps. If you want and if you have time could you review my story it's a 7th year, i would really love to see what you think! thank you.

Author's Response: Hello there Hermione3106! I wonder what the signifigance of 3106 is?

I'm glad you liked this one shot! Yeah, this is my first try at Dramione, and I'll admit it's not that grand.

Oh, you're going to read my 7th year fic? That's awesome! :) You think I'm great? Well, please don't judge me on this story alone. I'm an OK writer, great, there are some here on hpff who are that, but I'm working to that level at the moment.

But thanks Katie-Jayne for reviewing. As to your fic, I'll start tonight, but you'd be surprised how many people I've had ask me to read their fics. I'm in exam time right now, so time isn't that much available to read or write, but I'll try.

In the mean time, I do hope you enjoy my 7th yr fic HPOL. I do look forward to hearing from you on it! :)

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Review #12, by ForgetfulLove A Night in the Tower

11th April 2007:
I absolutely LOVE your writing style! I also am a huge fan of the Dramione ship. PLEASE for the love of Merlin's purple underwear update soon! 10/10

Also if you still like the Dramione ship, could you please review my Baby Boomers fic and tell me what you think of it? Ok off to read your other fic, I got distracted when I saw you wrote a Dramione fic! :)

Author's Response: Hi there ForgetfulLove! Back again I see, awesome! :)

Love my style? Well, thank you! I personally wish it had a bit more flow to it, but some people like it, which is cool. :)

A Dramione fan eh? Well, I'm a Harmony fan myself. I actually wrote this story as a challenge to myself, 'cause in all truth, I'm not much of a fan of D/Hr. This was just a one-shot to see if I could write it.

As to reading stories, I tend not to read D/Hr, but I can try to give one of yours a try for sure. I have a big backlog of stories to read for people, so you'll have to bear with me for that, but I'll try to come over soon. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #13, by VeniceLily A Night in the Tower

8th April 2007:
Well, here I am. You said you had a Dramione, and I couldn't help myself^_^. But don't worry, I'll get to the long one too. Anyways, I thought this was pretty well done, until the ending. Hermione was kind of ridiculous in my opinion with her hesterics(sp?) after Harry came in and ruined it, but I thought it was good up until then. I'm trying to picture her and Draco making out afterwards, but I can't. I think my only issue with this is that it's a little too far fetched even for a Dramione. But it was written quite well! Looking forward to more stories!

Author's Response: Hello there Venice Lily! Yes, I did ask you to come here, so thank you! :)

Ah, a Dramione fan eh? There are so many of you, I swear! :) Although I'll admit, this one isn't my grandest story, since it's a ship I don't really enjoy.

Everything was going good until Hermione's reaction to Harry eh? Hmm . . . I had some people tell me before her reaction was off, in the sense that she wouldn't outwardly admit to Harry what they were up to.

The afterwards bit, I know, it's a bit hard to visualize. Again, not being my cup of tea, I can imagine the ending sort of falls out. Sorry for that. :(

The rest was alright though eh? Hmm, I'll have to fine-tune that endings sometime in the future. Thanks VeniceLily for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Wizardwannabe A Night in the Tower

14th March 2007:
interesting very interesting

Author's Response: Hello there Wizardwannabe! It's great to hear from you!

Interesting is good! :) Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Please feel free, if you wish, to read some of my other stories!

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Review #15, by CelticKisses A Night in the Tower

5th March 2007:
Heylo love! I know, it took me forever to get here, but I am here! And now I get to review!

First off: I like your Draco characterization, as well as your Hermione (though I liked Draco better ^_-) You asked if it was believable, and I must say I give you an 8 out of 10 in this area. You were very successful for a first time Dramione-er. (Ha. Made up that word.)

Although the situation you put your characters in is dealt with alot, I still found that you handled it gracefully and again, rather believably.(Hmm made up that spelling...)

You said you only like Banana Cream Pie sometimes... that makes me sad.

I could tell at some points that your a H/Hr shipper, it showed through in teensy bursts in the interactions between Drace and Hermione (i.e. the first kiss) but when I first switched from all H/Hr to D/Hr mine was ten million times worse, so don't worry about it. (And look where my Dramione stories are now! -le gasp-)

Now, what I did with this story was print it out so that I could annotate it as I read, I'm now going to copy and paste the passages I wrote things next to and show you what my notes say... beware... some are odd.

