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Review #1, by AllieBoo Epilogue: What Goes Around

21st April 2011:
i'm sorry, but your story deserve so much more credit!
i'm going through a phase where i completely inlove with Cedric/OC fanfics, and your story i really loved! :)
keep writting because i'd love to read more

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Review #2, by pottersgirl94 Epilogue: What Goes Around

3rd April 2010:
i loved it! you deserve a gold star lol

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Review #3, by caer24 Epilogue: What Goes Around

21st October 2008:
This was a great story. I was only going to read a chapter or two, but enjoyed it so much I read until the end. I also thought the ending was perfect and love the information about their lives coming together. My favorite is how Cristiano was there for Cedric's parents when they needed the support, and, ofcourse, how at the end Cedric and Kristine were side by side. I thought it perfect. You did a great job.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading this story, it was a challenge to write so I'm glad it's appreciated. The ending was the hardest too, so I'm glad you got there happily.

:D :D

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Review #4, by Midnight_Writer Chapter Twelve: The Rain Has Fallen

5th June 2008:
This is one of the BEST stories I've ever read!! Completely amazing! :) Can't wait to see what happens in the epilogue.

Author's Response: :D thanks for coming to read this, i hope you're not disappointed by the ending and that i can get it up sooner rather than later!

the kind words brighten up my day >.

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Review #5, by Midnight_Writer Chapter Four: Shivering Pangs

5th June 2008:
OMFG! I love this Chapter!!! Especially then end! Awesome! Can't wait to finish the other chapters. :)

Author's Response: hehe... your excitement about it makes me want to read it and see what the heck i wrote!!

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Review #6, by Emi Chapter Twelve: The Rain Has Fallen

5th June 2008:
ahh crap, a bloody cliff hanger, :(
What's going to happen to Cedric?
will he fade, will he continue life as a distant Diggory relative and then appear in his old age when he supposedly died and tell Harry all about his parents? will he... no that's not possible he'd had to have gone further back to be his own grandfather.

Ah time travel, it's so much fun.
well, all this study made you turn out a pretty good chapter, it's odd I was re-reading my poetry before and I had a sudden urge to write too, but I must write the essay of doom.

I can't wait for the epilogue :D

Author's Response: lol, wasn't supposed to be a cliffhanger :D
but good place to land.
hahah-- the speculation on what happens to me reminds me of all the speculating you've done throughout this series :D we shall see soon enough, ne?
oooooh go write. aside from essay of doom. very aptly named although of you think about the topic-- it seems very benign and fluffy. hmm.

pardon my big words. its been numbers all day, not that im complaining.

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Review #7, by EmeraldEyes_TopazTears Prologue: His Arrival

11th May 2008:
this sounds very interesting, i can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: thanks for taking a chance on a fic :D

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Review #8, by dracos annie Chapter Eleven: Rumour

11th February 2008:
hmm... i wonder who the bad guy is. Someone we have met maybe?... but i cant remember. So, what will Cedric do? will he save the day? if so, then what will happen to him? and will he finally get to tell Kristine he loves her? These are questions I all want answered missy. You got that ;)
Anyway, great suspense building. I'm waiting patiently for the final chapter (if it doesnt spill over into an epilogue) :D

Author's Response: lol. cedric will save the day of course.
hahah... nah i shant tell you anymore, when the final chapter comes up, i promise that all your questions will be answered.

:D patience is a great asset. makes sure you don't go crazy.

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Review #9, by Dracana Chapter Eleven: Rumour

22nd January 2008:
Oh wow, that was unexpected. And only one more chapter to go? *horror* Well, this has been great so far and I'm sure this story will go out with a bang.

Author's Response: hehehe... thanks for being here throughout the story even though it has dragged on for a bit without updates :D

you are a gem!!!

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Review #10, by Dracana Chapter Ten: Thinking and Doing

22nd January 2008:
I really liked this chapter. It was nice how you showed Cedric's indecision on rescuing Peter, and how he felt bad for being unceertain. I like how you always make sure there's something significant in each chapter, even if it's not dramatic. And he loves her *le sigh* So cute.

