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Review #1, by Mad4Gred Order Meeting

19th November 2010:
its definitely interesting and i don't hate it... just waiting to read more

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Review #2, by Avanell 2 Getting ready.

28th July 2007:
So...when do we get another chapter? Can't wait!

Author's Response: Its coming if your still interested

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Review #3, by dolly Getting ready.

14th June 2007:
OMG! You have to write more its so good!
I fell in love with it. Write more it's summer now you have time.

Author's Response: i will try, thinking of how its going to twist not holding any promises, i used to have writers block

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Review #4, by cherry tree Getting ready.

2nd June 2007:
good very good

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Review #5, by dolly Getting ready.

19th May 2007:
O my god I LOVED it! If you love a good suspense filled story, read this! I can't wait for you 2 write more!

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Review #6, by Kalida Getting ready.

10th May 2007:
This isn't HP fic. This is original fic with the HP characters' names tacked on. The writing isn't terrible and I think you show some promise, but this isn't Hermione. Or Ginny. Or anyone.

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Review #7, by sweetkiller Getting ready.

5th May 2007:
Well, this is definitely interesting! I love vampire fics for some reason and this one really has potential! I think that I have figured out the concept of the story, but I beg you not to change Hermione's name entirely! I read a few stories, in which Hermione learned she was adopted and had a different name. While I understand that her real family would prefer to call her by her real name, it is really annoying when others, her friends for example stop calling her Hermione! I just advise you not to fall into that trap, but simply use both names! Of course this is your story and no matter what you decide, it is still very exciting and it could well become one of my favourites! Well done!

Author's Response: WOW thank you!! I am actually working with a great gal, I am coming up with answers for her questions... between two jobs, hanging out with friends I really don't have time but I am trying. I totally and honestly agree I don't like changing over her name 100 percent, actually it was sort of to hide her in the mugg- you know what you'll find out but yea, your great!!

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Review #8, by ashley5895 Getting ready.

21st April 2007:
I LOVE IT!!! i cant wait 4 more.

Author's Response: Thank you... workin on it

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Review #9, by amrawo Getting ready.

19th April 2007:
i'm interested! update soon!

Author's Response: I am planning on it, trying to get over writer's block on this story, Thank you

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Review #10, by New Kat Getting ready.

17th March 2007:
I would be glad to Beta for you - contact me at if you are interested. It's a brilliant story - i can just see the twists and turns evolving!

Author's Response: Thank you for the offer, I might have to take you up on that, I appreaciate you reading the story and liking it.

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Review #11, by THisAiNtAScEnE Getting ready.

16th March 2007:
good job. update soon. This story sounds great. Keep going. The tension was so thick, it couldnt be cut with a knife.


Author's Response: Thank you So much. I am currently getting over an illness that had me in bed for a few months and I hope once its gone I will be able to have a clear head and right the next chapt. expect, I am finding myself on a lot of roads and need to select one. To many ideas, I think I set this Chap. up wrong... lol.. thank you again

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Review #12, by dragonlovesh2o4eva Getting ready.

15th March 2007:
well first of all i have to say I LOVE VAMPIRES! thats what made me read this story!

i thought it was interesting, i can't wait for the next chapter to find out what's happening! i am confused about WHY she is a vampire though, because you have to be bitten by a vampire in order to become one! lol
anyway 10/10 and i will ad to my favourites so i can keep up with the story! ;p

can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon!

Author's Response: I know where you are coming from, in my mind though, I see Harry Potter as a conflict with a blood race. Malfoys, Tom Riddle and I cannot say much more on that but thank you so much, I hope your confusion lightens further in the story

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Review #13, by HurtfulEyes Getting ready.

22nd February 2007:
Omg, I really like this story so far! I wasn't sure if I would because one of the main reasons I clicked on it was because it had Orlando Bloom on the front :P But I love your style of writing and I can't wait for the next chapter =]
Keep Up The GooD Work =]
Xoxox HurtfulEyes

Author's Response: Thank you SO much... I know he's a cutie... I still trying to think of a plot line to get him in the story, Sorry about the delay working on the second one tomorrow

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Review #14, by Cassidy Evans Getting ready.

4th February 2007:
KEWL! I like this idea. Keep going.

Author's Response: Im working on it... it might take some time

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Review #15, by la_bella Getting ready.

4th February 2007:
really good
update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you... I'll try

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Review #16, by mandy Getting ready.

3rd February 2007:
excellent story. i can't WAIT for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: i can't wait to write it... Thank you

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Review #17, by the_slytherin_goddess1509 Getting ready.

3rd February 2007:
wow i love this story so far it is really good the plot is very original and interesting please continue the story i will be looking for it 9/10

Author's Response: THank YOU! I am tryin to think about the 'what happens next' I just used this chapter to see how people would react now that you like it Im going to have think of something good... something incredible... that will be buildin in the next few chapters

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Review #18, by freeangel11 Getting ready.

3rd February 2007:
Its really good, u need more chapters! *smiles*

Author's Response: im workin all the next couple chapters... trying to figure what shes going to do... or more like who she might meet on her journey

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Review #19, by PyroProngz Getting ready.

31st December 2006:
i luv it keep going

Author's Response: thanks i need all the compliments i can get

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Review #20, by kels Getting ready.

26th December 2006:
nice, this is really good so please keep going!!! cant wait for more!!! she better stay good! please!!

Author's Response: Im glad you like it... stay tuned... heheh

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Review #21, by EnigmaticEyes16 Getting ready.

4th December 2006:
I really like it. It's a good plot. But you do have a few typos, and a lot of what appears to be run-on sentences. I think your sentence structure could be fixed, without harming your story. But other than that, it's very interesting, just a little difficult to read.

Author's Response: Yes. I am currently working on that, plus a banner, I will fix the mistakes, soon I promise. I am glad you like it, still thinking about the next chapter!

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Review #22, by GryffJr Getting ready.

2nd December 2006:
hey:-)the start is very good, only I think that you should separate text a bit,cos in some places there is a bit hard to read...oh, and that's 12 Grimmauld place and not 13.
Plot is quite interesting ,writing is good .I can not wait to read more...Carrots for your bunny, chocolate foryour muse. please update, I will be waiting...:-)


Author's Response: Thank you! Yes. My beta is working on it and I am thinking about how to change it up! I am happy you like it!

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Review #23, by Dracana Getting ready.

2nd December 2006:
I'm not sure about this. But it was very well written, lovely and descriptive, so I'll complement you one that!!

Author's Response: I hope I can keep your interested... to be honest I don't know about which way its going

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Review #24, by madalyn Getting ready.

2nd December 2006:

Author's Response: Thank you... I am trying to get it fixed up then brainstorming for the next chapter.

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Review #25, by xElusive Memoriesx Getting ready.

2nd December 2006:
Okay, this was good. A little confusing at times, but a great basic storyline.

Firstly, I'd suggest you pressed enter two times for a new paragraph. It looks neater and is easier to read. If you'd like me to, I'd be happy to beta. Email me at

It was a little fast paced and could be longer. If you focus on Hermione's emotions, rather than movements, and describe in detail why Draco joined the Order, than you could easily have a 2000 word story.

Hermione doesn't have purple eyes though, but other than that your description was great. All in all, great story and if you get a beta, it'd be good enough for my faves list :) 8/10

Author's Response: Thank you... you're beyond helpful!!

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