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Review #1, by the_spladle_of_doom first among many

13th June 2007:
Eheheh... but is she really only one? *cackles* XD I don't THINK so! Show em, nazo! XO!!

Author's Response: lol yea she can well...... be a hand full eh? Ill show um good thanx for the review.

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Review #2, by AshHa first among many

2nd June 2007:
One little girl that can prank all four Marauders, and win at everything. I think Black forgot to add that part in. *sniggers* 10/10!!!

Author's Response: O yes she can but why would she want to hurt poor remus? how bout all three of the Maraders? lol

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Review #3, by AshHa Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.

2nd June 2007:
A prankster Ravenclaw? The enemy of Black and Potter? Getting on Lily's good side? Liking Remus? This girl is pretty interesting if you ask me. 10/10!! OH, and nice way to turn down the boys! It would've been hilarious to see their faces!

Author's Response: I know almost priceless but if you had to the price would've been around 400 gallions. Paula roks undoubtly. I am however in ur debt for a 10/10.

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Review #4, by AshHa What is This, An Elaborate Prank?

30th May 2007:
Yay, the owl was named after me! *wink, wink* Anywho, the story is pretty interesting so far, as usual. And, Lucious Malfoy... NICE!!?? That's a HUGE turn of events. 10/10!

Author's Response: Oh yea her mums owl. ash...I'm soo creative, that and ur just so cool.

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Review #5, by the_real_diamond Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.

28th April 2007:
i am confused as to what lagos are. don't hurt me. i need to see what happens to black and potter. and remus. OoOo...

Author's Response: Lagos are those things little kids play with that are little and box shaped that u conect togather. and for the other part well muhahaha

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Review #6, by the_real_diamond What is This, An Elaborate Prank?

28th April 2007:
Woohoo! i heart tippy! i can't name pets, either... i'm kind of bad at it. ugh. oh well. great chappie!

Author's Response: yea well this IS based off of well u know...

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Review #7, by the_real_diamond first among many

23rd April 2007:
WHAY? YOU HAVE MY SOUL? i thought that i trusted you, but no. you go and steal my SOUL! Wa...

whatever. despite the whole soul stealing thing, the chappie was pretty sweet.

Author's Response: I dont remember stealing your soul but ill take ur word for it

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Review #8, by Regulus_Black first among many

9th January 2007:
great story, please update soon

Author's Response: Thanx i will be updateing soon

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Review #9, by freya poison Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.

13th December 2006:
still love your stories your loyal fan

Author's Response: Ah yes the little people I know u well! actually I do know u u r going to apear in story soon yea
thanx for review bye

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Review #10, by freya poison What is This, An Elaborate Prank?

13th December 2006:
your story rocked i love you for writing this !

Author's Response: anytime I enjoy it at most I am almost done with chappter Three Paula gets recrutements muhahahahahha!!! yea okay calm thanx for review ur lover better read like he said he would!

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Review #11, by just odd little me Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.

13th December 2006:
You should have Paula and Neil wind up dateing
!!! that would be so cute

Author's Response: umm no sorry... that is not going to happan. althought I like ur imput! please keep reviewing and reading! and keep with the imput!!!

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Review #12, by the_spladle_of_doom Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.

12th December 2006:
wha's a lago? O.o ... hmm... I'll settle for a cookie. or a muffin. or hey, did you make chocolate cake again? =D

10/10 I LOVE this story. more than ever before. can't wait to see more. those marauders are dunder heads, aren't they? well I'd best be off. I have four papers and two worksheets and one just plain practice homeworks and junk. XD cyaz.

PS: Not really.

PSS: give me the cookie. =D

Author's Response: cookies.... okay u sure u dont want a lago they're the things u can make castles and other stuff yea Glad u liked it!!! hope u get ur hmwrk done hasta la vista and OO thanx for the review

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Review #13, by the_spladle_of_doom Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.

12th December 2006:
DA!what shall she plot next? i think she should send snakes down his pants... of somthing like that... well yeah! totally sweet story!

Author's Response: oooo snakes down the pants I might use that or something like it..............thanx for the review I love it yea

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Review #14, by Padfoots_Number_1 What is This, An Elaborate Prank?

7th December 2006:
I can make you a banner if you would like just email with the following info:
Title of fic:
Any specific Colors?:
Genre of fic:
Characters to put on banner:
For original characters, who would you like for them?
Any small quotes?

I'll have it to you within three days of the request

Author's Response:
THank you soooo much I will love it thanx!!!a millionand two I sahll be emailing you :)

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Review #15, by Halfdemongirl What is This, An Elaborate Prank?

6th December 2006:
keep it up!
ur great Nazo! even though it knida gets a lil confusing with the jellybeans, gravy and soup on paula. but i like it!!!

Author's Response: well u will be getting to know the answer in dun dun duh! Chapter two which has been submitted

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Review #16, by the_spladle_of_doom What is This, An Elaborate Prank?

4th December 2006:
O.o wow... this is the best Nazo! ^o^ Better spelling, awesome story line, (though I already read teh second chapter. SHUSH! >_>

Author's Response: shhh yea I know but keep that on the down low k? Yeah I like the story line too cause I like wrote it I appercaite it and my godbro he doesn't hate u

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