Author's Response: thanks Dracana.
its hard to make anything more of a story that's been a bit stale for awhile but I shall persist to the end :D
writing a somewhat-mystery always makes me admire those writers that write the stories y

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Review #11, by Emz Chapter Eleven: Rumour

18th January 2008:
bloody hell you write interesting stories.

*blinks* a Ravenclaw *ponders*

Lol, see I said Cris'd be a good spy, just give him the paint gun :D
Where's Remus?

lol, poor Cedric, not to worry, just cause you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Is Peter the other one tied to the tree? or is it Remus? or am I just confusing myself? is the Ravenclaw the one that Kristine was going out with earlier? He was a Ravenclaw wasn't he?

*shakes head* I never really liked Amos.

I look forward to the finale :D
Yay for kei!fic and the Kei!fic van... *ponders* does that mean that you're the kei!fic van? lol.

Author's Response: thank you for calling my stories interesting :D
hahaha... i like how you mix this with f&f makes me laugh.
remus was the one knocked unconscious, peter tied to the tree.
and yes, about the ravenclaw.

:D cheeeeerios.
sorry this comment took a bloody long time.

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Review #12, by dracos annie Chapter Ten: Thinking and Doing

10th January 2008:
Great stuff as usual...
I get the feeling that this is going to have a bittersweet ending. Must agree with Kristine, even if she hadnt come along, you know Cedric would never have left Peter... at least without the intention of going for help. Dumbledore had some nice words there too. I just hope Kristine finds out how Cedric really feels before the story is out ;)

Author's Response: heya ann...
wait a minute, a bittersweet ending isnt the same as a bad ending right? i dont want the whole set of computer systems to crash or anytihng!! i am hoping though that cedric hasnt just come here for no reason and am touched that you believe so much in his "moral fibre". anyhow, take care and write lots!! xkei

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Review #13, by Emz Chapter Ten: Thinking and Doing

10th January 2008:
Interesting usually I don't like time travel fics in the HP world, or I only like a few of them, or something, I think that may have changed. or usually the timetravel isn't as explained as well as yours is.

Hmmm I wonder what Cedric's gonna do. The fading away bit reminds me of everworld at the end when they dissappeared from the normal world, they faded. Of course you also remind me of Jack in doctor who, the doctor says he shouldn't exist, he's a fixed poin in the timeline.

So is he gonna change the course of history?? Is Kristine still alive in Cedric's time?

I look forward to the second last chapter; I don't think I like the word penultimate. lol.

Author's Response: heya emi!
hahahah. im touched that you've not hated my time-travel fic. i dont think i would have written it had it not been for a challenge... and i dont like to do things halfway. its done well or not at all, so explaining is just part of anal!kei.

you know the whole fading bit in your comment? since i dont know what 'everworld' is, i shall just smile and nod. lol. the doctor who one was easier to read the second time around. but ive yet to decide what the ending will be.

hahaha... because of this fact, i have no answers for you sorry. hahah--penultimate makes me sound smart. instead of saying "second to last", so i shall stick with it. lol.


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Review #14, by nymphy Prologue: His Arrival

5th January 2008:
This is really cool!
You're really creative to think up this plot

Author's Response: i tell you... it takes a lot of brain cells i dont have to string this story together. thats why its taken so long to write. lol.
but im glad you like it!

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Review #15, by dracos annie Chapter Nine: Emptiness

26th November 2007:
I hope your not going for another sad ending... cos you know what happened the last time you did that. I do hope Kristine (ie. you) can turn it around and change Ced's mind. I also wonder what his purpose in the past actually is. I guess I'll have to wait to find out eh.Great chapter mate :D

Author's Response: lol ann :D nice to see you here. i dont know if it's a "sad" ending, it really depends on how you look at it. hahaha, and you're right about the consequences of such an ending. it depends on how my laptop-- still unnamed, though i could be uncreative and call it "dell" or alternatively delaney-- thinks about it. hehe, for the first time in ever i have a clear idea of what his reasons are i just hope i remember it til the time i have to write it!!!