Professor Sinistra set an observing project on the motion of the planets in the night sky, and it required a full night’s observing. Harry finished his observing the night before, and it could not have ended sooner than three in the morning. Tonight, it was Hermione’s turn, so she was pumping Harry for answers, which in his sleep deprived state, was probably not a good idea.
- Observation tower in November? At night? COLD! Way to go Snistra

‘Look Hermione, it was alright. I found everything, and got it done. I just wished I could have observed with someone who didn’t have to tell me every little detail about everything. I swear, after hearing all that stuff about Michael Corner, I’ll never look at that guy the same way’ Harry remarked, shuddering, and looking back to his Charms homework.
- Heh heh.

‘Yes Ron, I’m observing’ she responded, trying to keep her head level. Too many times she thought Ron was growing up, and maybe, just maybe maturing into a man she could really love, and he’d do something dim-witted like this. Marvelous. In one paragraph al reason for why it is straying from cannon R/Hr has been covered believably and without further stress on the subject. Wonderful.

She had a hard time saying no to helping Harry and Ron, but she hated it when they’d ask for help, and they hadn’t even started what they’re asking for help on. Of course, this was the case even tonight.
- Wonderfully in character! How true!

‘Yeah, hopefully it’s not Malfoy’ he added, pulling out his Charms text.
- Ha ha! Whee! Foreshadowing!

She let her mind blank, and simply looked out over the ocean of colours. It was moments like this that Hermione reflected, and wondered why she didn’t stop to enjoy such a simple pleasure as the sunset sky. It seemed she always had to have a purpose for some act, a purpose to be going somewhere or doing some thing. Her mind was always calculating and formulating her next task, or her next plan of action. -Wow. Just. Wow.

Her mind began to move into pessimism, thinking the Professor might have paired her with lower graded students. She was known to do that with some upper-year projects, and she started to think the night might be worse than she thought. - Wouldn't she want to help the younger years? hmm

‘Alright Draco, you call me whatever you want. I’ll just start calling you the “little white ferret”’ she proposed with a smile. Draco’s smirk wiped away from his face, and his silver eyes looked evilly at Hermione. He allowed his chair to fall forwards, and he leaned towards his telescope. LOVED that.

‘You know, there are a few Muggleborns I tolerate’ he claimed, picking up his cloak.

‘Oh really?’ Hermione asked, as her feet began to tingle. Draco wrapped his cloak around his shoulders, and nodded.

‘Oh yes. They’re the lucky few.’ Hermione laughed as the tingling died away quickly.
Caught between a rock and a hard place.. the rest of the story is so good.. that I really am forced to find this believable even though out of context it isnt... so the final verdict: it passes for believablity (wow... did I make up that word too?)

I liked the ending. It wasn't a "and they lived happily ever after". It left room for known problems. It left room for the idea that it is entirely lustful... which is how I take alot of their relationship to be. Damn harry for interrupting none-the-less.

All in all, 8 out of 10. A marvelous job for a first timer. Wonderful my dear! I'm glad I read it ^_^

Author's Response: Hello there CelticKisses! It's so wonderful to see you over here! You're such a well known author, and you make kickin' banners! :)

I'm glad you liked my portrayal of Draco and Hermione here. Being my first shot at D/Hr, and not loving the ship immensely, it's great to hear you liked it. I know the situation of being paired together for a school project is over-done, but I don't know . . . just thought to give it a try (again, since I don't read many D/Hr, I wouldn't know how a lot of the one-shots are like).

The banana cream pie . . . I meant not like everyday. It'd go nuts if I had to eat it every day. I think it's one of those things that needs to be taken only once in a while, to make it all the more worth while. :)

I get what you're saying about the tiniest hint of H/Hr in there. She goes against R/Hr like you pointed out, but H/Hr isn't really mentioned, except that Harry was coming in the dead of night to see Hermione. Plus they're nice to each other, but I tried just to keep that as friends of course.

As to your excerpts there, yes, Sinistra is mean to give an observing project in November. Very cold.

Glad you liked how I explained the lack of R/Hr, and Harry's little note about his night of observing. Thought it would help give the story a bit of fibre to it. As to the lessening of R/Hr, I felt that if Hermione was deeping into Ron, then she probably wouldn't go for Draco. I think she'd feel like she's betraying him if that was the case.

Hermione I think would want to help younger students, yes, but with this project, being up in the Astronomy Tower all night, she'd want to be with someone in her own year, and someone she could talk to normally.

Glad you liked the ending too. I didn't want the ending to be all lovey-dovey, 'cause D/Hr is a complicated ship, and it wouldn't end up that easy. I don't think D/Hr doesn't have to necessarily end with them being all over each other. And yes, Harry broke up that last kissy scene. Dang him! :)

Thanks again CelticKisses for reviewing! Of course I know you read this 'cause it was in the forums, but who knows . . . maybe you'll come back! I'd love if you did of course, so we'll have to see! :)

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Review #16, by Isolde Eris A Night in the Tower

2nd March 2007:
I liked it!!!

