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Review #1, by hullo D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

30th September 2007:
love it! update soon!

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Review #2, by knd D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

30th September 2007:
hey ... your fanfic is cool ...
please update ... I NEED to go on reading !!! please !

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Review #3, by Lycanyth D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

30th September 2007:
I cant wait for the next chapter.I have no idea who I would choose if I was in Janes position.

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Review #4, by randomer94 D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

21st September 2007:

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Review #5, by Cherry Liat Going too far

20th August 2007:
well still haven't gone to sleep.
i must admit that generally i am moony's girl at heart, but sirius seems so yummy so i'm really torn..
anyway, whichever ending, i'm sure they're both excellent!

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Review #6, by Cherry Liat A matter of Trust

20th August 2007:
ahahahahaa i can't stop reading!! it's really late, and i have to go to sleep but i am so mesmerized by your writing, i just can't stop!
keep on writing, for my sake! [even if it means no sleep for me =P]

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Review #7, by Skypaw D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

17th August 2007:
Personaly I feel Jane is gravitating toward Sirius, though I, like Lily think Remus would be the better choice, but scence when does Jane make dicisions based on what other people tell her to do? She thinks for herself so that aspect should be encorporated.
I think you should know that I appreciate the small conversations Jane has with Snape through the diary and admire her for sticking with the friendship. It seems, if possible, more delacate than the friendship she has with Remus and Sirius and must be difficult for you to explain using the chapter to give details. It is quite sad when the've had a row as the small conversations in the Journals are filled with malice, but is what makes up the foundation of their unsteady relationship and mistrust. It's a pity there are so many misunderstandings throughout the story, but made a satisfying read. It appears as though you have had months to update your story and have yet to do so therefore I hope you will not object to me getting all this out now.

I elect Moony

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Review #8, by NobodyInParticular D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

1st August 2007:
Nice fic. I like it, but you slightly overdid the fights between anybody and everybody. Other than that, it's great. Have fun finishing this up.
One more thing: as much as I feel bad for poor Remus, girlfriendless and lonely, you've written Jane with Sirius a lot. She seems so close to him that it would almost not make sense if she DIDN'T get together with him. Good luck!

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Review #9, by N_Tonks D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

30th July 2007:
omg! ! !
i've not read this in ages and i've just read the whole thing today and it was so great i didn't do much else! lmao
aww but whats happening? i like sirius and remus equal!
she should have both! it's not fair to chose between them...
i/jane/anyone heehee
could have sirius on -
mondays, wednesdays and fridays
then remus on -
tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays
then on sunday it can be...regulus in a way sirius has an extra day, because regulus looks like him, ah well.
update soon before i end up talking more crap! lol

x x x

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Review #10, by Will_Semra D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

14th July 2007:

Love it! love it! Love it!!! :)


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Review #11, by vala. D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

11th June 2007:
pleassee update!!

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Review #12, by randomer94 D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

6th June 2007:

PLEASE update! It's been ages and i'm actually WORRYING!

PLEASE update!

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Review #13, by dianap00 D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

21st May 2007:
i absolutely adore your story! it's simply fantastic. it could never happen [duh] but i wish it could [lol]. i love how jane is so torn, drama drama drama, and all. oh how the boys never get a moments peace.

the thing about this story is that, there is an inherent indecisiveness. it's like, your rooting for one guy when another does something that makes you feel for him and just say, 'okay, go Remus!' or know?

i mean, Remus holds back so much that its like, if she gave him a chance then the possibilities could be endless...or whatever. i wish she could just chose him and get it over with...but poor sirius...he's all damaged too, and so straightforward...and nice. ah...i guess you could say that i'm as indecisive as jane...[lolz]

but i just wanna say that the friendship with snape is so cute, i mean, i hate snape on principle [lol] but he seems real sweet and misunderstood in this fic that i cant help liking him.

i hope that everything is okay because couldn't help but notice it has been a little while since you last updated...anyway.

anyway...fantastic story...and good chapter...i'll be waiting for the next chapter. =)


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Review #14, by lupins_chic4eva D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

9th May 2007:
Oh, man. Lovin' it!!

