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Review #1, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Alone

15th November 2011:
I had started to write this review when I got to Chapter Five but my fingers slipped and I accidentally hit the backspace XD I'm just too lazy & impatient to return proper is all.

What you have here is really interesting. The plot is different from anything I've seen before and as for your OC's there aren't any Mary-Sues so you're good. I think you have managed to create several different personalities and so far they are unique and don't bleed into one another like mine would.

I want to know where you are going with this. I know that it has been years since you have posted on HPFF and that you are posting on another site, but I think that a lot of people reading (even if they don't review) would appreciate you finishing posting here, please.


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Review #2, by samkirk10 Pick-Pocket 101

16th August 2010:
please write more to the story

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Review #3, by GodricsPhoenix Pick-Pocket 101

16th October 2009:
This story is GREAT! REVIEW SOON!1

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Review #4, by dancer Pick-Pocket 101

21st June 2009:
sorry you haven't continued with this story. it's really good, flows nicely and aside from a few spelling errors is extremely well written.

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Review #5, by lover12012001 Pick-Pocket 101

25th February 2009:
i am really enjoying this story and hope that you continue with it.

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Review #6, by Bookwyrm home sweet home

10th June 2008:
Squeee! I love it! Keep on writing, your work is amazing! The OC are great, and I love your story; it's so original! :P

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Review #7, by goof Pick-Pocket 101

22nd April 2008:
please continue this story!...i really like it..:-)

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Review #8, by xXxMrsGinnyPotterxXx Pick-Pocket 101

20th April 2008:
you gotta update soon this story is wicked =]

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Review #9, by snickerdoodle14 home sweet home

14th December 2007:
please finish this story i like it a lot it is something different than the other stories that people post and it is awesome once again please finish

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Review #10, by snickerdoodle14 Pick-Pocket 101

10th November 2007:
please please finish this story it is awesome i really enjoyed it

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Review #11, by bob 357 Pick-Pocket 101

16th October 2007:
still a good story keep posting but its not dollars its pounds

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Review #12, by bob 357 Pick-Pocket 101

16th October 2007:
great story keep posting, but if its set in england its not bucks its quid

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Review #13, by jkrofanatic14 Pick-Pocket 101

14th October 2007:
Very exciting! Please update as soon as possible!

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Review #14, by Potter n Mione (not signed in) Pick-Pocket 101

14th October 2007:
This is a very interesting AU! Plz r and r my fic! By the way, when is Harry gonna go to Hogwarts?

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Review #15, by dreamer93 Pick-Pocket 101

14th October 2007:
I really liked it. I think you should make the gang more interested in harry's past or at least let harry's past slip to them.

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Review #16, by jkrofanatic14 home sweet home

6th October 2007:
Very nice, I love Harry's nickname and I think your new characters have great potential! Please update as soon as possible! This is getting realy exciting!

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Review #17, by thegillitine home sweet home

10th September 2007:
need more...

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Review #18, by harrylilyjames home sweet home

7th September 2007:
awe, i LOVE this story... please please hurry and update asap!! another 10/10!! :)~hlj

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Review #19, by harrylilyjames Alone

7th September 2007:
that was another good chapter... but there were a word or two missing from places. gone to read chapter number 4, 10/10!! :) ~hlj

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Review #20, by harrylilyjames Welcome to St. Peter's

7th September 2007:
oh oh... awe Ms Halliwell seems soo nice!! poor Harry, I cant believe that Vernon and Petunia would do that to Harry, evil. there were a few typos but ill give you 10/10 again...
*runs off to next chapter*

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Review #21, by harrylilyjames The Disastrous Beginning

7th September 2007:
Awe... Harry seems like the cuitest thing ever, i just wanna hug him... This was a really really really really good chappie and i cannot wait to start reading the nxt chapter!!...
just 2 mistakes i noticed:
snicker- snigger... its an easy mistake to make.
though-thought (just 4got the 't')... i dont usually read chapters this long but i couldnt stop, i needed to know what was going to happen... 10/10!! ~hlj

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Review #22, by it home sweet home

2nd September 2007:
love the story
update soon
thanks it

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Review #23, by ilikeharrypotter home sweet home

1st September 2007:
Hey, this story is pretty cool. Are you going to update it?

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Review #24, by Gin home sweet home

20th August 2007:
i really like it so far i hope you hurry w/ the rest

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Review #25, by Ashleycook234 home sweet home

7th August 2007:
its great!

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