Author's Response: Hello there Isolde Eris! Thank you for reviewing!

I'm glad you liked it of course! Perhaps I'll hear from you again on some of my other stories.

Thanks again!

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Review #17, by anonymous A Night in the Tower

24th February 2007:
ok. well, yes, i suppose so.

Author's Response: Hello there!

Well, I guess you liked it! :) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #18, by anonymous sheep A Night in the Tower

13th February 2007:
Awesome first try!!!Good job.

Author's Response: Hello there . . . anonymous sheep? Well, it'd suck being anonymous, but oh well! Better than a black sheep right? :)

I'm glad you liked this try at D/Hr. It's not really my cup of tea, but it's nice to hear it worked well for you!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by MysticalE A Night in the Tower

7th February 2007:
Hello again!

Well, I read this yesterday also, but apparently didn't review. Don't feel oblidged to read my stories just 'cause I'm reading yours. I like them, that's why I'm still reading them. :)

This is another build up to the start of a relationship. There are differences, though, and again they're enough to make it a different story. This one takes place during school. I like that it's a class assignment, but you didn't show the class, or the assignment being given out.

I loved Hermione's annoyance at Ron asking for help on his homework. I think that's very canon, and poor Hermione's had to put up w/ it for so long! I also like that you didn't have her snap at him about it. She just reminded him that he should have asked the night before.

The only part about this that I didn't really like was how into detail you got about them looking for stars. It didn't drag on, don't think that, it was just a little slow. But it also set the mood for the end of the evening. They were tired, it was late, it was time to go.

I also think it'd be cute if you threw in a small draco-ish comment when he tells Hermione her name is the one on the list. Just for her to keep in mind that he is still a jerk. . . .. I can't think of a good example right now, so you probably don't know what I mean. :\ Ah well.

And then there's Harry. Lol, perfect timing, of course. His reaction was great. I also like the ending. Sort of a "dun dun dun..." kind of feel. It leaves you with a smile in the end.

Great job as usual!

Author's Response: Hi there MysticalE! It's great hearing from you again!

Yes, this one is another build up to the first kiss. Seems all of them are aren't they? I should try writing a different one. :) I didn't feel there was a need to show the class, since it would be implied that it was all done, since they're doing the work for it.

Hermione's annoyance, I'm glad you liked that. Felt that would push her into being in an odd mood for the night, disliking Ron in that light. I think Hermione wouldn't need to yell, since she has to observe anyways, so she could just rub it in, saying if he asked the night before she would have helped (just to make him feel bad about it).

Sorry you felt the section about looking at the stars dragged on a little. It probably did, but it was meant to be in a way. Just to show that their observing was not a quick task, but slow and tedious.

A Draco-ish comment before the kiss is an idea for sure. I've had to some people say they didn't like how the kiss was exactly, so I might be going to change the kiss, and adding a nice snide but endearing comment from Draco beforehand sounds good. :)

Harry coming in, I just felt would come as a reminder to the reader and Hermione that yes, they are still in school. They were in their own little world up there for the night.

I'm glad you liked this D/Hr one-shot. And don't think I feel obligated to read and review your stories, I don't. I just like to read stories, like you, and I start with my reviewers 'cause it gives me the chance to see their own work. I'll be checking out your "North-Gate Visitors" I think, in the next while. Just keep a look out for my reviews! :)

Thanks again MysticalE!

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Review #20, by Tigerlilly A Night in the Tower

5th February 2007:
That was really good. I got a little impacent reading the begining though. Maybe make it a little shorter. I loved it. I though the end was really good but Harry came out of no were and I think Hermione would totally denie the fact that she kissed Draco. Anyway it was good.

Author's Response: Hi there Tigerlilly!

I'm glad you liked the story. The beginning was a bit impatient? I'm sorry about that. I wanted to make sure it was sent up correctly, and I wanted that reflection for Hermione, to show how she disliked missing opporunities for things (ie. passing up Draco in the end).

I've had a few people dislike Hermione admitting she kissed Draco. I just thought she wouldn't really care about Harry knowing, 'cause she'd be too upset with him to care if he knew or not. I might go back and change it though.

Thank you for the comments, and for your opinions!