With my penname being what it is, I doubt I have to say it, but I am totally all for Jane being with Remus. Even though I agree that Sirius likes Jane as much as Remus, I still think that Remus would be the better fit. Of course I am biased towards Remus, but hey, can't blame a girl for trying!

Other than that, keep up the good work! I love it. Please update soon!!

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Review #15, by Mr sloane Sleepless nights

23rd April 2007:
I LOVE IT! the chapter was amasing. if this is your first story i cant wait to see what u come up with next:)

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Review #16, by Hufflepuff_Honey D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

22nd April 2007:
i luv this story so much! how many more chapters are you going to write? i really cant decide who i want to end up with so its good that your choosing really. update soon!

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Review #17, by Hermione12124 D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

21st April 2007:
I still love it! I can't wait until the next chapter. I still hold on to what I said before: I hope I end up with Remus! ;D

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Review #18, by thedeadaddict D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

18th April 2007:



Okay, alright, I give up. To hell with pairings, I'm voting for Jane/Lily.

That's a solid vote there. If I can't have my Jane/Severus because of complications, then I'll have my Jane/Lily-ness.

I'm doomed, aren't I?

Well, lovely story, as always. Update soon!

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Review #19, by Hermione12124 Going too far

17th April 2007:
REMUS! NO! SIRIUS! NO! REMUS! SIRIUS! ARRGGHH! *sigh* I don't know who I want her to end up with, but I will tell you who I want at the end of this review.
Anywho, I think that this story is one of the BEST I have ever read. I have never read a story in second person, so that makes it all the more interesting. I love the drama, how you set up the story, and almost everything about it. In my point of view, you had the characters in perfect canon, and I definitely liked how you got Lily and James together. That's exactly how I thought they would get together: Lily telling James that she hates him, him getting terribly upset, and then they confess their feelings to each other. As for the chapters being long, I actually like that more then them being short, because you have a lot more information in on place and you don't have to wait a long time for a tiny bit of information. Over all, I loved this story. I would give you a 10/10, but I NEVER give that. So, it will be a 9/10.
I think I want me (Jane) to end up with...

Remus!!! ;~D

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Review #20, by adnelakiss D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

16th April 2007:
Now, I don't want to be harsh to Remus or anything but I feel as if Lily is backing Jane into a corner by7 telling he that the bets person to choose is remus because he has shared his secret with her. I don't know why, but it kind of reminds me of extinct animals finding their mates. They have no choice but to mate the last male and female to keep up the species. I don't know why it reminds me of this but the more i think about it, it's like syaing that Jane mustbe with Remus because who else will he be with what with his rsecret apparently holdinghim back. I guess Jane shouldn't be obligated by Lily in that way. yes, Sirius may have an easier time moving on but maybe he doens't want to move on. Maybe he wants just Jane despite his popularity and the girls following him. I also am a bit biased towards Sirius''s favor because well, he just dpens't get a break, doe she? He loses his best friend and brother as well as Lily when Voldemort claims them, he is sent to fifteen years of prison/insane asylum/ emotion absorber and then eventually has to live off of rats for a while before he goes off and gets killed. Wheras Remus spends his life isolated after his friends all die or disappear, gets a job at Hogwarts eventually and ends up with youthful little Tonks. The contrast of the two really makes me aim for Jane more for Sirius. I feel he needs her more than Remus because in the end Remus does prevail in life and in the story in general. Also i have noticed Jane's regular reactions to Sirius, those times she holds his hand from instict and the way that she looks at him doing small things like getting her a drink while still sitting at the same table as another love rival like Remus make me believe she favors Sirius just a little more. Her thoughts only seem to wander towards Remus when she feels guilt for her interactions with Sirius. But then what do I know, right? Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. But I'm glad that your story is so incredibly good that it had inspired me to look into these details and analyze them. I cna honestly ( and yes, I'm ashamed) say that i haven't regularly been reviewing when reading stories and using the old ' I'll come back to it later and review' excuse but i couldn't help myself this time because you did amazingly. I am more and more anticipating the end of this fic because I know it will end just asd beautifully as it began. You're an absolutely intriguing and talented author. Update when you have the chance.