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Review #16, by Emz Chapter Nine: Emptiness

23rd November 2007:
Kei!fic *bounces* He finally remembers, yay!! though someone should tell him that if he kills peter he himself may dissappear cause then there may be no cedric to go to the past, or if he threatens peter that could be what sends him to voldy, and ultimatly cedric just killed himself. Lol, yay at least someone is the voice of reason, so many people whould want a time machine to change something, but they could inadvertantly change everything. can you tell I love the science behind time travel. I hope that Kristine can talk some sense into him, or at the very least bash it into him. :D *snort* did Lily have to call it "Head duties" cause she is talking infront of hormonal boys. I can't wait for the next installment chowder

Author's Response: lol emi. ive already given you your respond anyway but you made a lot of good points to linking the reasons why cedric shouldnt go after him. :D i dont think there'll be any bashing going on-- i reserve that for kei!nando. ah the good days. lol-- tsk tsk emi, was the term "head" really that popular back then? *thinks* anyhow i hope to get back to writing soon...

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Review #17, by thedarklordvoldy Chapter Eight: Fear of the Night

18th October 2007:
Please write the next instalment of this story! its so good!!! i love time travel fics. :D

Author's Response: I hope to get back to writing this story very soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing (and reminding me that this exists and has been sort of left behind) :)

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Review #18, by emi potter Prologue: His Arrival

30th September 2007:
really interesting!!

Author's Response: thanks ;)

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Review #19, by dracos annie Chapter Eight: Fear of the Night

8th April 2007:
Oh, I understand wonderfully. Nice kiss by Cedric too ;) Good thing Kristine didnt resist, but who could resist that anyway :P i like how the boys came rushing in... though I'd thought Sirius might be the one fighting Cris and not James, but ah well, it still works great. So he told her... and she doesnt think he is nuts. I dont like Peter... probably cos we already know he turns to Voldy but I think I'm really feeling Cedrics mistrust on the matter. Great work Kei!

Author's Response: heya ann! im glad you understood it. that would be a pain to re-write otherwise. so how are your stories going? or are they on hiatus because of our exams coming up? hahah, yes you dont like Peter-- thats good, still havent forgiven him for killing Cedric. Dont think i'll ever get over that.

so have we got plans yet for when the book and/or movie comes out?

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Review #20, by Emz Chapter Eight: Fear of the Night

6th April 2007:
hey, again lol.

In respons to your previous somment to me here, I know that Kristine has a mighty mean punch because I have been on the receiving end of one. lol.

*blinks* what happend to Cedric's head that required bandaging all the way down to the eyes?? wait, he bumped his head when he fell, on a shelf or some such in the library??
lol, you called him a silly sausage, :D lol, I shall have to let dad know that by calling you that it sparked quiet a reaction. lol.

*blinks* lol, what a way get people out of the room, I would say the doctor did a similar thing with Martha but that was to cause a distraction so he could save the day.

*snort* well then Peter has an odd way of going about things, was he really asking her out?? but what ... ooo does he have enough ammo or alternatively, does he have Lachlan on backup that he can get her to do whatever he wants?? though of course there would have to be a greater mastermind behind it cause I'm not sure peter would be smart enough.

hm 'twas good as always apart from one point where you refered to Kristine as a he, when Cedric is tell her about his past.

I can't wait for the next installment. *blinks* damn I've been rather wordy tonight haven't I.


Author's Response: ola emi

i always wonder whether you'd ever be able to go back to the 4 linerule. hahaha.

:D silly sausages. it will always tickle me pink and be one of my favourite memories of my time in the haddon household.

oooh... i dont know where we are in the story but im guessing i left it a cliffie? haha, poor cedric, he's feeling a bit abandoned since cristiano and the slew came on the scene.

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Review #21, by Dracana Chapter Seven: Sparking the Truth

5th April 2007:
Oh wow, Kei, this is brilliant!! Please give a helpless obsesser more!! Lol, I tried to read this the other day, but the April Fool's joke was still on, switching the character names, so that I just gave up. But this is so good, well done. Can't wait for more. Oh, the anticipation . . . :-p

Author's Response: hey dracana! sorry havent been around!!! its been hectic around here, and aside from that i lost my internet in early may. but hopefully i'll get some updates to finish this off. i hope you're well :D

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Review #22, by dracos annie Chapter Seven: Sparking the Truth

3rd April 2007:
Lol, real great place to leave it kei. I want more! lol. It is getting very interesting. I really like how Remus helps him find Kristine. I have no idea why Peter would be fighting with Kristine, very surprising twist. And i do hope Cedric has only fainted. *sigh* i just dont know what is going to happen, which is a good thing, dont worry. Keep up the good work matey! ~Annie

Author's Response: lol Annie! sorry to leave it there-- but really, it woulda gone for way longer if i'd kept on going. haha. Too be honest I too have no idea why Peter would be fighting Kristine, but Im sure i'll figure it out by the next chapter! Lol. thats good that you dont know what's gonna happen- though rest assured of a happy ending.