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Review #21, by Ever Lasting Nightmare A Night in the Tower

3rd February 2007:
The idea is very ordineal or at least I haven't seen it a hundred times. I hink you did an excellent job on Ron, he was protrayed well and made me laugh. At times it seemed overly descriptive, although I like that, it flt like padding. When Hermione says, "You're my observing partner?" I think you should put after it: she asked in disbelief instead of she asked disbelievingly. The quotes by Malfoy were funny and were pretty close to canon. Hermione should never call Malfoy by his first name, it seems to nice of her. I know this is fanfiction, but Malfoy would never say 'thanks' unless someone saved his life. I think it would be more realistic if you made Hermione get annoyed over the 'where's Jupiter' situation. As other reviewers have stated I don't think the kiss should be as passionate. In my opinon it's better to leave it as an innocent kiss, leaving Hermione stunned. She's not the passionate type. Also I don't think she would confess to Harry, she'd desperately try to cover it up. Other than that, the description was very good and it's one of the few H/D stories you can read without disappointment.

Author's Response: Hello there Ever Lasting Nightmare. Cool penname. Slightly eerie, but cool none the less. :)

I'm glad you like the plot here. I had it kicking around, and thought to try our a D/Hr for a change.

It's great to hear Ron came over well. I am sorry the descriptions became a bit too much in some places. I tend to describe things a lot, so it may come out more places than others.

Great to hear Malfoy was sounding well. I know he wouldn't say thanks unless his life was saved, but it was to show he did act differently without his cronies around. Hermione does get a little annoyed with the Jupiter thing, but she has more fun with it, proving Malfoy wrong.

That kiss . . . I've had a few reviewers saying they didn't like the direction I brought it. I think you guys may be right too, just to have it as a slow and yes, innocent kiss. She isn't the passionate kind, you're right, but she isn't one to kiss Draco either now is she? :)

It was hard for her to cover it up, 'cause Harry came in right in the middle of it. I mean, she couldn't have done the "practicing CPR" thing or anything like that, 'cause it was obvious what was going on.

But I'm glad you liked it. It was my first--and probably last--try at D/Hr. I'm not a huge fan of it, so I found it hard to write. I'm glad at least it wasn't a disappointment. I might go back and change a few things you mentioned.

Thanks again Ever Lasting Nightmare for the review!

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Review #22, by taylorj828 A Night in the Tower

2nd February 2007:
Hehehehe... (my response to the end.. but, now, moving back to the beginning.

Okay, I decided to review-while-reading, because I forget things by the time I get to the end, plus this way I can be more detailed and specific with your review. Let me know which kind you prefer more (detailed/general). (o:

And let me add, this is my first ever Hr/Dr to read. I can't stomach them. I'm gonna try and see if I can, here. (o: I have to *really* be convinced to bother with Hr/Dr...

Alright, specifics:
-Ending punctuation with quotes: "I am speaking," he said. Or, "I hate you." He threw is bag down after speaking. Commas and periods. (o:

-Apparently, I read that "alright" should actually be "all right." I never knew this, and had to correct it in my own story. Personally, I like "alright." LoL.

-"observed with some" should be "observed with someone..." forgot which line, sorry, but it's all moving in order through your text.

-"breaking Hermione out *of* her negative thoughts of Ron." Left out "of"

-*C*harms text. *C*harms book. I think Charms is always supposed to be capitalised? But I think as long as you at least keep it the same throughout your story. Though I think JKR always capitalizes.

-"she quipped*, from* just next to the portrait hole. Harry sat up, and waved*,* while Ron looked up and gave a placid smile" I think you might want a comma and "from." Maybe it was just me that got a little confused for a moment. Also, the semicolon should be a comma.

-"knowingly make *(making? what do you mean?)* the telescopes wait for her arrival" I think you mean, "knowingly making the telescopes..." I wasn't sure if she was carrying her telescope or making it wait up at the tower...

-*sight*, site is website, or a location (camp site, work site). *sight* is vision, or a view. (o:

+You've pegged Hermione's thoughts about herself, taking time to enjoy but always thinking about what she needs to do/finish. I think throughout this story, Hermione's thoughts are *perfect*! You've really got her nailed as a character. She's completely Hermione. (o:

-*T*ower. I think you want this capitalized.

-*worse* not worst. 'Worse' compares 2 things, 'worst' is used for the baddest possible situation. ("This night might be worse than she thought." Or, "This night might turn out to be the worst night she'd ever lived through!")

+You, as always, give amazing descriptions. I like the views (chromatic blues and saphires), the feelings (doorknob, etc),and smells (november air)...

-still finish*ing* up his setting up. I think you left off the -ing.

-"and occupied the eyepiece*,* beginning her search." The semicolon should be a comma. Semicolons connect two complete thoughts without a conjunction word. Commas connect to related thoughts, but the second isn't complete.