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Review #21, by Regulus_Black D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

16th April 2007:
wow fantastic chapter as always

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Review #22, by secret_witch D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

16th April 2007:
Brilliant story. I made Remus miserable? I'm such a terrible person. So again I vote ditch Sirius and go with Remus! Seems good.

On another point are you going to tell us what happened between Sirius and Regulus or do we just have to live with the fact that SOMETHING happened that wasn't good.

Please update soon 10/10

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Review #23, by lankeylegs An understanding

11th April 2007:
luvin the long chapter :D! can't Remus ad Sirius just share Jane!!?! Sorry I didn't vote last time, my vote is now 4. (drumroll!) SIRIUS! just cause he's so darn cute lol!

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Review #24, by randomer94 An understanding

5th April 2007:

i'm confused though. this whole thing is getting pretty sticky...
who would YOU want it to be? or have you know idea how the story is going to go? i tend to just let the story go when i write(which is never a lot) and i really wish jane wouldn't choose but she gets close with sirius real quick and everything it seems pretty unfair of remus..

i mean, i would prefer sirius, but like, Remus really likes Jane and it's really confusing. Remus can be just as loving as sirius but jane seems to fall for sirius more... So i'm real confused.

what the other people said about Jane/severus thing, well it seems a pretty ok idea, but then sirius and remus wouldn't just let it go would they?

mind you, the story plot is real good and also it makes me want to read even more, but i really cant wait for the ending...

good job and keep it up.

ps update quick!

Author's Response: (had to shorten this, I'm so long winded)
I have been avoiding this review like the plague because I really have been struggling with the very things you brought up.
Me personally, I cannot say. When I started the story, I wanted Sirius, and really planned to end it with him. Then I started to think maybe Remus was the better choice. He has so many good qualities, and he REALLY reminds me (in the book and in this story) of my boyfriend Justin.
About the time I read your review, those questions you asked were already starting to pop up in my mind. I have no idea how it will end right now. I thought I did, but the characters have really made their personalities known to me by what I have already written, and so it has changed the story quite a bit.
The reason Jane is responding more to Sirius is because he tries harder to project his personality. He is like a roller coaster at an amusement park, for lack of a better way to put it. It immediately draws the thrill seeker, making you want to go again and again. However, once the newness and fun wears off, you head for the other rides. Sirius would have more trouble with women because of this. He has to constantly reinvent himself to keep them on top of the world. I think this is why he never really settled down.
Remus on the other hand is reliable, intelligent, fun, but quiet and shy. He doesn't stand out in a crowd every time, but he has so much appeal to him. Of course, Remus (as JKR put it) is always worried about how people look at him, something I personally relate to very well. He is always worried about having friends, and he lets people get away with a lot of things when most people wouldn’t. This is why he has been so patient with you/Jane. No, he isn't a total pushover, but he does care quite a bit, and he doesn’t want to expect too much just yet for fear of being let down.
As for you/Jane with Severus, that won't happen. Severus has to be alone in the end, or his character would never turn into what JK has set for him now. A love interest at that time would change him too much. He is so mistreated at home, he thrives on just being around people that care for him. He would never push for more for fear of losing what he has now... it is his comfort zone.
I hope I didn't give too much away, but I have been dying to explain my views on all of this to everyone in hopes that they will understand why the story takes the turn it is about to take. I just hope I still have readers by the end of this one...
Thanks Randomer for picking at my brain a

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Review #25, by secret_witch An understanding

4th April 2007:
Longer chapters are ALWAYS better...Remus is always a GOOD choice...but you seem to enjoy making it difficult with how you describe Sirius...*starts up mental Remus chant*

Brilliant chapter, really enjoyed please update soon 10/10

Author's Response: Ah, Secret_Witch... my main Remus fan:) Good to hear from you again!
I am so glad you are enjoying it so much, and thanks for the 10/10 vote. Lately you seem to be my #1 I hope you stick with me until the end:) I desperately want to live up to everyone's expectations for this story!!!

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