I SWEAR Ann, I'm gonna read your fic-- I'll do it during the holz. School is being un-nice to me. (except the whole falling in like/lust/love part)

Cheers, Kei

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Review #23, by Orchideous Chapter Seven: Sparking the Truth

1st April 2007:
It's good! Please update soon, i can't wait!

Author's Response: cheers for the orchideous! and the updates should keep right on coming!

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Review #24, by Emz Chapter Seven: Sparking the Truth

31st March 2007:
*blinks* gah! I'm jus gonna have to dangle for a little while longer, untill Friday?? bloody cliffs, they should watch where they go.
hey by the way, lol.
so why on earth were Peter and Kristine fighting?? did she find out abut Peter being on the other side?? was Peter working for Lachlan??
*blinks* they were fighting yeah?? not doning something else, not that I can see Peter instructing Kristine in the fine art of self defence, or anything else, for that matter.
is it Cedrics destiny to be in this time and place? is he supposed to hinder Peters progress, save Kristine, help hufflepuff win a quidditch match?!?!? lol.
*gasp* I'm glad Cris bashed Lachlan, *nods* no one should hurt Kristine, tsk, lol, though it is good that she has one mean punch. lol.
Cedric fainted?!?! or did he pass out from manly hunger?? lol, stargate reference, lol. don't mind me.
I can't wait for the next installment

Author's Response: lol. i didnt know you had something against cliffhangers. hahaha. hello to you too!

i dont know why peter and kristine were fighting, *shrugs*. anyone's guess. lol. i like your theories but... you may be veering off the wrong track. as much as i like all your questions about cedric's destiny and all that-- but you know i cant answer it. especially since i dont know myself.

unfortunately quidditch doesnt play THAT big a role as it has in my other fics... hahah. So the Gryffindor's claim of the title is safe once more. In a completely unrelated note, i feel like making a ravenclaw robe so that i can pretend to be cho chang on HP book and movie days.

hahaha, Cris bashed Lachlan-- go him! Though she doesnt have a mean punch-- where'd you get that from? lol.

Cedric fainted coz he's a girly boy. lol. We all knew that-- but manly hunger sounds good!

cheers emi!

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Review #25, by dracos annie Chapter Six: Obsession

24th March 2007:
hey girlie! I was beginning to think that I might get my next chapter up before you, but you beat me again, lol. Nice chapter... a lil sad too. But there has got to be a happy ending coming... thats why you and myst are my fav writers and you promised you wouldnt write another sad ending after the last one you did... I'm a lil worried by this chapter if you didnt get that from the ramblings above.
I like the lil obsession... and what Kristine does reminds me of something I'd do, hehe. Have you worked out a plan and how you are going to end it yet? and roughly how many more chapters?? :D great job btw (even if you didnt re-read it before you posted :P) ~Annie

Author's Response: heya annie!

lol-- i think its because i can virtually update whenever i want, you should really start telling me when you update that way i'll catch on, because i dont come on that much here on hpff-- at least not lately.

hehe, are you sure there's a happy ending? i mean, ive figured out how to end it-- and well it depends on what your idea of a 'happy ending' is. hahaha. nah i get your ramblings, but try not to think too hard about it eh? the story may change again while im writing it.

and lol, hahah-- give a remembral to someone annie? to who huh? does his name start with B by any chance? mUAHAHAHAHHA. *peace* and there should be about 7 or so more chapters, and i did re-read it before i posted. obviously i didnt do it properly lol, coz you found something wrong-- but i wrote 3 different chaps for 3 different fics so lol, you'll have to forgive me.

xcheers, love kei

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