-Black *L*ake You didn't capitalize the first time, but you did the second time... ?

+good conversation between Hr and Dr. Your converstion is perfect, I love it. I hate when Hr and Dr are all friendly right off the bat. They're practically sworn enemies! You're really great at characterization and picking up how characters would think and react and what they'd say. The conversation is perfect, believable, and convincing.

+"It was Draco; he didn’t deserve a thanks." Perfect semicolon usage!

-"moved to back to Venus" should take out the first 'to.'

+Draco is excellent. He'd be a right jerk, not all, "oooh let's make this work," lol Perfect moving from jerky to giving it a try...

-"No your not" should be "No you're not." your=ownership, you're=you are

-"A few minutes past" should be 'passed.'

-"she would have though*t* she was insane for doing this" need a 't'

+"The smile, being tiny in both its size and length of existence, made Hermione feel funny, like she had butterflies in her stomach." I love your description of his smile. Gives the reader a precise idea, not just small, but short, which is completely fitting! (o:

-"shivers continued to radiate through her chest." I think it's an odd image in my head for shivers to radiate. I think of light or heat or sparks or electricity radiating. But if it's shivers? Well maybe. Or perhaps they 'reverberate'.. I dunno. Matter of opinion I think. (o:

-"but that doesn’t mean I have to *be* mean to you too" left out 'be'

-"and would snap his head back to his telescope when she was look*ing*" left off the '-ing.'

-END specifics!-

Okay, so anyway, in general, I think the Hr/Dr interaction is perfect. The Trio at the beginning feels a little off, or awkward, but the Hr/Dr is excellent. And I cannot believe Harry saw them! Ah!! What on earth! (o:

So guess what? I actually liked the Hr/Dr thing. I can't imagine it happening after HBP, but if HPB never happened, I can imagine this, though I'd hope against it. (o: Well, I hope I wasn't harsh, cos I tried not to be, but I wanted to give specifics so maybe it'll help when you're writing. But I tried to tell you what I liked, too. I have high appreciation for your characterization, and the thoughts and dialogue you write. Excellent!

Author's Response: Wow, that's a lot of "specifics".

Man, do I suck. I really do. I mean, I thought there were *some* mistakes, but . . . wow, that's alot.

Of course I thank you 1000 times, 'cause I went through and fixed all those problems.

But again, I feel terrible there are so many. Now I feel like I just want to take off all my stories and run them through a meat grinder. Of course I won't, I'm not crazy, but still.

But I do thank you again for pointing all those . . . errors. I am glad you liked the plotline. This D/Hr was a first for me, and I can imagine it will be the last. I just don't extremely like putting them together, 'cause not liking that ship, makes it harder.

Of course again, I'm glad you liked it. I really want you to overcome that worry and read HPOL. You're reading all my secondary fics, but not taking on the primary one.

Oh well, maybe someday soon. :) Thanks again Jenn.

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Review #23, by fallenstarr A Night in the Tower

1st February 2007:
Wow I saw you'd posted this on a forum looking for reviews and it looked interesting so I decided to stop by. The description was nice and the characterization not too OOC. It's very difficult to write a Dramione with them at school and keep them fairly canon. The only thing I thought that was too OOC for me personally was the extent of the kiss. I would suggest that if you're trying to keep it canon keep it a sweet, romantic kiss as apposed to the passionate one that it turned into later on. That's just my opinion though and its your story of course. This might be my favorite Dramione story (that's not something I do a whole lot of reading of, but still you should feel honored.)

Author's Response: Hi there fallenstarr!

I was looking for reviews. I'm always looking for them, I love them to death! So of course I'm very happy to hear from you here!

I'm glad the story and characters weren't horribly OOC. Dramione is hard, especially if you're not a fan of that pairing (like me).

The kiss, you're probably right. I just felt a bit of that anger and built up tension betwen Draco and Hermione would come out like that, with a bit of fire.

Of course I'm happy you liked the story, so again, thank you for coming over! I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #24, by _alechia_ A Night in the Tower

31st January 2007:
that is so incredibly cute :) i loved it

Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you for reviewing!

I'm glad you liked this little one-shot. Thanks again!

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Review #25, by kissedbyavampire A Night in the Tower

28th January 2007:
this was a good dramoine story, you should consider writing more...

Author's Response: Hello there kissedbyavampire! It's nice to hear from you.

Thank you, and I'm glad you liked this D/Hr story. I don't know about writing more of them, but who knows?

In the mean time, thank you again for reviewing! I hope to hear from you again!

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